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Avgas Prices in Europe

Going on a trip in June through France,Italy,Greece,Bulgaria,Rumania,Hungary and Germany.Any info.on the latest avgas prices in any of these countries,especially those in the east would be much appreciated, Thanks.
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Cheap fuel

Hi Middles,
Whether we like to admit it or not, the price of fuel soaks up a lot of our flying budgets.

I've been down to Greece a couple of times in the last few years.
My aircraft has the range to comfortably make it in one hop, What I know about the bits in between has been gained from many flights to Italy, Germany and France during that time.

Avgas is expensive everywhere. The UK isn't too bad if you shop around.
The best pump price I know at present in the mainland UK is £1.15 + Vat (at Gloucester).

My rule is to fill to the brim at Jersey/Guernsey where if you are an AOPA member you get it tax free at £0.87/L. I rarely fill on the mainland if I can help it. Obviously safety considerations must be borne in mind and I would never attempt the hop (40mins from Plymouth where I am based) without adequate fuel to come all the way back home plus reserve). If the weather is pants in the CI then I just fill up VAT free in Plymouth and launch into the airways system from there (via BHD).

I do the CI trip whenever I need to top up. It is great for maintaining currency too and £10 or £12 landing fee (GSY/JSY respectively) is fantastic value for landing at a proper airport.

If I was going to Cannes, I would stop at Jersey on the way there and again on the way back. I would not need fuel in Cannes and would have the satisfaction of knowing I was cruising on half price avgas. I would still have 2 hrs endurance landing back at Jersey!
In recent years I have fuelled in Toussus, Caen, Dinard, Rennes, Persan-Beaumont, Pontoise, Le Touquet, Troyes, Nevers, Calais, Toulouse, Rodez, Cannes and Avignon and it has always been more expensive than in the UK.

Switzerland (Lausanne) wasn't too bad - comparable to UK mainland prices if VAT free.

Sweden (Linkoping-SAAB) was cheaper til the law changed and they added VAT on 1/7/08! (I was there the month before)

Germany Munich, Monchengladbach, Berlin Schonhagen were pricey.

Finding avgas in Italy is expensive and haphazard.
Padova has avgas, as does Milano Linate, Perugia and Genoa.
Verona (in common with many other Italian airports) does not.

Corfu wasn't too horrendous price wise, Preveza has no avgas, only Jet A1.
Athens Eleftherios Venizelos has avgas but big landing/handling fees.
Santorini I think (?) had avgas and Skiathos did not.
There is also a nice private airfield North West of Athens near to where King Leonidas of Sparta held the Persian army of Xerxes with 300 men at Thermopylae. It is called Ikaros and has avgas on tap. Kyprianos Biris is the man to contact there. Kyprianos can give you all the numbers to call for Greek island airport parking and fuelling requests. We had no problems last summer but space can get tight.

IO540 was recommending Losinj in Croatia as a cheap refuelling stop and I was planning to drop in there on my way to/from Greece but when I called them last summer they had become more expensive (no benefit compared with UK mainland prices). Word had clearly gotten out.

Enjoy yourself!

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Old 15th May 2009, 20:39   #3 (permalink)
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Avgas in Europe

Availability of Avgas and the expense of it is becoming an increasing problem. The worst culprit seems to be airports using Esso. I fly a C340 based at Cannes Mandelieu where Avgas is a more resonable 1.30 euro per litre. Bordeaux is one of my frequent destinations where I suffered them having no avgas availability for the past six months, until recently restoring Avgas following protests to the Maire of Bordeaux, to find that the service is now provided extremely slowly by Esso at about 2.30 Euro per litre.The worst case I experienced is Olbia in Sardinia where Esso will swap only hard cash (not even an esso carnet is acceptable) for about 3 euro per litre. With the likely replacement of piston aircraft using regional airports, I dont really see this situation improving.
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Old 18th May 2009, 08:40   #4 (permalink)
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Try New Zealand, around .61p UK / ltr. today, still, you'll need a lot of it to get here to take advantage ! 4- star petrol for the microlights around .70 p.
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I think Croatia has rapidly woken up to being a tax free zone outside the EU, and has lifted its prices to make them similar to the EU - so while they are not yet in the EU (and avgas remains tax free) the outlet makes huge profits - perhaps 75% of the selling price. These people aren't stupid...

