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Hawk crashes on M11

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Hawk crashes on M11

Old 2nd Jun 2002, 13:57
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Unhappy Hawk crashes on M11

Reports of a Hawk coming down on M11, one killed apparently.
Has anyone heard anything to confirm this??
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Old 2nd Jun 2002, 14:02
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Yeh, looks like it was taking off from Duxford.

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Old 2nd Jun 2002, 14:28
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NOT a Hawk

I have it on good authority that it was the L39 Albatross.

A sad day
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Old 2nd Jun 2002, 15:07
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Keeping Danny in Sandwiches
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L39 website for those interested.

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Old 2nd Jun 2002, 15:23
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yes, here's the link..........sad day again....

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Old 2nd Jun 2002, 15:24
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L69 Albertros ran off the runway at EGSU and ended up in the Central Reservation of the M11 by all account.

BBC News Report
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Old 2nd Jun 2002, 15:46
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Thumbs down

Oh no...sounds like another one of those 'good weather' weekends again...seems to happen every year recently...
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Old 2nd Jun 2002, 22:33
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Co-owner of the plane, Ken Lyndon-Dykes, said: "The aircraft was looked after so well and everything done so properly, it will not have been a problem with the aircraft."

I find it strange that he can tell exactly what happened to the aircraft, while the fire crews were damping down in the background.
I hope that it was a state of shock that caused him to say these things. Or did he know something else. It would seem a slight on the pilots, hope that I am wrong.

Condolences to all involved.
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Old 2nd Jun 2002, 22:50
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I'm afraid that Mr K Lyndon Dykes was rather emotional and not very objective.

Did not make great viewing here in E Anglia.

Poor chap's lost a mate and the survivor will probably suffer from survivor's guilt for many a year.

I genuinely feel for K L-D. His aeroplane makes feature news after a misshap on quiet w/e and he is plucked out of something else to say a few words.

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Old 2nd Jun 2002, 23:22
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Yet again, the media reporting was unprofessional to the point of incompetence. According to ITV teletext, the L-39 ran off the end of a runway "at an airfield in Essex", yet ended up in Cambs.
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Old 3rd Jun 2002, 03:19
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It's the poor motorists I feel sorry for, inconvenienced because the airfield fence fails to stop an errant aircraft.
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Old 3rd Jun 2002, 03:32
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Indeed, a sad day.... condolences to all involved.

Out of curiosity though: what are the performance specs on the L39 bang-seat? If it is a zero-zero seat (which I doubt) the guy should have survived the ejection, unless something else went horribly wrong of course...

If it is not a zero-zero seat, the question arises whether he was aware of the limitations of the seat!
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Old 3rd Jun 2002, 03:38
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Bizarre that the chap who ejected died and the one who stayed with the aircraft walked away with "minor injuries".

Maybe the L-39's ejector seats aren't zero zero as the aircraft appears to have at least been at zero feet if not zero mph at the time.
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Old 3rd Jun 2002, 08:45
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According to a post on another forum the L-39 does not have zero/zero capability.

So sad.
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Old 3rd Jun 2002, 10:21
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Before we speculate on the capability of that particular seat and the knowledge of the pilot, we should wait to see if the seat was actually fired or if it inadvertently triggered itself as the aircraft crossed over rough terrain.
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Old 3rd Jun 2002, 10:34
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The deceased Pilot was Gary Clark a city financier. Gary was a regular contribuor to the US L39 forum's. Was very sad indeed
reading some of his most recent posts.

Condolences to all family and friends.

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Old 3rd Jun 2002, 11:11
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Both my husband and I, are deeply saddened by the news of this tragic event.

Our sympathies are with his family.

As a close friend and work associate of Gary's, I know how much he was respected and admired amongst the aviation community. Gary was an inspirational, enthuthiastic, sincere and generous man.

It goes without saying that he will be greatly missed.

Shidah and Matthew Emery
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Old 3rd Jun 2002, 12:33
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Unhappy L-39 fatal

May I start by sending my sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dead pilot, Gary Clark. Our thoughts are with you all.

No Surrender
You are a disgrace for uttering such insensitive sentiments.
A poor bloke dies and you whinge about a minor traffic jam you were not even involved in. If you are a pilot, you don’t deserve to be. A public apology is in order.

Lou Scannon
I think you have hit the nail on the head and have the right attitude; let’s all stand back and let other professionals find out what went so terribly wrong.

L-39’s egress system
Assuming the seat was the original L39/VS-1 BRI one, then according to the graphs I have seen (http://www.l39.com/Ejection%20Seat%20Envelop.htm) the seat is NOT “zero-zero”.

I think there’s a telling paragraph that shows what could go wrong,
“One of the most common discrepancies John has noted during inspections, is the improper routing of the Canopy/Seat Unblock cable. In the example given, John stated that the seat would fire at the same time as the canopy. This would result in a pilot/canopy collision just above the aircraft with fatal results most likely. (This cable normally allows the canopy to clear the aircraft before the seat catapult fires)”.

I will close with head bowed for the poor pilot.


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Old 3rd Jun 2002, 13:00
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Tartan Giant I read No Surrenders post as a pop at the state of the airfield safety fence at the perimiterand not in the context you see it in. If i read this wrong then i will delete the post and send a Yellow card to NS. I wait to see his/her reply.

Also, may i add my condolences to Garrys family at this time.
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Old 3rd Jun 2002, 14:50
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Big Red L

Many thanks for your proposed intervention, but with respect, I don't think an airfield's "close link fence" was ever intended to be an 'arrester fence/barrier" under any circumstances.

It's the poor motorists I feel sorry for, inconvenienced because the airfield fence fails to stop an errant aircraft.

If 'No Surrender' had the slightest hint of feeling sorry for anyone, then he had time and space to indicate how he felt for the poor pilot's family and friends, and not just some "poor motorists".

Like you, I hope he reconsiders his post, and with hind-sight finds time and courage to extend his sorrows as most here would wish.

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