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Headset , Which One To GET?

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Headset , Which One To GET?

Old 10th Mar 2006, 19:28
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Originally Posted by Blinkz
Another vote for bose here. Yes they are expensive but you can't put a price on your hearing. Its one of the few senses we have that if it gets damaged theres nothing you can do about it!
Several pilots on the Cirrus forum have admitted to using earplugs with their Bose headsets for just that reason. They don't clamp hard enough to block out the white noise that is at too high a frequency for ANR to attenuate, so earplugs are used to provide that effect, and the volume has to be turned up to compensate. As Bose don't publish any performance figures for any of their kit, who knows if this Heath Robinson solution is necessary? The easy answer is that, at that price, they must be good!
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Old 11th Mar 2006, 07:53
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Ahhh, the monthly "which headset" thread.

I'm not going to contradict anything anybody's said above (although I use a different type to anything mentioned so far and think that they're great!).

However, if you're about to start your PPL training, use a club headset for a while. You won't get any half decent headset for less than 80 at the very cheapest and could easily spend many times that. Don't do so until you're sure that you are going the course.


N.B. Okay, I'll say what I use - Harry Mendelsson HM40, which is cheaper than anything else, very clear and comfortable, and seems to be compatable with anything (unlike some Dave Clarkes).
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Old 11th Mar 2006, 09:52
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As Genghis says a well worn thread, but always worth an update.
As you're in Malaysia I don't know if there are any shops you can try some headsets out in, but if not you can look at www.transair.co.uk or www.flightstore.co.uk or www.gps.co.uk .
If you're looking for a non-ANR headset then the DC 10-13.4 will take a lot of beating, however the Sennheiser HME100 is worth a look as well. If you want ANR then the Bose-X is top of the range HOWEVER it has two major faults in my opinion: firstly it has very poor passive noise attenuation so does very little to block high frequency hiss/wind noise etc; secondly it is massively overpriced. Also they fall off if you do aerobatics. I have a Sennheiser HMEC-400 and it soundly whups the Bose on both those counts (used in both light piston and regional turboprop aircraft) and stays on during aerobatics. Other ANR sets worth considering are DC 10-13X, Sennheiser HMEC 350/450 and possibly Lightspeed Thirty-3G.
If you do a search on this forum you will find a few threads on this subject, all worth a look, but the best advice I can give is try before you buy if possible.
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Old 11th Mar 2006, 11:21
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thanks fellas...

but i doubt i can try before i buy..

after all... stuffs related to aviation ARE not readily available here.

.. the Headsets were brought in by the Club CFI, who is An Airline Captain.
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Old 11th Mar 2006, 23:31
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Peltor H52 seems good

H52 only cost around US$170
Does anyone know any info about Peltor Nordica Sport Headset. I heard that Peltor is replacing H52 with Nordica Sport which is same looking but without cell and MP3 interface. I have been searching information but no info found relating to Nordica Sport.
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Old 12th Mar 2006, 00:26
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I've had one of the early GA models and am happy with it. All the electronics are in a box with integrated PTT not much bigger than the usual PTT that straps on the the yoke. An acoustic tube conveys the audio and mike via an earpiece -- watch the connection here. I took advantage of a kit to take molds of my ears which keeps the noise down a bit. These days, I'd check in with a hearing aid shop for ear molds or the replaceable foam tips other headsets are using.
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Old 12th Mar 2006, 02:31
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No one seems to have mentioned Lightspeed ANR headsets. I have a 3g20 and its got great sound quality. A little cumbersome though.
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Old 12th Mar 2006, 02:48
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Good comparison of headsets. I personally have the Sennheiser HME 100, it is lighter, cheaper, and has a far superior noise reduction to any David Clarke headset. In fact I don't understand why people would choose the DC over this headset in this price range, the HME 100 is far superior. I've used many different headsets and went for the best performing head set not the most popular brand.
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Old 12th Mar 2006, 07:43
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In that Transair comparison table, the attenuation figures have come from the marketing data, and a lot of that has always been bogus.

Have a look at the abnormal figure for the HME100 for example. 40db??
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Old 12th Mar 2006, 19:53
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Originally Posted by IO540
In that Transair comparison table, the attenuation figures have come from the marketing data, and a lot of that has always been bogus.
Have a look at the abnormal figure for the HME100 for example. 40db??
From personal experience I feel confident in stating that the Sennheiser has the best noise attenuation by a long shot in this price range, the main reason I bought it. However, this can be a disadvantage with a quiet stall warner, though I am yet to fly an aircraft fitted with a stall warner inaudible from this headset.
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