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B727-200LR docs

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Thanks Buzz, a senior moment for not looking at the ""Maximum weights", dur. Question answered JT.
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Originally Posted by john_tullamarine View Post
the LR doesn't appear on the TCDS

A fine question, good sir. Will need to do some homework as I have not had any need to check the 727 against the TCDS. However, as I recall, the LR is referred to as the B727-200 ADV (ie advanced). Subject to a looksee at the TCDS, I would expect that the LR entries will be via notes with S/N applicability if there is no separate entry. As to what changes may have been made for the weight delta, that might not be readily available unless Boeing elected to put some words in descriptive text in the manuals. Comparison of the relevant mx manuals (to which I don't have any access) would reveal anything of note via a comparison if there be nothing explicitly stated.

Will have a look and come back later with whatever I can locate. The weight delta isn't overly significant - around 86T (-200) to around 89T (-200 ADV) as I recall - long time, now, since I have flown any of the models. I still reckon that the -100 was the pick for flying, though. A bit like a Super Cub on steroids.
lots of old-timers fondly reminisce over 727s. What was so great about them? As pax I liked the rear stairs, great for quick disembarking in ADL: no jetbridges in those days.

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Ansett 727-200LR Maximum TOW was 89,358kg compared to the straight 200 being 86,409kg. Both versions had the same landing weight of 72,575kg (flap30) and the same ZFW of 63,503kg. The extra fuel on the LR was 5,400lbs in the forward Aux tank. Beautiful aeroplane to fly and built like a tank. In 'B' mode, max IAS at Sea Level was 350kts and at 25,000ft a max IAS of 370kts. So, easy to descend at 350kts if running late. Wouldn't do much to help these days with everybody in front waffling about at 280kts and 250 below 10.
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VLF Omega Nav sys
Boy, I betcha that gave Dr Google a workout
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Boy, I betcha that gave Dr Google a workout

On the other hand, the omega kit worked just fine. Maybe not quite as accurate as GPS but, certainly, good enough for Government business
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Ansett 727LR

Originally Posted by RHLMcG View Post
Looking for someone who might have Boeing and/or Ansett manuals for the LR. Would be happy either to have a short loan to read for an appropriate bottle or two or, if surplus, buy for an appropriate sum. Thanks in anticipation.
I believe the Ansett aircraft were VH-ANA, ANB, ANE, ANF. The pdcs was combined with the Omega navigation system that worked reasonably well.
The flight control hydraulic package was different to the standard package from Boeing and was considered stiffer and less nice to manually fly.
Never the less one of Boeings best creations in my view and a thorough joy to fly, especially in the flare.
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