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Avalon Airshow 3-5 March 2017

Old 5th Mar 2017, 11:41
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I'm also hearing that the 4 ship F/A-18 display at the end of the day didn't happen also.
Any ideas what happened there?
(I went on Saturday and this was a very good display)
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There's a certain irony in that Australia's pampered pet F-35A's are to be known as 'Lightnings'.
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Vot iss Diss..??

"Our" NEW Multi million$$$ fighter CANNOT land VFR at 'ANY' aerodrome....

Time to 'Arm Up' the ole DH82A.......

No Problemo......

p.s. I'm sure I saw that thing land at Duxford...or was it @ the RAF Tatoo @ Fairford 'thingie' Last year....It sure 'hovered' for a while...Made a 'BIG Point of doing it 'stationery' in the prevailing W/V... and the NOISE....WELL!! THAT was 'something else again'.......

But can't land VFR... QUE ???

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Ex - Australia didn't buy the VTOL option - we took out that unit and swapped it for a fuel tank, otherwise it had a limited range not suited for Australian operations. (This is info from quite some time ago, so assuming still correct).
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Old 5th Mar 2017, 21:13
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Hahaha spot on gerry111..! F35 'Lightning' indeed

I went on the Friday this year just for something different. In some ways it was better than the weekend due to slightly smaller crowds but the flying display was not as comprehensive. Also seemed a bit disjointed at times as did some of the commentary which was cringeworthy in parts .

So the F/A-18 4 ship display didn't happen yesterday..? Neither did the Roulettes on Friday. Pulled the pin because apparently it was too windy?! Anyone know the real reason..? Wind looked to be 20-25kts from the SSE. Enough to ground our premier 'cream of the crop' airforce display team..?? Well it didn't actually ground them, they took off in formation and never came back!! Conditions didn't seem to bother anyone else including the Harvards , the Pitts and the Tin Stix boys!

Military jets were a highlight as usual. And as others have already mentioned the US commentary on the F22 & F16's. Comedy gold

Special mention to the organisers of the night show. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about what was on offer, and was considering bailing out early to beat the traffic, but stuck it out to the end and boy was it worth it. The fireworks at the end were spectacular!! Well done to whoever put that together

So summing up, whilst there was nothing much we hadn't already seen before, it was still worth going and had an enjoyable day out. Even getting out of the carpark at the end provided some further entertainment. Never ceases to amaze me how some people behave
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Old 5th Mar 2017, 21:35
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Well I went for first time since 09' and thoroughly enjoyed the flying display with my 2 sons. Number 2 son isn't too keen on extra loud noises normally so had ear protection for him, after the F35 takeoff, he said to me, "Daddy, I just learnt that while we cant touch noise, noise can certainly touch you!" Although the F35 display was a bit tame and kinda lame excuse about not having aero's qualified pilot it was fantastic to see it fly, pity it cant fly too far though. Highlight was the F-22, what an amazing machine, perhaps RAAF shoulda bought them. Another highlight was seeing the 2 F/A18's refuelling from the KC30.
Final highlight of the trip for me was the flight home on Sunday from MEL to BNE on shitstars 787. My first trip on one. Nice aeroplane, certainly leaps and bounds better than a click-n-clack A320.
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Lancair70 yes the F22 is an awesome machine. But it proved too expensive even for the Yanks! With a unit cost North of $300M even they couldn't afford it. Still, maybe 24 of them would be better value for money than 72 of what we're about to be saddled with
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I spent Friday with a gold pass in the Sabre Stand.
I booked a seat on the top row, this gave us a breeze from the south southeast.
It was a good move as two years ago I cooked half way down the grandstand. The only issue on the top row is you have all the photographers with their telephoto lenses. When they stand, you have to as well otherwise you can't see what's coming from the north.

Transport went well from and too southern cross station & the volunteers did a great job on site.

Seemed to be a lot of moisture in the air as the vortices and vapor coming off the high speed jets especially the F22 was impressive.

Connie was the highlight once more, also the led lighting on the glider & sonex, the Herc flare drop, and the fire works. (Best I have seen)

Saturday I walked around with a general admission ticket.

Hopefully in 2019 it will be a smoke free event.

Enjoyed the weekend
Regards RW
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I went with the missus on Saturday and I thought the flying display was great. It seems as though it was the best day to go. Anyone like to put forward an explanation as to why the F35 was so much noisier than the other jets? Is it because the engine was putting out more thrust to do its display. There doesn't seem to be much point in having stealth technology if it can be heard from over the horizon!From what I remember reading the F22 was never on offer from the US. The only 5th gen fighter foreigners could buy was the F35.

