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East Midlands Flying School

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East Midlands Flying School

Old 31st Jan 2008, 09:40
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Yes that was Tony Krarup - remember him well - he was still going strong when he came to my dad's funeral in 1995 but not heard of him since!
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Old 26th Feb 2008, 06:51
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A.M. with Monarch apparently,FBW.
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Old 27th Feb 2008, 00:11
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Thanks. I used to work with AM at GT air services and we both soloed and got our CPL and AFI's at about the same time. Had my medical pulled not long after so lost touch. I always look back at those days with fondness.
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Old 29th Feb 2008, 22:08
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EMSF is definitely no more. I noticed today that the actual buildings have been removed, only a bare patch of earth to mark the site now.
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Old 1st Mar 2008, 13:54
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EMFS is still there!

Donair acquired all assets and employed all the staff including Gill

same school, different building.
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Old 2nd Mar 2008, 09:54
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No, I think it's true that not all the staff made the transfer to Donington Aviation and I've heard there are some new faces too.
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Old 2nd Mar 2008, 10:56
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ALL the staff moved over. 1 instructor has since moved on to Easyjet and 2 new instructors have been employed bringing the total to 5 full timers.

Not entirely sure who you think was left behind?
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Old 2nd Mar 2008, 11:27
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I didn't say anyone was left behind (please check your pm's).
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Old 13th Mar 2008, 16:50
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Hello everyone,

As an ex-student of EMFS, I was very gobsmacked to hear last week that EMFS had shut down after having got back in touch with an old friend who I used to fly with from there. As many of you have already said, it seems to be the end of an era, particularly as I also remember the school being based at the eastern end of the field next to where the old Aviation Viewing park used to be. Its fantastic news that Donair have managed to transfer everyone (members and staff and aircraft) over to their premises and of course, I would like to wish everyone all the best.

I joined the flying school back in the late 90's having my last flight from EMFS late December 2004 so remember many of the instructors from that era very well indeed. In fact, Jason Scattergood used to be my instructor until Iíd passed my PPL in 2000 and then Alan Cooper who used to drive that bright yellow car took over when Jason got his job for British Midland. Iíve got some excellent flying memories from EMFS. In particular, when I look back through my logbook, the first time Jason got me checked out and then all of a sudden, I was going on my first solo!! Not to mention my qualifying cross country, PPL skills test and being able to introduce my family and friends for the first time to flying light aircraft and thereís plenty more very happy memories besides. I also remember plenty of weekend daytimes just hanging out at EMFS when the weather was dodgy with Gill and Bill, Jason, Alan, Lindsey, Dale Wall and the young guy who worked behind the desk who used to fly the twin round the corner on the airfield (sadly I canít remember his name!!) and the lads I used to fly with. The school was very professional and taught me a lot whilst at the same time maintaining that Ďfamily feelí and Iím sure thatís pretty much why I used to travel to the airport even if the weather dictated we were never going to get flying Ė just for the chat!!!

Until now, Iíve always taken it for granted that when I got the chance to pop back to Nottingham Iíd be able to go back to EMFS for a catch up with Gill and Bill, and take a flight but unfortunately those days that I remember are sadly now gone. I managed to get my PPL, IMC and Night ratings during my time at EMFS and now work for EasyJet based in Gatwick and am sure that EMFS played a very big part in teaching me the foundation skills needed to enable me to be in the position I am today.

Many thanks to Gill and Bill for their hard work over the many years (20 odd I believe??). Iím very sorry to hear of Billís illness but hope that he is much better now. I would be interested to hear how things are going over at Donair and Iím definitely going to make the effort to pop by the old site next time Iím up north and will probably pop by Donair too.

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Old 17th Mar 2008, 00:31
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I guess many of us can thank Bill and Gill for launching our careers... I for one!

They took me on as a 17 year old AFI in 1985, despite thinking I knew it all... the truth soon manifest itself, I knew little about flying and even less about instructing. Bill frequently offering 'guidance' in those formative years!

I'm sure this start prepared me well for my Commercial career ahead. Which has spanned from humble beginnings as a 'self improver' to a B767 Captain and now B737 TRE for the airline that was once called Britannia. Off to the world of Corporate flying now to fly an intercontinental biz jet...

I learnt loads from my time at EMSF both in an aeroplane and in the bar!! My students might have learnt a little too??... I do remember that 'wingovers' and other 'experimental' aerobatic manoeuvres taught during trial lessons were promptly discontinued by Bill's post flight inspection regime for belly oil streaks! God help you if any were found!!

Thanks Bill and Gill for my start in aviation, I wish you both the very best for the future,

Rob Berger
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Old 22nd May 2011, 10:09
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Frank Spencer was my first instructor too. He and Hector Taylor - great guys.

I remember doing an exercise to the south of EGNX one afternoon with Frank - stalls I think - it had become quite turbulent on the return trip. As a newbie I was quite tired so Frank took over for the landing. It was a snorting cross-wind along with the turbulence. Frank approaches RW09 almost at right angles to allow for the x-wind. I'm waiting for him to hang a sharp right just before touchdown but, no, Frank lands it in the WIDTH of the runway! Who cares about the cross wind - much easier to land into wind!

