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Steve Fossett missing - Final NTSB Report

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Steve Fossett missing - Final NTSB Report

Old 10th Sep 2007, 07:33
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A recent news report says the Mechanical Turk search may have born some fruit, with a possible wreck sighting logged ..

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Old 10th Sep 2007, 11:10
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How about into a lake...
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Old 10th Sep 2007, 11:24
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How long before a "Fossett was kidnapped by aliens" sect starts up?
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Old 10th Sep 2007, 11:24
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njfly, they've already been there, done that.
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Old 11th Sep 2007, 18:21
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Any news? And how about that lake they were supposedly searching?
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Old 11th Sep 2007, 18:26
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golfyankeesierra, it would seem they already took out a launch with sonar (don't ask me how they found one in Nevada) on the lake and found nothing.
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Old 12th Sep 2007, 18:33
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Some years ago I had the privelage of formating on Steve when on one of his round the world attempts in a baloon. I had Sir RB on board who chatted to the baloon for a while and a more unassuming man than Steve it would be hard to find. I trust and pray he will be rescued but the time since his disappearance does not augur well.
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Old 12th Sep 2007, 19:43
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How many days can one survive without water in a hot environment? Five or six?
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Old 12th Sep 2007, 19:59
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How many days can one survive without water in a hot environment? Five or six?
How long is a piece of string?
So many factors have to be taken into account, that your question simply has no answer.....
But by now we're talking about a week, so things ARE starting to look grim.
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Old 12th Sep 2007, 20:29
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What is really chilling is that due to this web based search effort, the number of crash sites they are discovering of aircraft that went missing without a trace decades ago.
Old 13th Sep 2007, 22:32
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Since this search began, I have been thinking of "DB Cooper".
He's the chap who hijacked a 727 and jumped from the rear door in the early 1970's. I gather that the parachutes he was given were not first class equipment.
No trace of him was ever found. I'm not enough of a romantic to believe that he landed safely and just walked out of there.
If I'm not mistaken, this happened hundreds of miles further North but in similar terrain.

I'm still hoping for the best for Mr Fossett.

Best regards, Transall.
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Old 14th Sep 2007, 01:36
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DB Cooper

Somewhere in my pile of books is one on DB Cooper's life after his parachute landing. It seems he injured his ankle upon landing in a forest, buried the cash (a portion of which was dug up by a raccoon and scattered) and found shelter in an isolated cabin where a lady took him in. The author bases his account on the lady's story which was related to him after DB Cooper's demise from natural causes many years later.

The serial numbers had been recorded, but the remaining money was laundered by buying chips at casinos, playing at a few tables and cashing out the chips when leaving.
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Old 14th Sep 2007, 03:04
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I know of few places like the nevada desert in the USA...I would have to think that unless he landed near some form of water he might be in real trouble.

the state of california, part of the possible area he was flying in has more water.

IF he is alive, I can't imagine him being in the desert. this has been a very dry year even by nevada standards...one small bit of rain in 85 days.

the snow on top of many of the mountains has long since melted.

two new leads are being explored...air search is hampered by high gusty winds...which in most spots wouldn't bother an experienced pilot, but swooshing over the sierra, one gets involved with turbulence and mountain wave.
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Old 14th Sep 2007, 04:26
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None of the marked bills given to DB Cooper have ever turned up in circulation.
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Old 15th Sep 2007, 10:37
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Ransom money

I seem to recall about 5 or ten grand in twenty dollar notes being found by a kid fishing some years ago.

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Old 15th Sep 2007, 12:15
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.... and still no news

Sadly, still no news from Steve. After almost two weeks w/o water out there, this, alas, doesn't look good at all.

Unless, of course, he chanced upon an alien starship and took it for a spin around the galaxy

Let's hope it's the latter....
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Old 15th Sep 2007, 13:37
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Sky Watch - the guardian angels with altitude

Abigail Butcher meets the high-flying pilots who keep an eye on the countryside: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/mai...5/easky115.xml
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Old 15th Sep 2007, 17:44
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Very sad business.

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Old 18th Sep 2007, 06:15
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I just heard they found the plane, but it was on "Coast to Coast" Am, so not sure it's accurate. . . .http://www.coasttocoastam.com/
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Old 18th Sep 2007, 07:19
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Hunt for Fossett grinds to a halt: police

LOS ANGELES (AFP) The hunt for missing aviator Steve Fossett has ground to a virtual standstill, police said Monday, two weeks after the adventurer's plane vanished over the Nevada wilderness.

Nevada State police spokesman Chuck Allen told AFP the search for Fossett had been dramatically scaled back with only two grounded aircraft on standby and "four or five" military helicopters now deployed in the hunt.

At one stage during the search for 63-year-old Fossett -- who has not been heard from since taking off from a private airstrip in Nevada on September 6 -- around 45 aircraft were patrolling the area.

However Allen said the Civil Air Patrol had wound down their operations after completing their searches of an estimated 20,000 square miles (52,000 square kilometers) of rugged mountain terrain.

"The Civil Air Patrol feel that they have completed their search of 98 percent of the ground that needed to be covered," Allen told AFP.........
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