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Money & perseption

Property development has always been seen in the UK as a way to make a fast buck, from the big ideas like Kemble airfield village to the stuff on the TV with people upgrading their houses it has become a national obsession.

The real problem started when the govenment decided that the whole of an airfield shoud be considered a Brownfield site, this was no doubt arrived at by the 1950's assumption that there are hundreds of WW2 airfields just sitting there doing nothing, maybe this was true in 1952 but it is not now as all the ex WW2 airfields are used for something and usualy this is not aviation.

As the number of active airfields has declined it is aviation use that should be protected rather than making airfields the target for easy property development.

The goings on in Plymouth are a prime example the Myopic local authority sell the airport to a property company and Surprise ! Surprise ! within a short space of time the airport becomes uneconomic. We could not see that coming could we ?( well clearly the numptys at the local authority could not ).

It was only when the only rail link for the South West fell into the sea and the place was cut off from the rest of the UK except for one road link did the stupidity of selling the airport to property developers show up on the local authoritys radar.

The local authority in Plymouth has finaly copped on to the need for the airport and by shear chance and good fortune the space has not been filled with houses, they now understand that airfields are economic enablers for a region but when considered in a narrow context dont make much money themselfs because the money that they bring is spent in the wider community not at the airport.

If Kemble was to be turned into what the property types call a vilage the local council will have to find the money for all sorts of things from schools to roads and yet will have shut down the enterprizes on the airfield that are generating wealth and bringing jobs to the area.
At best all the village will do is create traffic problems as its residents have to travel far and wide to get to work and at worst it will become a remote rural ghost town because all the local jobs have gone.......... shutting Kemble would for the area in economic terms be just like eating the goose that lays the golden eggs, a very palatable meal in the short term but economic hunger in the long term.
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