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Please help! My dream of becoming a pilot

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Please help! My dream of becoming a pilot

Old 19th Aug 2015, 14:56
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Exclamation Please help! My dream of becoming a pilot

Hello everyone!

This is my very first post on an aviation forum so I apologise for any unintentional mistakes I make

I am a 16-year old high school student living in Brisbane. I've had this dream of becoming a pilot since I was a little kid. I loved playing with toy planes, watch them fly and even be on one, and I wasn't even thinking of becoming a pilot back then. However this all changed when I dowloaded flight simulator X. I knew NOTHING at all about aviation, I somehow learnt the basics by myself and using help online. I joined IVAO (International Virtual Aviation Organisation) and met a lot of friends who were older than me by a few years (most of them joined aviation colleges this year) and real pilots who also taught me a lot of stuff.

*Jumps to the end* In 2014, I bought PPL books and started studying them in advance at home, and these books were the only books I actually enjoyed reading Few months later, I started looking at flight schools, had a chat with one and went on two flights on a Cessna 172. Those were the two best hours I've ever spent. I did my own takeoff for both times and did the landing on my second flight (almost landed on the grass the first time). I had full control over the airplane for almost the entrie flight both times, and it was FUN.

However 2 weeks ago, I went to get my class 1 medical and I failed it because I found out I was colourblind and had to take further tests in the QUT optometry. I went there and did my tests and all and found out that I had a severe case and failed the lantern test (which is a test requird for colourblind pilots) but there is a chance I might pass it one day (Insh.) and get my medical 1. This made me very depressed. I stayed home for 2 days just because that was the only thing I was thinking about. I didn't know what to do. Everytime I hear an airplane my heart starts pounding rapidly and remember that I will never be able to fly bird.

Let's say I pass the medical test, should I still become a pilot? It costs a lot of money too and my family isn't that rich at all. It's not even guaranteed that I will get a good paying job. Can someone PLEASE help me on what to do? I have done my research but I found 50% negatvie and positive views on being a commercial pilot, and 100% positive views on being a private pilot. Should I still pursue a different career and get my private pilot license later? Or should I become a pilot (remember that I am not rich)
Please help me :#

Sorry for the long post :P
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Old 19th Aug 2015, 19:51
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If your goal is to become a professional pilot, I don't think it would be possible. However, if you just love flying, then, by all means, go for it! You can even instruct being colourblind.
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Old 19th Aug 2015, 22:10
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faoodx first up concentrate on achieving your school studies as these will provide you with a route around this colour hurdle ( yes in aviation its a big hurdle ) As you get older and more qualified you can plan your career, who knows what twists it will take. In the mean time keep enjoying the sunshine and your hobbies and be aware that there are opportunities out there you haven't even thought about yet
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Old 19th Aug 2015, 22:50
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Firstly, as discussed above, concentrate on your school studies and try to get the highest marks possible.
This will stand you in good stead for both if you do, and if you don't end up flying for your career.

Secondly, CASA have been trying to crack down on marginal colourblindness. They've even been threatening to REVOKE class 1 medicals from experienced airline pilots who have flown safely for years. It sounds like you have a fairly serious case of it. They don't actually have a safety case for it, but that's another discussion for another time.

My best advice on that front is to google and then contact Dr Arthur Pape, he's a specialist in aviation colourblindness and designed the alternate testing years ago - which many pilots have relied on to get their class 1.

Call him to discuss the tests you did and he should be able to give you a fairly quick idea of whether you are likely to obtain a class 1.

Don't start commercial flying training on the presumption that CASA might review the rules positively. They're still well and truly stuck in the 1930's and any such advancements of the science from CASA or relaxing of the standard is very unlikely.

Perhaps once you get a good job in another industry you might be able to look at recreational flying, gliding or something to satisfy the urge.

Good luck.
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Old 19th Aug 2015, 23:24
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Check your email
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Old 19th Aug 2015, 23:27
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Hello all,

I am in a similar situation and just had a couple of questions:

I know i am colourblind (failed the plate tests in the past) and would like to take the lantern test what i wanted to know was what is it like? Is it just like looking at small lights and identifying colours? Do you get a practice run?

And should i just apply for a first class medical and go through the process or should i take the lantern test first? I am nearing the end of school and just want to know what options i have

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Old 20th Aug 2015, 03:38
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you sit in a darkened room about 2-3m away from an old wooden box that shines two tiny dots of light at you. The colours change from red, white and yellow in random patterns and you have to say what colour they are.

It's akin to looking across Port Philip Bay at the navigation markers on the horizon and guessing the colours - that's the game my siblings used to like to play in my youth on poor old colour-blind me. IMO, if you're CVD, it's worth studying and identifying lights in this type of situation as practice, especially if you grew up knowing you are CVD. I think some of the lack of colour facility is learned through "giving up early" because "you're colour-blind, aren't you?"
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Old 20th Aug 2015, 15:13
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Thanks a lot sgenie, megle2, and the rest. You guys really helped me. I'll follow your advice, and I will do my best at school too

I was thinking of following a different career path and get my PPL or RPL one day and fly planes as a hobby. I'll look up Dr Arthur Pape and contact him as soon as I have a chance. Thank you again

Jabawocky, I will be checking my e-Mail and reply from there. Thank you!
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