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baggersup 30th Jan 2011 03:21

So as BASSA consult with counsel, the middle east has turned into a tinder box and the price of oil has begun to rise again, as oil field uncertainty rears its head.

If oil should skyrocket to $100 a barrel or beyond in the next few weeks, will BASSA take this into consideration as they decide to strike?

Imagine the additional burden of cost BA will incur if oil begins to increase the way it did a couple of years ago. I don't know what BA's fuel hedging situation is, so don't know how much this will impact them right away.

Talk about looking at context for your IA! Oh dear.

On the other hand, a strike might actually help BA if fuel suddenly doubles. Flights will be consolidated, fewer planes in the air, each plane with a higher load, and they hire out other airlines' planes at a flat rate.

They might actually hand BA a savings through striking again if the oil rise is a factor. But who knows.

Either way, I bet BASSA doesn't have this on their radar screen. Business climate consideration is not their forte. :)

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