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Pilot Shoes

Old 6th Nov 2014, 05:28
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Pilot Shoes

Hey guys just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good pair of shoes for flying in that would have be suitable for outback conditions as well as city flying?

I've been told R.M.Williams are really durable and will last years on end but they are quite expensive (around 400-500$... there are factory seconds but even still they are around 250-300$) and although I do want a pair of shoes that will last a while up in the air about getting a pair and being financially crippled for the rest of the month.

Anyone recommend anything? Is it worth forking out the $$ for a pair that will last years on end?

Thanks in advance!
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 05:35
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You won't go wrong with the RMs.

I have just had the soles and elastics replaced after 20 years.

$400/20 = $1.67 per month. I know it's a big outlay initially, but you will definitely spend more overall if you buy cheap.
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 05:53
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RM Williams with the rubber sole. Perfect.
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RM Williams boots are available for substantially less than that price at country outfitter-type shops. That's just the "city" price.

If you can stretch to a pair they're good and will outlast the charter company you're working for and most of the relationships you'll experience along the way.
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RMs all the way. I'd had my black pair for a few years, loved them so much I bought a brown pair as well. Worth every cent. I'm yet to meet someone who regrets buying theirs.

Oh and it's Australian.
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50.1% Australian.

I've no doubt they're great boots but we're pilots, not bushmen.... Last I checked the rudders weren't wearing out my shoes.
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only 1 re-sole in 20 years??
I can only get 1 year out of a rubber sole on mine, must tread heavy in them then. Its a rough week when they are in the shop.
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Get the RMs. I went the cheap route. Big mistake.
Pay cheap, pay twice. Or in my case yearly.
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Have worn RMs for years and they are very comfy but I fly in tropical conditions a lot and they can get rather hot and sweaty due to the elastic, the tight fit and their not 'breathing'.

Because of that I have occasional issues with athlete's foot but all in all the pros outweigh the cons.

And I just use the rudders as footrests, anyhow.
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 07:11
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Another plug for RMs. I cringed at the initial outlay cost, but after wearing would never buy anything else. Especially great for wet season flying- there's nothing worse than getting in the plane with wet feet.
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 07:16
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My RMs are 20 years old and still going strong after a few rubber resoles.
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RM's are the go. I have two pair (black & brown) and they are like a second skin. Re soled once each in about 10 years.

Only down side, is they are ok in the hot sand, but not much good in snow!!
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I have set a fairly strict uniform policy for the pilots in my Company and although we are not prescriptive with footwear, we strongly encourage the purchase of RMs, for all the reasons above...

However, we approached RM Williams as a company and have set up a deal with them where our pilots can get boots and belts from them at a corporate rate - which works out at about half price of what you'll get them in shops.

Make sure you get the airport friendly ones with the oil resistant non-slip sole!

Lobby your CP, CEO or whoever would be most responsible in your company to do likewise.

My RMs are like second feet to me now, given the amount of time I spend in them...
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As I see it now after reading all the previous posters views there's only
two RMs or ..brown RMs!!

I always chose brown.

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I send my RMs back to the factory for a SIDs inspection every 3-4 years - they come back better than new (already molded to my feet) for $180 or so.

I have built up a 3-pair rotation, it works pretty well.

Love Flying Bear's suggestion of the direct deal with the factory... 5 Percy St will be getting a call from me tomorrow.

I also like his idea of having a paint brush in the armrest of every aeroplane. I am yet to work out what its for tho
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You can use it to clean the dust out from the welts of your boots (like we did in the Army) or to clean the dust off your instrument panel, engine control pedestal, etc.

Uses of the shaving / paint brush in the cockpit are virtually infinite!!
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Rossi dress boots. $120, last about 5yrs before the sole wears out. I'm on my 3rd pair. Black or brown, keep them coated in Dubbin especially in the wet season. No problems wearing them in the tropics, feet breathe better than any lace up. Made in Adelaide.

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Airflex, never take your shoes off to go through security. A pair should last a year or two and they are generally available at a big discount from Harbour Town type outlets. They are leather and comfortable and when compared to the price of RMs, they are disposable. Oil resistant non-slip soles make them tax deductable but then any shoes can fit that description for the purposes of tax.
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Another plug for RM Williams. Got a few crew wearing them here in Europe now. They're good for 9-10 months of the year but a bit slippery on an icy Moscow ramp.

They're great in the hotter environs, look good, easy to put on when the alarm goes at 2am but even though they can throw off the effects of a de-icing fluid covered ramp and still look good, they're just a bit slippery (smooth soles).
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I have a pair of Thorogood Police boots. I dont like slip ons cos the they slop about on my feet too much. These are good, comfy as a pair of sneakers, lace ups with a side zip to get on and off easily, and they are waterproof if you end up in muddy conditions which invariably we all do from time to time. About $85-95 a pair from the US. I think whatever is most comfy for the individual is going to be the go of course. The RMs arent too flash in cold weather by all accounts.

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