Great days and great guys...
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Old 22nd May 2011, 10:18
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Presentation Dinner - Majorca

Who else rode the chartered DC8 from EGNX to Majorca for the presentation dinner - early 70's sometime? I still have my photo of drinking sangria. Sadly, my 8mm movie of Hector Taylor and others walking "along the prom" has since been lost.

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Old 22nd May 2011, 15:18
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alan, yes I was on that chartered DC8 for the presentation dinner in the 1970s!

pity you haven't got that 8mm movie of my father, Hector walking on the prom!

Frank Spencer sent me on my first solo in 1968! Happy Days
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Old 23rd May 2011, 06:44
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Hello there Bob - nice to catch up again. I remember you from those days and flew with you on several occasions. I used to virtually live at EMSF during the times I was on leave from the Merchant Navy.

I always remember Hector with much admiration and affection. He was a most patient and effective tutor and a real gentleman to boot. I also remember him on one occasion doing flour-bombing displays out of a Tiger Moth at the annual airshow at Hucknall. Oh happy days....

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Old 7th Jun 2011, 14:06
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Hi I could not read all the anecdotes about this great flying school without adding my recollections. I learnt to fly there in 1968 and did my first solo on the Chipmunk G-AYPG that year. My instructor was Dave Smalley now (BA retired) but I was sent solo by Frank Spencer the CFI. Other Instructors at the time were Derek Harding RIP. Howard George, who I heard went to Midland, Viv Roberts. There was also a sim instructor called Ralph Readbuckle who supported a fine handlebar moustache. I also spent many happy hours with Hector Taylor and used to act as his stooge at airshows for which he kindly let me fly to and from the airshows to build up my hours. I did my Assistant instructor rating there and Hector later did my QFI test there. I owe Frank and Hector a great deal of gratitude. Frank gave me a lovely reference for my first job at Northants aero club, and was responsible for me getting a grant from the Geoffrey De-Havellend foundation to help with costs. I later went on to fly Viscounts, 1-11, DC10, B747 with Ba before retiring. I only hope there are instructors of there calibre out there now to give young men and women the encouragement and help to start on a great career in aviation
Mike Jeffs
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Old 1st Jan 2012, 15:39
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Whist I was never directly involved with EMSF myself, my late father Alan Onion flew with EMSF between 1965 and 1974 and he took me flying with him many times during that time. Even though I was only a child all those years ago I have enjoyed reading this thread and I have recognised several of the people mentioned and some of the events as well. I see from my fathers log book that his first flight was with Frank Spencer in Chipmunk G-APYG on 13/11/65 (which incidentally was my 2nd birthday!). His other instructors were J. Wilcox, M. Hibbert and of course H. Taylor. Another name mentioned in this thread that I recognise (and is in his log book) is A (Tony) Krarup, I've just scanned a rather fragile and faded newspaper cutting from Castle Donnington and Kegworth NuNews from March 7th 1968. It's available here: http://www.peteronion.org.uk/EMSF/Emercency2.jpg I have a few pictures that I'll scan and put in the same place... Peter Onion. PS: I can't seem to get a sensible text layout so sorry it's a bit of a mess !
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Old 1st Jan 2012, 20:50
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PeterO - I remember your father Alan well with a great sense of humour so he and dad Hector got on very well. (I think he attended Hector's funeral in 1995)

Yes sadly Ralph Reid-Buckle (who did much work for the Air Training Core) died in the Varsity accident. His partner was Gillian Campbell (nee) who was an air traffic controller at EMA for quite a few years and often used to pop in to EMSF and I believe she also did R/T tests - last heard of as a controller at Gibraltar.

Another one to add to the countless list of those who went on to fly with the airlines was Keith Munro who went to Orion Airways and then Cathay Pacific where he got his command on the B747.

When I get a moment I will have a look at Hector's logbooks (assuming I can read his scrawl!) for some more names!
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Old 2nd Jan 2012, 00:01
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Happy New Year, Bob..........

>>> When I get a moment I will have a look at Hector's logbooks (assuming I can read his scrawl!) for some more names! <<<<

See your PMs.
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Old 26th Aug 2012, 23:58
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Hi flyfirebob

Hello Robert,

I came across this forum completely by accident. I do of course remember all the instructors & members of EMFS of the '70's. I am saddened to learn of Hector's demise. He was a real character, gentleman, fantastic pilot & instructor. He taught me such a lot.

I've been living in Perth Aust, since 1979 & Hong Kong/Shenzhen as well since 2005. The last time I was in the UK was '82 hence my lack of knowledge about EMFS & Hector.

Hope you are well etc.

GAS00 Twin Comm
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Old 29th Jun 2017, 08:53
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I remember those great Hector days at EMFC

I completed my flight instructor rating with the great Hector Taylor back in 1978, at East Midlands Flying Club.
Sorry to see it is no more, and gone forever, can I ask is Donair on the same site as the old EMFC?

Also remember the old greasy spoon where we had lunch, that`s probably gone too. Do have a bun!

Jim McNally
[email protected]

Posted 29.06.17
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