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Headset types in GA


Old 21st Jul 2010, 08:40
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I replaced my 1994-model 4,500 hour DC-13.4s with Zulus and I am pretty happy with the product.

I can't fault the DCs for reliability and ruggedness - I just hope the extra $$$ will translate into better hearing protection.
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Old 21st Jul 2010, 08:49
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If it makes it a little less painful you can use a promo code 'walkingonair' which gives you a discount on most things on every penny helps.
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Old 28th Jul 2010, 01:28
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Snoop Ooohhhh, Aaaarrhhhh.

A20 Aviation Headset
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Old 28th Jul 2010, 07:50
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Ah a new Bose is out! over 1000.00 aparently.
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Old 30th Jul 2010, 04:43
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Bose A20, US$1,095 (in the US funnily enough).
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Old 30th Jul 2010, 10:10
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Bose A20, US$1,095 (in the US funnily enough).
It is a very nice product. However considering you can buy the Lightspeed zulu for US$900 and they both provide the same features. It would be hard press not to consider the zulu before the A20.
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Old 1st Aug 2010, 07:12
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Bose A20

I know you can listen to music from your I Phone via Bluetooth with the Lightspeed Zulu. Anyone know if you can do the same with the new Bose A20?
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Old 1st Aug 2010, 08:09
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The website states that Bluetooth is for mobile phone only, however an auxillary jack allows you to plug in an MP3 player.
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Old 1st Aug 2010, 09:03
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Cheers, just read that on their website. Has anyone tried it with an I phone to see if it will work? looking at getting a Zulu and then this comes along, Bluetooth sold me on the Zulu but that was only really sold for phone use also.
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Old 2nd Aug 2010, 19:32
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Bose X vs Lightspeed Zulu

I purchased both the Bose X and Lightspeed Zulu two months ago. I could not discern any difference in the overall noise reduction or comfort between the two. Neither my wife or I after several flights over several hours could tell the difference other than the Bose are slightly smaller.

If the claims are true then I would expect the new Bose A20 to be better than the Zulu in both active and passive noise reduction.
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Old 11th Aug 2010, 03:44
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Many retailers had the Bose and Zulu's at OshKosh.

Many a customer are saying that the Zulu's are still better than the new Bose.

The Lightspeed stand actually had the Bose units on their stand as a comparison - which shows how confident they are that theirs are better.
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Old 11th Aug 2010, 23:23
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Yep........and with that...we invested

And they worked out USD$300 cheaper than the Bose, have better connectivity to other things, feel nicer on my head at least, and the audio quailty seemed pretty much the same.

Was a no if you ask Beachking about his early model Lightspeeds and a flood in his hangar....there is a good story!

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Old 12th Aug 2010, 10:39
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Iphones as MP3 Players? Ever had to use the Iphone as a Phone, but coudn't because the battery is flat as you used it to play music? Give me a plain phone that works anyday for flying remote!

Anyway I have used a pair of BOSE X for about 2 years in singles and Twins, they are great when working correctly. If you wear glasses or sunnies a little bit of an air hole is created by the sunnies and it lets in noise. Easy fix I hear you say, by sitting the sunnies above the ear cushions. Does work for a while but for 3-6 hrs it gets quite annoying. The old DC 13.4 are good but would be better with ANC.

PS: The Bose DO NOT Quiten down the noise of the C310 on takeoff as the props are out of synch slightly. Once airborne and synched they are ok. No such problems in a Baron or PA-31.

I am getting rid of the Bose X. PM me if your interested. They use AA's.
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Old 12th Aug 2010, 11:22
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I've flown with David Clarks and Bose X in Cessnas, Pitts and Pipers. The Bose are more comfortable and great for medium noise reasonably insulated aircraft like modern cabin piston aircraft. They don't have a lot of passive noise protection and in high noise aircraft the ANR can't cope.

In high noise aircraft like a Pitts or alike with almost no insulation, the DC win as the passive noise cancellation gives some protection that the Bose ANR can't cope with.

Perhaps the Lightspeed Zulus have the best of both worlds, I haven't tried them but am keen to.

By the way, I sold my Bose on e-bay. There were about 12 pairs for sale, there were no Zulus for sale. Perhaps that is telling in itself.
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Old 15th Aug 2010, 08:32
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Has anyone tried the new Bose A20 yet. I am thinking about getting a new headset not sure if I should get the Zulu or the new Bose????
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Old 15th Aug 2010, 11:33
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Now that is an interesting question.