The displays by the Pitts' was terrific and the display with the Sukhoi was a highlight. I loved the sound of its radial compared to the angry buzz of the Pitts.

It was a great day out. All I can say to those who were once again disappointed about what was on offer is, don't go!
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I would like to thank the organisers, and especially the marshalers and ATC for an outstanding job, especially with the massed 'fly out' of lighties from Avalon Main late Sunday straight after the show.

Up there with Oshkosh!
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Old 6th Mar 2017, 00:59
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Well I might've missed Avalon but I won't be missing this!

Fourteen F-16 fighter jets from the United States Air Force will arrive at RAAF Base Williamtown on Tuesday 7th March to play the aggressor role (Red Air) in Exercise Diamond Shield which is the first of three Diamond Series exercises run by the RAAF Air Warfare Centre. The exercises are designed to train Fighter Combat Instructors, Airspace Battle Managers, Fighter Intelligence Instructors and Fighter Combat Controllers.!

Instant airshow for the month of March for Port good will this noise be

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IFEZ... better wash yr mouth out.!!
No negative comments re the F 35 and 17 +billion $s allowed in Cantberra or elsewhere, please

See the articles in the Oz last week. Its better than sliced bread and will do the deadly trick when range. Just hope those engines are really, really reliable !!

Propaganda or not, the same week the Chinese announced that they had mastered 'quantum radar' that can detect stealth aircraft from 100 miles out.

You can bet yr bottom dollar that everybody 'in opposition' has been working on all sorts of schmicky countermeasures during the F35s long gestation.

Read an article someplace where 35s took on a bunch of F16s...cleaned up most at long range...but got done in the close in dog fight.!

I'd like a PAK T 50 myself. 2 donks, supercruise, very long range, lots of weapons.

Have confidence in the RAAF who made the F 111 a successful and long lasting weapon.
Same with the F 35. ?
Hopefully !!
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Re the F 22... didnt The Donald make some comment about re-starting the line for more.?
Latest mention was of hundreds more 35s and etc

All mega billions for the MIC...and good for US employment.
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Bwah ha ha ha !!

Nine news at 1130am.....reporter bloke standing next to F18 growler and refering to it as a "stealth aircraft with its panels designed to deflect radar" and behind me is a wedgetail......blah blah blah...(and then the cracker of all crackers) "this combination of aircraft makes the RAAF the best equipped airforce in the good in fact it will take the US up to the mid 2020's to catch up......

Raaf types will be revelling in their newfound awesomeness and lethalness.
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Have confidence in the RAAF who made the F-111 a successful and long lasting weapon.
Same with the F-35?
While some have highlighted the irony of naming the F-35 Lightning II, there may be parallels with the RAAF's wartime operation of the Lightning I. This was the PR version of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning which was known as the F-4. These aircraft were cutting edge technology when the RAAF began operating them in late 1942. There were only two of them and they were immediately deployed to remote bases in the NT where they were beset with unserviceabilities. By the time the locally produced PR Mosquito became available in numbers, the RAAF had just about beaten the Lightning into shape.

Of course the Lightning I was a twin - and it was also beautiful!
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I'm going to sound a whinger, but I gave up on Avalon years ago.
Got sick of the broken promises, star attraction aircraft regularly not turning up at the last minute especially rankled. Then there was the absolute chaos getting in and out the place not to mention the over top crass commercialism.
Have fond memories of "lesser" events, Nowra way back, RAAF Richmond and even Mangalore.
I'm saving my pennies to go to Wanaka. That would be a real blast...
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Agree Octane. I'm off to Omaka this year with two gold passes which I can only use Friday and Saturday. I plan on giving them away on Saturday after the show.
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...and as to the JSF not being that much louder (according to official spin) what a load of tripe!
Loudest single engine jet I've heard - by a long shot.
It was bloody fantastic - everyone ran out of the tents blinking into the bright sunlight when it roared past on take off on Saturday morning.
I'll swear I felt the heat when it cranked round in one of those hi-g, knife-edge turns with all the moisture coming off the top of the wings - we were looking straight up the tailpipe!
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Like this pic tartare ?

Not the best pic of it I took but not uploading it to a public forum.

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Re F-35, State of the art Stealth whatever my ar$e, by the time they write the 24 million lines of code or whatever that's required to make the thing fully operational (maybe not in my lifetime), some dyslexic 15 year old genius will have found a way to detect the thing in his bedroom anyway.... That's if the machine will have the reliability to exit it's aircon hanger in the first place..
Sorry for the rant and being off topic...
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