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CAA magazine

Old 4th Jun 2008, 06:45
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Anyone knows if the CAA intends to send it out to foreign pilots who are on the CAA register? I'd love to get a copy even if I have to pay p&p for it.
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Old 4th Jun 2008, 07:08
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Anyone knows if the CAA intends to send it out to foreign pilots who are on the CAA register? I'd love to get a copy even if I have to pay p&p for it.
If you are on the CAA/PLD database you should get a copy, even if you live overseas.

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Old 4th Jun 2008, 09:32
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What database would this be? The only obvious one is the Eurocontrol route charging one but only > 2000kg pilots will be on that one. It would suprise me if the CAA had really collated all those plane spotter sites (esp. that one listing FRAs allegedly based in the UK) and worked out if the pilots ever held a CAA license...

My two CAA sponsored mags (Gasil & Gasco) stopped arriving the instant I went N-reg but I know the CAA have all my records very well computerised.
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Old 4th Jun 2008, 09:34
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I know there has been a mixed response to this publication but I have to say I am glad I got it and actually sat down to read EVERY article which all had at least something interesting to say to everyone (I don't even do that in normal aviation magazines these days!).

I'm sure many have felt a little let down by the CAA on occasion but the fact they have put together such a publication (including time and cost), in my opinion at least, shows some recognition of the fact they understand GA pilots are, in the main, as professional in their approach to aviation as our commercial counterparts. Send in feedback on the first issue and hopefully it can be built upon in the future.

Maybe I'm overly receptive to "free" things though...
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 11:29
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I'm confused, my copy went to my workplace! Don't recall giving them that info. My home address is on my licence.
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 11:48
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So far as I understand it the copies are based on holding a class 1 or 2 medical issued by the CAA...any chance you had your work address on medically related forms?
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 12:21
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Finally got around to reading it. A laudable effort and nicely presented Mr Seager. But it is still the same old faces preaching the same old staff that is given air time elsewhere. A lot of doom and gloom and useless stats.

It would have been nice to see some of the more positive aspects of GA and work that is being done to improve things. Not endless preaching about carb ice, infringements and stupid mistakes.

It has potential and I await with interest to see where it goes.
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 12:24
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Maybe, but can't remember doing it!!!
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 13:05
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Mine only came yesterday, but I do live in the far reaches of the Post Office Empire (Wales ).

Will happily post it on once I've read it G-Emma, but BackPacker did ask first. Still want one BP? If so, PM your address, and we'll come to some arrangement over postage.
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 13:55
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I can only admire the way that some people find negative aspects about a pro active attempt to influence low time pilots not to make elementary mistakes. Because that is what this represents - a pro active set of information i.e. sent out without any effort from the recipients, designed to instill good habits. On re-reading it I think it is a well put together magazine with lots of handy reference points.

Iseems that there is a general demand for more copies. Here's some info;

It is called 'Clued Up' and is produced by Seager Publishing. They state; 'Clued Up is distributed automatically once per year to all UK licensed flight crew.' Maybe those who need a copy should call Seager on 01225 481440. It continues 'To ensure that you receive Clued Up you must notify any change of address to the CAA's Licensing Department.'
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 15:14
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I thought it was great,glad to get as much info as possible not only to keep me right but also to see what others are doing wrong and consider how that may effect me.
As with any forum you will get mixed rantings from the self proclaimed experts who like to stir things up a bit and Im sure they would be whinging on if nothing were published if they were not surfing the threads to show their superiority elsewhere.

I feel that for everyone from student to professional instructor this document is a benefit and I look forward to the next one.
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 15:42
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I thought it was quite good,especially as I am not current at the moment so its reminded me of a few things come renewal time!!!
I think the CAA do try a bit hard to make things difficult for GA,especially compared to overseas agencies,but as mentioned earlier I have also had dealings with a few of the staff and they have all been nice,knowledgeable chaps.
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 16:09
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I have had experience with the CAA in the Commercial field and found them less than helpful on some occasions however I found this publication most interesting and instructive and as a relative low hour NPPL holder it has reminded me of one or two points that had already slipped to the back of the old brain box. So I am with the CAA on this. Well done credit were credit is due.
If we in GA act as professionally as those in commercial aviation there will be no reason for the CAA to do anything detrimental to our enjoyment of flying in GA.
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 16:34
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Like most of you I also found it a good read. I have forgotten so much about flying that its a good reminder to keep me on my toes especially when you start flying your own A/C and are not moving around the same circles at clubs or groups etc.

Anything thats going to improve my knowledge is greatly appreciated and I dont want to become of the next issues statistics......
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 17:39
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Canuck Spin is correct, the majority of CAA publications, whether for ATCOs or pilots are linked to the CAA medical register.
If you hold a CAA medical then you'll get them, if you don't you won't, although occassionally the computer forgets and keeps you on the database.

That could explain why owners of N reg aircraft who now hold FAA medicals no longer recieve such information.

Back to the original topic, all these publications are well intentioned and meant to give you a gentle nudge in the right direction, or in the case of the very few, a kick up the arse.
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 18:12
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Mariner, thanks for the offer. I haven't received mine yet. But this may also be caused by me having a Dutch medical to go with my UK PPL.

But since I live outside the reach of the Post Office, let's give it a few more days.
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 21:34
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As I don't know it all, have yet to see it all, can't remember every last detail of everything I've ever been told and am not up to date with every new development in the aviation world online or otherwise - I'd say it was an informative read made all the better by being entirely free!

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