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Mr Bomb 28th Feb 2008 09:02

first employers for newby's
Well since the wheel has finally turned and it appears that even employers who once simply shook a tree to get a new CPL are now having to advertise I thought that perhaps we could organise and have a listing of those employers that you would prefer to be employed with as a first time new pilot.

I am not interested in actual bashing of employers, I am just after those who have been there done that to arrange possible first employers listed into the order that they would prefer to be employed by if they had to do it again. I am obviously only really interested in charter companies rather than flying schools. Perhaps someone interested in flying schools could add a list of those from the instructors perspective.

Anyway here is a very short quick starting list, but if those who have been there and would like to add to the list and put into an order they would like then I am sure it would be appreciated by any newby’s about to head “up North” soon. Indeed I for one would be most grateful.

Air Frontier
Alligator Airways
Broome Air Servcies
Broome Aviation
Geraldton Air Charter
FTDK airways (for when he gets too old to fly himself!!!!!):}:}:}

Please no bashing of companies or I fear this will get closed, simply a list from your most preferred to least preferred. No need to expand on reasons.

Thanks in advance for any information
Mr B.

P.S. I appreciate that those who have been there might see this as a shortcut to getting out there and if this is the case so be it, but perhaps we could put this aside to help any new pilots out there trying to crack a decent first job.

ules 28th Feb 2008 12:53

Great List i am also lookin to go up north soon, found a few whilst searchin good old google,

AAA Charter
Batavia coast Air charter
SKY Safari
Daintree Air services
Hardy Aviation
Air Australia
Kingleopold Air
Kakadu Air
Kalbarri Scenic Flights
opal air
Sharp Airlines
Sling Air
Trackair Adventures
Tropic Air

Ace on Base 28th Feb 2008 13:53

Mr B,

Perhaps you need to define which employers are actually employees????:confused:

I am guessing when you are refering to those that employ, they are employers, those others that work for a living are employees:ok:

All very confusing........
I am going back to my lunchbox

Keep smiling sunshiners:)

Mr Bomb 28th Feb 2008 21:38

Nor sure what you mean, but lets just define and employer as someone who is going to employ a brand new CPL holder as a pilot actually doing flying duties!!! Not sure where the ambiguity is?

Mr B.

CRJ-220 29th Feb 2008 09:02

I heard if you work for alligator airways you will fly max hours every months :ok:

gadude 3rd Mar 2008 02:47

Ad Katherine Aviation to your list as well. Main base out off Tindal.

Flying up north is fun and can be challenging, and with that I don’t necessarily mean the flying but also dealing with the native pax (they call them different over there)

As long as one can put up with the fact that they smell a little bit different (to put it politely)
And you don’t mind doing lots off hours off charter work a month, and live remote. (in some cases)than it is a lifetime experience.

And if you wondered what a CB looks like than NT is the place to be in the wet.


bluenose99 9th Mar 2008 08:39

Good Idea - Not Yet Catching Fire
Mr B, you had a great idea here, but not too many replies. It looks like a good way for pilots to share positives, ie, Bloggs Airways subsidised my housing, didn't charge me for endos, only asked that I stay 6 mos, etc. Does this mean that a lot of individual "deals" are struck? I wonder.

Cheers, BN

skimmmer.aus 19th May 2008 13:30

First time jobs up north are best in Broome + Kununurra plus also a few in Halls Creek and Wyndham. Worked at alligator in Kununurra last year was absolutely awesome and smashed out about 90 hours a month.

Green gorilla 19th May 2008 14:04

Try polar aviation in Headland if you find it hard to get your foot in the door in Broome it works as every man and his dog is in Broome. You will get around 600hrs in 12 months of flying mostly in Barons and a C208.

wishiwasupthere 19th May 2008 14:06

Howdy all,
Long, long time reader, first time poster!

I was hoping this thread would come back alive, so much potential!

Anyways, I notice there are a few charter/scenic operators in Geraldton (namely Shine, Geraldton Air Charter and Batavia Coast). Do these guys hire 200-250hr newbies or are you a better chance with a few more hours under your belt?


ForkTailedDrKiller 19th May 2008 14:34

FTDK airways (for when he gets too old to fly himself!!!!!):}:}:}

Mr B - I suspect you got a ways to go to make the minimum experience for Forkair!

How many triple-GPS approaches to minima while posting smartarse lines on Ppro*ne have you notched up?

Dr :8

PyroTek 19th May 2008 15:00

Its Okay Dr.
Lets see if the finish of my CPL training coincides with your retirement from flying!
Doubt it will!

the wizard of auz 19th May 2008 15:34

Norwest airwork in exmouth is a good start for new fellas (and fella-ettes).

Lasiorhinus 19th May 2008 15:59

Gee, Pyro - how long were you planning on taking??:ok:

Peter Fanelli 19th May 2008 17:02

opal air

Unless this is a new one, this company went out of business around 20 years ago.

Swift6 20th May 2008 00:05

Opal Air - give it a miss
Opal air is still around as far as I know, up to last year anyway. Based in Coober Pedy. The pay is well below the award, you'll need a second job. and if you don't have 5 hours in a C172RG and C210 he'll charge you for it. If you don't have the time on the wages you'd get I worked out it it would take 100 hours of flying before you broke even! I don't think you'd be getting close to maxing your hours out there!

Hasselhof 20th May 2008 00:38

The pay is well below the award, you'll need a second job. and if you don't have 5 hours in a C172RG and C210 he'll charge you for it.
Ahhh GA :yuk:

lgst 20th May 2008 01:02

Any thoughts on flying schools & instructing roles that are worthwhile?

Mr. Hat 20th May 2008 02:03

King Leopold (best boss and location)
Anindiliyakwa (back in the old days best pay and conditions in NT)
Sudholz (best chance of an airline job straight fom pistons)

Slingair (hours an equipment)
Chartair (skills you would pay for)
GAS (progression and real charter)

These were really good jobs to get. For some it was a the second job and not the first.

Of the first 3 I'm still to meet a pilot that had anything but praise for the operator which was back when there was about a million pilots to choose from really says something.

Met one of the owners of anindili - and it didn't surprise me, a real gentleman.

I'm sure there are many other really really good jobs out there.

No I never got a job with any of them but came very close with one.

206greaser 20th May 2008 02:20

1st post so be nice! (or else i'll cry...)
What about Hardy's? I've heard they're a top quality mob, with good gear. I think they want around a grand hrs though?
It sounds like Darwin isn't as hard to get into as it used to be. Nice!


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