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King Air down at Essendon?

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Checklist correct use - I know a 350 operator of 26 years who are still arguing about this
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KADS crash: diverging left very shortly after liftoff.
YMEN crash: very similar.
The only similarity I see with those two accidents is the left deviation of horizontal tracking. The KADS crash the Kingair is quite clearly banking over to inverted in the pictures available, highlighting an uncontrolled yaw/roll. The YMEN accident the aircraft is maintained wings level showing a significant amount of control prior to impact. I would assume, that if the pilot at YMEN had full right aileron but also left rudder, which would be a coordination exercise in itself, the aircraft would have similarly lost lateral control as well and rolled. This would be only be worsened by actual power loss on the left side, which would have made an uncontrolled roll inevitable, which did not happen.
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Old 28th Jun 2021, 02:30
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Originally Posted by Lead Balloon
Have you any first-hand experience, either in the simulator or the aircraft, of flight with the rudder trim set to full nose left deflection and both engines delivering maximum thrust?

In answer to the question, the higher the airspeed the greater the rudder load, Whether it be one engine at flight idle or full opposite rudder trim at takeoff power and 140 knots will require full opposite rudder, in my opinion holding that load on one leg without full rudder trim in the correct sense would cause muscle fatigue and failure in about 30 seconds. For a V1 cut excercise, 95kts, requires full opposite rudder, without rudder trim, I doubt your leg would make it to 140kts.

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Thanks Xeptu.
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Your welcome. Be aware there will be differences of opinion. I'm a 20.7.1b person and use claytons for takeoff performance procedure and terrain clearance departure procedures. Those that have had no exposure or knowledge of that will have a different technique more akin to the normal cat procedures, yes I know those terms have changed, I'm old.
Unless you are briefed by those in the know while climbing to 400ft at V2, it takes quite a few times to get your head around "it's ok you can relax your leg now the rudder pedal will stay there. it buffets a bit and it's a weird un-natural feeling. Rudder boost in all cases is nothing more than a stand on this one.
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Coronial investigation in this accident is finally underway.

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