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Pilot Shoes

Old 6th Nov 2014, 10:45
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I have previously found on Ebay/Gumtree unwanted RMWilliams Giftcards at cheap prices. Makes the boots a reasonable price. Also RMWilliams stores like those at Harbourtown are definitely cheaper than those at a Shopping Centre (Westfields)
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 10:54
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RM Williams
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 11:38
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The RM Factory shop in Adelaide often have seconds available. Mainly with the tiniest imperfection or scratch on the leather. Call to see if they have your size. Price around $200.
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 17:02
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RMs are without doubt the most overrated boots/shoes I have ever owned. I took the bait unfortunately and had problems from day 1. Uncomfortable and in my experience poor quality (had to have to sole replaced twice because it was peeling back at the toe). The $100 Juluiis Marlows that I purchased after finally throwing the RMs in the shed have been much more comfortable and are still going strong after 2 years.
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 17:13
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Shoes? They said nothing about shoes!
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 20:27
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Try Mongrel boots, non slip sole and also oil/fuel proof sole.

About $100.00 and last about 18 months.

I have also worn Blundstone's for many years, but since they went off shore their product is certainly not up to the standard anymore!

Also had a pair of Redback boots at one stage which were pretty good as well, but I think their gone out of business.

Never used RM products as my dainty little extra wide size 12 hoof don't fit in them.
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 22:46
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Doc Martins are the go.

They look like shoes when standing, are oil/petrol resistant, wear well and you can wear then out to watch a punk rock band.
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Forget about all the practical rubbish above.

RMs will get you so much attention from the opposite sex that you'll be wanting to wear blundstones for a rest..
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Old 6th Nov 2014, 23:42
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I have worn RMs for 40+ years. I used to wear their kid leather jodpur boots when I was a student. They cost me a weeks wages ($26) from Xmas vacation tractor driving but worth it - the most comfortable footwear I have ever worn.

Fast-forward to 2014 and Williams only make kid leather boots as a custom order - cost way less than a week wages - but I can't justify $1000 for boots!

So I have been wearing RM Stock Agent top boots for the past 20 yrs!

Whatever boots you wear, make sure they are comfortable - you never know when you might have to take a long walk in them!

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Old 7th Nov 2014, 01:11
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I have done a bit of (unplanned) walking in the RMs. They aren't hiking boots and feet have ached for days afterwards
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Old 7th Nov 2014, 01:18
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My 5 cents......RM's all the way. However, RM's will only last you as long as you're prepared to look after them. They need to be polished regularly (twice a week at least). Use RM polish or Kiwi (not Nugget brand, it's crap). I've had 3 black pair in 25 yrs (just bought the 3rd pair) and I've lost count of the brown ones. Get the leather sole yearling craftsman. Unless you have a very narrow foot you'll need a 'H' fitting. And find a cobbler and have him put an anti slip strip on the bottom to save wear on the sole. Tarmac is really tough on them. While you're there get him to put a small metal strip underneath the toe. This keeps the toe shape. About every 3-4 years get them re-soled. This will restore completely the all over shape of the boot. The synthetic sole can't be replaced though it'll never wear out. Problem with the synthetic sole is the boots will eventually lose their shape a little and to restore it they have to be re-soled. But the synthetic sole can't be replaced. If you wear out the rubber on the heel get it replaced before you wear out the foundation of the heel. If you wear into that they're throw away.

This is where I bought my last pair. Cheapest I could find.

I love my RM's.

Last edited by Defenestrator; 7th Nov 2014 at 01:20. Reason: Forgot to mention where to by them.
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If wearing RM's some jodhpurs would set them off nicely. The big sticky out ones like they used to wear in the US mail aircraft. Some of you blokes and blokettes could really get your pilot strut going with those on. Maybe some spurs to sit your feet up a bit so you can ride the brakes more?

Pilots shoes, you fellas are kidding? What next Pilot belt? Pilot underpants? Special pilot pen to go in your Pilot jacket in the Pilot pen pocket on your pilot sleeve?
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True, RM's are nice boots, have a couple of pairs for many years, but most certainly not for walking any distance.
Now wearing "Mongrel Boots" for flying, good looking 'riding boots',,,, extremely comfortable, light and non slip soles, guess I'm on the 4th pair in 6 years.
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Old 7th Nov 2014, 03:27
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Super Cecil, funny you should mention that, we had this discussion at work today. The general consensus seemed to be that to be a "real" (read: try hard) pilot, you need RM Williams boots, Serengeti Sunnies, a Leatherman, and it used to be a David Clarke headset, although now all the cool kids seem to have a Bose. Im not sure what the in thing in flight bags is, although there does seem to be a rather large overcompensation thing going on with the size of them in some cases.
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Done work on plenty of dirt, rock, grass, mud, boggy, waterlogged etc aprons and strips.

Used Blundstone and Steel Blue boots. Oil and fuel etc resistant, quite waterproof and very grippy. Tax deductable too being non-slip safety sole.

I often work in spots where "nice" shoes will get destroyed. The above are practical, and comfortable enough. Not going to run a marathon in them, but a 12 hour day in them doesn't hurt my feet.
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A 2 page thread on what shoes to wear? A very quiet week here on Pprune.
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Nobody mentioned Colorados yet. Super soft leather, well cushoned rubber sole, you can even walk in them unlike in the over rated RM's.
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No no no no no You're all talking about footwear for feet. The original question was about "pilot shoes".

Pilot shoes are not regular shoes. Pilot shoes have 3 time zones, a stop watch, and a reset-able seconds hand. Pilot shoes are stainless steel and carbon fibre, and are always really chunky - too chunky to fit under your pilot trousers. Pilot shoes are specially designed by a team of artisan craftsmen (or women) using decades of tradition and extraordinarily expensive rare materials. Pilot shoes have been tested by NASA and gone to the moon. Pilot shoes cost more than any pilot I know earns in several months, but of course, price is no object and if you have to ask, you can't afford pilot shoes.

Your best pilot shoes will coordinate with your pilot watch. They will have glow-in-the-dark soles to match the glow-in-the-dark hands of your pilot watch.

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Are Pilot shoes sold by Pilot shops?
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Best pilot shoes? My current Italian leather soled slip-on loafers. Sturdy enough to do a walk around in, but just purrrrrrrrfect to swish through the terminal with our bevy of beauties in trail.......
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