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Travel Neck Cushions

I'm looking for a specific type of traveller's neck cushion.

I find the majority quite uncomfortable because there is too much padding at the back of the neck, which when you sit back, doesn't allow you to recline fully into the seat.

I did see one that had minimal padding at the back but plenty on the sides and would like to give that one a go, but I cannot seem to find one on the net.

If anyone has one, would they recommend it and if so, point me in a direction where I might obtain one?

Many thanks.
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I wear mine back to front; i.e. the gap is at the back so if I drop off to sleep and my head lolls forward, it is supported by the cushion and I don't get neck ache. It also means I can lean backwards without my head being pushed forward.
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Just bought my wife a trtl.
She seems happy with it. You can find them on eBay
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I've searched quite a while - skimming every airport-shop I came along, too.
Settled with this one:
Exhale Neck Pillow - View All Accessories | Official Eagle Creek Website
Deflatable to *small* package - and only 3-4 blows to inflate - and comfy - and a clip to hold the wings together in the front.
.. and frigging expensive in my eyes, but so far worth the money (brought me in good shape to Ottawa, Tokyo and back home).

Recline position not a problem.
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There is a 'J' pillow I've seen (not tried) that is down the side of the face and under the jaw to prevent the head dropping forward. Searching online for Travel Pillow reveals many options.
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That's what my wife uses and she swears by it.

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