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Kemble Airfield re-development plans

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Kemble Airfield re-development plans

Old 1st Jul 2015, 15:40
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Kemble Airfield re-development plans

Kemble Airfield site

It would be a shame if the UK lost this airfield which is I believe Europe's 3rd busiest GA airfield.

Would it not be a good idea for concerned objectors to attend the Consultations and ask questions. Consultations being held in various venues from Kemble area up to Moreton in the Marsh.

Wonder if there are any badger sets on the airfield that could potentially stop the development? Also bats.
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Old 2nd Jul 2015, 09:16
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The runways will become a "Well Being Park"
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Old 2nd Jul 2015, 09:56
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Is this the same council that made such a wonderful success with the Cotswold Water park? (See numerous editions of Private Eye)
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Old 2nd Jul 2015, 11:34
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Where would the good folk at Air salvage go!!
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Old 2nd Jul 2015, 11:55
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Certainly hope there is some objection to this development - looks like the usual "pie in the sky" to me .......

Air Salvage could always consider moving North - Blackpool is crying out for business , licenced and 6000ft runway , with just offshore helicopters , GA and tumbleweed blowing through ! Enterprise Zone status applied for supposedly ..... that would help anyone wanting to set up and move in would it not
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Old 2nd Jul 2015, 21:05
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Turning Kemble into a housing estate is pure madness. Once lost, that superb airfield will never be replaced. And don't even begin to discuss the vast number of jobs and revenue for the local area that will be lost forever together with at least 5 flying clubs. For heavens sake, they have only just installed runway lighting.

Oh, and another thing. Cotswold District Council have a habit of granting planning permission for developers on the strict understanding that the developer builds shops and other amenities. That happened on another Cirencester estate. When the developer failed to raise any interest in the shops, he merely built more houses. Too late to turn back stated CDC.

So what is all this about? Houses? No; money.
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Old 2nd Jul 2015, 21:30
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The lead story of this weeks Wilts and Glos Standard once again centres on the redevelopment of Kemble.

However, unlike when the proposals were first unveiled a few months ago, Cotswold District Council seem decidedly luke warm.

Quotes 'isolated site' 'lacks services and amenities' 'not part of Local Plan' etc etc would indicate cold feet. The penny seems to have finally dropped that this can only work with the co operation of North Wiltshire District council.

The best way to deal with these misguided buffoons and their half @rsed scheme is to give them a jolly good ignoring and not bother to turn up to their 'consultation meetings'.
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Old 2nd Jul 2015, 21:50
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Is it not the possible situation that it is actually the Kemble airfield owners that started the development plan ball rolling?

'Plans are in place which propose the development of privately-owned Cotswold Airport (formerly Kemble) for 2,000 homes and other services, creating a ‘new, sustainable village’.

FLYER contacted Cotswold Airport management for a comment on the plans, but were referred to Tristan Fitzgerald Associates (TFA) who issued us with a press release which explains, ‘As part of the Local Plan process, Commercial Estates Group (CEG), a company who actively develop and manage land and property in the UK are making representations to show how Kemble Airfield can help the council sustainably meet its housing supply.’
When FLYER asked whether Cotswold Airport's owners were actively pursuing the development, and if CEG were working on the proposal on their behalf, TFA answered, ‘CEG are working in partnership with the landowner and have entered into a long term agreement to promote the airfield through the planning system.’

Also in the release, Matthew Tunley of CEG comments, “Kemble Airfield provides an opportunity to create a new sustainable village of around 2,000 homes alongside shops and services, education, leisure facilities and employment. This could be a very special place and deliver a wide range of benefits including parking for Kemble Station and improving broadband connectivity in surrounding villages.”

The General Aviation airport is currently occupied by aircraft hangars, two runways, and industrial and commercial units. Kemble Enterprise Park, which accommodates a wide range of business units, adjoins the site to the south. Cotswold District Council is currently consulting on the Local Plan and further consultation will take place later in the spring/summer.

A website is being constructed to include the representations made to Cotswold District Council - Kemble Airfield site. More details as they become available.'

It's a bit like Panshanger - the owners decide to close it and then action groups spring up to keep it open....
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Old 3rd Jul 2015, 10:46
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I suspect there are quite a few airfield owners who would like to reap the rewards of turning their airfield into a housing estate and can you really blame them, business is business!

Anyone know what the future is at Wellesbourne?
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Old 3rd Jul 2015, 11:09
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I understand that Kemble airfield is owned by two brothers who do not get on. Hence the dividing fence and lack of access from the North side to the South. I can imagine that it is one of the owners who is looking at development.