I have had a set of Bose headsets for quite a number of years. They are a terrific product.

When David Clark released the X11 headset, I bought a pair, due to the ability to integrate a mobile phone/UHF radio/music player with them. In my opinion, the Bose had better ANR quality, but the X11 was more comfortable to wear, and the phone interface was a "must have" feature. Overall I quite like the X11 headset, although many on here will beg to differ (Including a well known Dr). I have been using the X11's for the past 18 months.. and Mrs Beach has had to use the Bose.

I had the opportunity to try a set of Lightspeed Zulus in a friends plane, and was VERY impressed. They honestly were the most comfortable headset I have ever worn (large ear cups). The ANR quality was as good as the BOSE, and the bluetooth integration feature simply outstanding!

I had heard on numerous forums, that Bose were going to release the A20 headsets at Oshkosh. They claim it features better ANR, and more comfort, and bluetooth integration!! I was quite excited, as I was going to Oshkosh, that I would buy a pair there.. hopefully cheaper and sooner availability than in Australia.

Bose had a very elaborate display set up at Oshkosh, with some very expensive advertising and lots of very good looking girls demonstrating the A20 headsets and their features. Bose had loud "aircraft type" background noise playing during the demonstration, and it was all very impressive.The headset felt the same as my old Bose, but the ANR may have been a touch better. I was disappointed that the A20 bluetooth feature does not include streaming from your mobile phone, i.e you can't wirelessly listen to music (you can with the LightSpeeds) have to connect a patch cable (same as the DC X11). Also the transition from music/phone to ATC/Radio override was very abrupt, with the music reverting back startlingly at full volume.. instead of a gradual increase. Also, as far as I can determine (and I am willing to be corrected), if you are receiving a phone call with the A20, a radio transmission will mute the call. The sales person claimed that you could set it so that this doesn't happen, but was unable to demonstrate how.. even after consulting with colleagues.. and the instruction book makes no mention of it!
However, I was pretty impressed with the A20 and at US$1095 I decided that I would buy a pair at the end of the week to save carting them around all week.

But then Jaba and I saw the Lightspeed stand NEXT DOOR. They had a sign out the front that invited you in to compare the Lightspeed Zulus to the new Bose A20s!!

Bugger me..they had 5 stands with both Zulu's and A20's and a really loud speaker imitating aircraft noise. There was a big line-up of people at every booth to do the comparison... and boy..what an eye opener!
Both Jaba and I, and most people there were of the opinion that the ANR and comfort of both sets were line ball. The Bose is slightly lighter in weight, but I found that the Zulus didn't squeeze my ears as much. I don't wear glasses, but a few there that did, reckoned that there was no difference in either set with glasses on. The bluetooth functionality on the Zulus is far superior to the A20. Bose have really dropped the ball with this. They can't match the features on their new product to the Zulus that have been around for about 2 years. With the Zulus, you can easily prioritise between phone/music/radio..and stream devices with bluetooth. You either can't..or can't do this easily with the Bose.
Bottom line is that the Zulus at the show special price of US$800 represent excellent value for money and are the better product overall.

As Jaba mentioned, a old pair of Lightspeed XL20 (their first ANR headset) that I have, was submerged in floodwater here recently for 2 days. After leaving them out in the sun for a week, and replacing the batteries.. they work like new (after a new set of ear cups..$10 at Oshkosh).

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Old 15th Aug 2010, 22:18
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...and lots of very good looking girls demonstrating the A20 headsets and their features.
Geez BEACH KING, I hope you didn't get sprung by Mrs B while you were checking out Bose girls' 'features'!
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Old 16th Aug 2010, 02:21
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Luckily for me, Mrs Beach stayed at home.... and doesn't read prune
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Old 16th Aug 2010, 16:40
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Does anybody have any feedback or comparisons on the new Lightspeed Sierra headset versus the Zulu's or the Bose A20's. I am interested in buying a pair and would be most appreciative if anybody has had any experience or hands-on contact with them. I have not been able to try or see them, as they are not available in Australia yet. I basically would like to know how good they are.
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Old 5th Sep 2010, 21:35
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Hey guys and girls ,

Which headset do you prefer out of the following two?

1. AvComm AC-200 PNR

2. AvComm AC-900 PNR

I am looking at getting one of them and wondering which is the best out of the two.

thanks in advance for your suggestions and advice.
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