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Laying out anInstrument panel?

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Sunny, will you be getting a mode S transponder installed? Would genuinely love to see your adventures on Flightradar24. (Or do you also need ADS-B to appear on FR24?)
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doesnt the skyview have battery backup? and nice having the dynon next to the compass...
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Sod's Law guarantees that one day and despite you best intentions, you will find yourself in lowering visibility with no visible horizon and no artificial horizon installed in your LSA. Unless you are a superb and current pilot flying on limited panel then you will be dead in 45 seconds so the experts say.
2 points.

I have needed my artificial horizon on 3 occasions as a vfr pilot.
never regretted having one.

the 45 seconds to death is often repeated but it is rubbish.
in turbulent conditions it is probably quite correct but conditions are not always turbulent.
I ran out of safe options one night after being told some incorrect last light info.
I flew a neutrally stable Tailwind for 20 minutes in total darkness.
To my amazement there was no lights visible in the countryside, no horizon visible at all. just an impenetrable matt black darkness.
I couldn't see any of the aircraft structure around me and couldn't see a hand placed in front of my face it was so dark.
by carefully managing my head so that I was not subject to somatogravic illusions I flew by the sound of my engine note and a steady hand on the controls for 20 minutes until I was able to rescue the situation. (the moon came up)
the experience reinforces the advice given in a 1950's book on navigation.
'a pilot is not lost until he succumbs to panic and ceases to think logically.'

at about the same time a chap in NSW flew into cloud in a dragon rapide, lost it and killed 7 people.

it isn't automatically a death sentence but it can become one.
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Old 18th Sep 2015, 12:07
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I flew a neutrally stable Tailwind

.. ah, a little bird which redefined directional stability for me. Only ever had the one fly with Pete Furlong yonks ago .. a couple of circuits saw my interest wane ..
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Lots of great advice given already:

I didn't see anything regarding engine instruments.

I substituted an engine monitor for the traditional gauges. Cheaper than a quality set of gauges and more useful data besides.

I put in a second pressure sender (<5psi) to a big red light for the oil pressure.

Something to get me home if the monitor goes completely.
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The reason why you couldn't see your hand in front of your face is because I suspect it was between your legs.
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Copy other panels, not completely but a combination of all the panels you like. Then go to Complete Avionics on the Gold Coast to do your loom. Work out what you like and don't like. G3X was non negotiable for me, GTN750 etc. It all falls into place if you take your time and don't listen to the bullshit from others that have put stuff in, realised its crap and try and talk you into doing the same so they're not alone.
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No point having an oil pressure gauge with a rotax or other high precision engine according to a modern engine expert.

If the pressure drops much at all the thing will seize. There is no gradual decay where the thing sputters and runs on 10% oil pressure, it either works at full pressure or it is about to catastrophically fail.
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Fair enough, just run the big red light then, cheaper than the EMS at $5 from Autopro.
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the 45 seconds to death is often repeated but it is rubbish.
Depends on your height when you lose the AH.

Observed an overconfident businessman who owned his own Cirrus, in a flying school "simulator" practicing holding patterns. During the holding pattern inbound turn his instructor failed the AH without telling the student. He never picked it until too late and it turned out he couldn't be bothered to practice on limited panel (Turn Coordinator) as he claimed it would never happen in a Cirrus. . Within 45 seconds his VSI was off the clock in a steep spiral dive and I can testify he would have crashed as he was clueless what to do. The instructor mercifully "froze" the simulator when all was lost.

I recall 20 + years ago reading a BASIS report of a Mooney over- flying Mildura (?) from Adelaide on very dark night when the vac pump failed; thus AH failure. He reported having difficulties with his AH and that he would do a 180 and land at Mildura. He never made it and broke up in mid-air trying to fly on the turn indicator. That 45 seconds to death wasn't far off. No turbulence - just pitch black outside and probably never practiced limited panel instrument flying.

If you don't believe me check this link:

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Isn't it actually 178 seconds to live?

Maybe 45 before you lose it and 178 to when you are no longer living.
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