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Aircraft crash Whitsundays

Old 29th Jan 2016, 09:41
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Easily repaired assuming this was a C208 swept wing model aka F1-11 before it plowed in !!
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Old 29th Jan 2016, 09:51
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does that blade look feathered to anyone else? Can't tell if it's been twisted on impact or not. Assuming it would have bent tips if it was anywhere near beta or reverse and generating power at impact.
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Old 29th Jan 2016, 12:01
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Not the first time a Caravan has come clean out of the water. They might have to look at the bulkhead as it possibly bent when it hit the vegetation.
Best dry humour of the year.

Impressed by the Caravans crash survivability yet again.
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Old 29th Jan 2016, 17:06
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You Get What You Pay For.
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Old 29th Jan 2016, 21:30
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Explains a lot

Mr Meldrum said they'd seen the plane "hit the water" twice before it tried to rise again, but lost sight as it went around a nearby point.

"Next thing we saw (the plane) sort of bank back around into view," he said.

They then heard "crack, crack, crack" as the plan crashed into the trees.
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Old 29th Jan 2016, 22:04
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That text continueapproach737's quoting is from this update media report:

Group rushed to plane crash site to help passengers | Mackay Daily Mercury

Seems to indicate the pilot was attempting a go-around after the bounces and ended up in the scrub. This accident could have been so much worse. As others have noted, the Caravan's well designed and built structure has likely saved many lives.
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Old 29th Jan 2016, 22:13
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"We just wanted to get everyone down the mountain,"
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Definitely very sad to see WTY now destined for the scrap heap. I won't repost my photos, but I have plenty in the image thread of her.

As many of you who have followed my photos over the years, I am now away from floats. Even though I am now loving being on the 7X, WTY for me has always been my favourite aircraft.

In an accident like this, it is a miracle that no one was seriously injured or worse. Like any accident, until we get all the facts, there will be much speculation. Rather than throw wild theories in to the mix, let's just all be grateful that the caravan is a tough old girl, and that everyone walked away.

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Old 29th Jan 2016, 22:41
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One person was seriously injured PM, a 25 year old female who had to be airlifted to Mackay Hospital with (according to that same newspaper - The Daily Mercury - as quoted above) "head and neck injuries".

Like you've noted though, it's a miracle it wasn't way worse. This accident could have easily eclipsed the South Pacific Seaplanes 185 crash in the Hawkesbury River back in 1998 and become one of the worst GA crashes ever.
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Old 30th Jan 2016, 04:50
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You gotta say that is similar to the Indonesian Airlines runway over runs that occur frequently, but this guy can honestly say the runway was contaminated!!
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Old 31st Jan 2016, 00:44
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The family of the injured young lady are well known to me - they are locals in our township and community in which she grew up. (We are a long way from the location of the accident).

Given that, I'm probably more shaken by the picture of the aircraft and the possible implications than most would be ....

Thankfully it wasn't worse - although the account of her injuries from the family this morning varies somewhat from the media reports.

Then again that's not altogether unusual.....


PS Just like to add as an afterthought that I understand your sentiments Piano Man. It's devastating to see an aircraft that you know and love come to grief like this. I've been there some years ago - a couple of times in fact ....

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Old 28th Nov 2016, 22:49
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any more on this? ATSB still actively investigating....
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From the ATSB website.

Updated: 9 August 2016
Completion of the draft investigation report has been delayed by competing team member priorities and workload and the requirement for additional investigative work. This includes seeking further information from a number of sources.
The report is now anticipated for release to directly involved parties (DIP) for comment in October 2016. Feedback from those parties over the 28-day DIP period on the factual accuracy of the draft report will be considered for inclusion in the final report
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Just back from a week on Hamo, noticed that they now only have a Beaver and the rest of the work is done with Robinson 44's.

Likewise got some lovely photos of WTY out on the reef, on beautiful FNQ morning.
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Old 3rd Dec 2016, 05:42
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For someone very close to that operation Piano Mans words are very professional and well said.
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