I paid 50p/litre at Losinj LDLO in 2007. One DA40 (not sure of avgas or diesel) owner I got talking to down there said it cost him just £20 to fly back to Austria

Around the EU, avgas prices are pretty similar - I'd say within a 20% band generally.
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Old 18th May 2009, 21:42   #6 (permalink)
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I paid $6/litre for Avgas at Sabiha Gokcen (Istanbul) a few weeks ago!
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Old 22nd May 2009, 21:20   #7 (permalink)
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Does anyone know how much 100LL is in both Northern & Southern Ireland?
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Old 22nd May 2009, 22:23   #8 (permalink)
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I paid $6/litre for Avgas at Sabiha Gokcen (Istanbul) a few weeks ago!
Was that official, or some corrupt practice? That is the highest price I have ever heard of. Even Luxor HELX, where "corruption" was probably invented, is reportedly not that high.

I am planning on Istanbul this year, so I ought to do some due diligence, because by the time I am there, 600nm down from Slovakia, I won't have enough juice to go elsewhere...
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AVGAS in Turkey

Hi there IO540, I am a student pilot in Istanbul. Turkey, and my flight school operates planes from LTBA, Atatürk, to Corlu LTBU, where we do our training flight and pattern trainings.

The price should be corrupt I think, because avgas sale in Sabiha (LTFJ) is done by the only aero club in Turkey,İstanbul Havacılık Kulübü and I know the price for their members's planes is 3.60 USD per liter. However, there should not be that much price difference tbw members and non members.

I happened asked the price in Corlu last week,and they said the price was 2.60 USD per liter for owners, and as a special incentive to flight schools granted by the national aivation authority,SHGM to aid them during the financial crisis, is 1.60 uSD per liter for schools.

Let' s keep in touch through this forum and I will try to talk to people, and get a price quote ,and possibly find the lowest price for your arrival so you willl not have any nasty surprises,and also aid you with the planned arrival aerodrome in Turkey.
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Old 26th May 2009, 18:34   #10 (permalink)
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Would'nt be a bad idea if we started a thread that we can post 100 LL prices on a regular basis, at least then we know where we are being stitched up!
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Old 14th Jun 2009, 14:54   #11 (permalink)
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Recent prices in Kos (LGKO) around Euro 1.80/lt.
At Heraklion (LGIR), however, I a paid 2,83/lt!!!
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No avgas at Calvi until 16th or after .Ok in Italy last week Lucca and Siena but more expensive than UK.
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Old 15th Jun 2009, 15:57   #13 (permalink)
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Fuel at Venezia Lido (LIPV) yesterday was 2.50 euro/litre.
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Hungary fuel

in Hungary I recommend LHPP (Pecs) at eur 1.30, it is also good spot for customs out of Schengen, but you need to e-mail them in advance to agree on arrival
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Old 17th Jun 2009, 11:50   #15 (permalink)
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Italy: 2,00€ in Genova, about 1,5€ in Cuneo LIMZ (some months ago).
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Old 17th Jun 2009, 16:19   #16 (permalink)
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AVGAS in Turkey


do you have fuel prices for Izimur, Ankara and Antalya?

We are five aircraft coming to Turkey first week of July.

I hope we don't have to pay $6/litre at Sabiha Gokcen (Istanbul), it is our refuel stopover going to Ankara.

It is a pity, because Sabiha Gokcen is a great airport to stop at (was there in 2003 but i trust things have changed).
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Old 10th Mar 2011, 14:44   #17 (permalink)
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Dear private pilots,

Please try to STAY AWAY from Luxor Egypt (HELX) at all times.
I arrived there in February 2011 and paid 5 USD per liter for avgas. Nobody knew what the avgas price was until you got the bill. So before I left I had a huge bill from Tiger Aviation Services (HELX) from About 6000 USD for a small twin engined aircraft. There is no way of avoiding the 3000 usd landing and handling fees once you landed there. These guys invented corruption for sure!

If you are ferrying you aircraft to Africa, Asia, please take extended ferry tanks and please overfly these thiefs! You will save!
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