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Captains Ring

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wonder if they make them for FO's too....!
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Also as well in the UK Degree Engineers are subjected to video's which can only be described as some of the most horrendous gory safety videos you will ever see.

Lots of ties going into laths, rings getting caught and ripping your finger off, hair getting caught in power shafts, and the one that made me cringe the most someone managing to earth 3 phase across a ring melting said ring and turning the hand into burnt pork.

All backed up by some doctor from Occupational health with pictures from the casualty department of some poor bugga's with thier lives in pieces as the doctors are trying to reconstruct things so they can at least pick thier nose again. And it was a 50/50 if it was the finger or the nose needing the reconstructing.

I know of 3 pilots with fingers ripped off by rings all of them catching thier ring (oo er mrs) as they went arse over tit out of a door or in one case jumping out holding onto the side.

Its why some pilots take thier wedding ring off when they go down route
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and pilots would never do that
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Does the captains log have his licence number on it?? We spent weeks in the halls of accomodation at traing school trying to find the fantom shitter!
You've experienced that guy too? I was in a contract for a well known high street home electronics supplier in 2004 and someone curled one out on the floor of the gents. An email went around that this was unacceptable and that a video camera would be placed outside to record who went in and out and the time. Then in 2005 I was back there and the same thing happened in another building. Then in 2006 I started another contract for a telco that cannot spell phone correctly and within weeks an email was sent out announcing that someone had left a cubicle in an unacceptable condition.

Hmm... I would like to point out none of these instances were caused by me but it seems there's one in every company/institution.

...then there was the kid in school who [email protected] in a urinal, I seem to remember the headmaster was not amused.

Return to topic...
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Fuunily enough, I got back one evening in the RAF and wondered why the block spin dryer was running at 3 am.... needless to say when I opened the top loader lid it was apparent, took several buckets of water to shift it all.............

Another we had a Chief called Ron Cur**y and we had a "phantom," it came to a head when he put his hand in the Swarfega tin in the morning after a tiring night shift to wash his hands and scooped out a jobbie.......

The rest of use were curled up in hysterics.
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Phew, proof I am not responsible!
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Not British!

Not being proud of oneself or ones achievements - now that is British. I'd go further and say it's an English thing, we can't even celebrate our saint's day. Stiff upper lip, good grief, take some time to examine where you're coming from, this joyless view of life is tiresome. It's getting boring in the UK knocking those who succeed. I agree with our Swedish friend. Achievement is good, be proud, just don't be arrogant.

Oh & no, I don't have one of these rings.

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