I learned this when I flew in to visit the Bristol Aircraft Museum which is on the South side. I had hoped that I could taxi across to the Museum but, disappointingly, I discovered that you couldn't even drive across. Fortunately, a kind volunteer from the excellent Museum drove around to pick us up.
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Old 7th Jul 2015, 17:23
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Certainly not brorhers. The fence was put there at the behest of the CAA to prevent traffic to the restaurant crossing the runway as it had for the previous 10 years.
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Old 11th Jul 2015, 11:19
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Of course with the announcement this week that planning restrictions for housing on brownfield sites will be effectively removed, it may not matter what the local council thinks.
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Old 20th Jul 2015, 19:00
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Once the thousand or so nappy valley houses are knocked up with a good sprinkling of
Welfare bludgers from liverpool installed in the affordable housing..that will quieten the nimbies in kemble village from whining about aircraft noise again!
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Old 21st Jul 2015, 11:58
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The best way to deal with these misguided buffoons and their half @rsed scheme is to give them a jolly good ignoring and not bother to turn up to their 'consultation meetings'.
Surely the opposite of what is needed?? Opposing now is what is needed.

Many organisations in the UK "claim" to be supporting GA. In this case, planning issues and opposing closure of airfields seems to be something in the remit of the GAAC. A quick look on their website reveals nothing about Kemble.
Search the AOPA UK website and nothing on their either.
I don't think any of the organisations who should be opposing this at the early stages have got off their ar#ses and done anything.

Seems to me that the only news of this potential disaster appeared on the Flyer website and this forum and the only reaction is from armchair philosophers.

So while GAAC pop up now and again on Flyer Forum, maybe they might do the same and tell PPRuNe what they are doing to fight this?

In the meantime, GA in the EU follows Spain and Greece down the drain.
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Old 21st Jul 2015, 12:39
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I'm afraid I can say with some reliable knowledge of the landowner and their plans, it's not a matter of "if", but "when" it gets developed.

Yes, it's a shame, but it's business. A non-flying landowner doesn't understand our passion for aviation, so it all comes down to return on capital. A £10 landing fee and a couple of sold pesto paninis aren't going to get them all excited are they? It's no different to horse paddocks that get developed. The jodhpur-clad chicks get all hot and bothered, scream and shout a bit, and then quietly load up their horses and find somewhere else to go.

As I've said before, GA in the UK has gone bonkers and rather awry in the last 15 - 20 years. It's been knackered by over regulation and people expecting to learn, fly, and pay for upkeep on a shoestring budget. All these things combined will have meant that Kemble (as with lots of other airfields) have a ROCE of a fraction of what they should do, and quite understandably are looking to become a part of the local development plan.

As I said, I don't like it, but it's happening.
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Old 21st Jul 2015, 13:00
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Its not just about GA at Kemble, there is a thriving business, Air Salvage, which would be a great loss to the area.
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Old 23rd Jul 2015, 15:07
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Originally Posted by Echo Romeo View Post
Its not just about GA at Kemble, there is a thriving business, Air Salvage, which would be a great loss to the area.
Redeployment to Llanbedr? Or is Llanbedr also going the same development way
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 09:58
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Money & perseption

Property development has always been seen in the UK as a way to make a fast buck, from the big ideas like Kemble airfield village to the stuff on the TV with people upgrading their houses it has become a national obsession.

The real problem started when the govenment decided that the whole of an airfield shoud be considered a Brownfield site, this was no doubt arrived at by the 1950's assumption that there are hundreds of WW2 airfields just sitting there doing nothing, maybe this was true in 1952 but it is not now as all the ex WW2 airfields are used for something and usualy this is not aviation.

As the number of active airfields has declined it is aviation use that should be protected rather than making airfields the target for easy property development.

The goings on in Plymouth are a prime example the Myopic local authority sell the airport to a property company and Surprise ! Surprise ! within a short space of time the airport becomes uneconomic. We could not see that coming could we ?( well clearly the numptys at the local authority could not ).

It was only when the only rail link for the South West fell into the sea and the place was cut off from the rest of the UK except for one road link did the stupidity of selling the airport to property developers show up on the local authoritys radar.

The local authority in Plymouth has finaly copped on to the need for the airport and by shear chance and good fortune the space has not been filled with houses, they now understand that airfields are economic enablers for a region but when considered in a narrow context dont make much money themselfs because the money that they bring is spent in the wider community not at the airport.

If Kemble was to be turned into what the property types call a vilage the local council will have to find the money for all sorts of things from schools to roads and yet will have shut down the enterprizes on the airfield that are generating wealth and bringing jobs to the area.
At best all the village will do is create traffic problems as its residents have to travel far and wide to get to work and at worst it will become a remote rural ghost town because all the local jobs have gone.......... shutting Kemble would for the area in economic terms be just like eating the goose that lays the golden eggs, a very palatable meal in the short term but economic hunger in the long term.
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 10:42
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The landowner is a former pilot and aircraft owner who now lives most of the time overseas and his daughter runs the airfield. CEG are opportunist but garnering some support as the preferred site in the local plan, which is part of the Bathurst Estate does not meet with favour amongst the locals. The problem is HMG housing targets are screwing local plans all over the place South of Birmingham, so much for the Northern power house bovine ordure
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