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Cabin Carry On

Old 16th May 2014, 13:22
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Cabin Carry On

Well I am convinced now, going through security at Port Hedland this morning the guardians of aviation safety confiscated a 4" crescent out of my back pack but I could keep the 8mm Allen key that was also in the backpack.I told the women (who had a voice you would not want to be waking up to every morning) that she can have the Allen key as well and shove it. I mean what havoc am I going to commit to people on board with a 4" Sidchrome crescent? As I sat in 1C and I was given to eat my meal a metal knife and fork? Pisses me off as the only reason it was not in my check in baggage is because it was in my jeans pocket from the day before when I found it at the airport, but bugger me it will probably cost me $25-$30 to replace the bloody thing.
It's got me! I guess I should be glad of my contribution to aviation security!
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Old 16th May 2014, 13:33
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If it makes you feel better, she probably has to spend an hour on overtime writing a report on the item she confiscated from you and the justification of how she felt it was in the interest of aviation safety.

Another person will read her report and......................................................... ................

enjoy you taxes mate
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Old 16th May 2014, 13:42
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Those 4" Crescents are dangerous damned things, you should know that. You can skin a knuckle in an instant, when they slip off the nut.

Who knows what you could achieve in an aircraft cabin environment?? Why, every Miss Marples Midsomer Murder show I've watched, the murderer snuck up behind the victim, and whacked them out in one blow, with an adjustable shifter!!
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Old 16th May 2014, 14:38
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The legislation states it has to be over 30cm to be considered a blunt trauma object. Or is sharp like scissors or a screwdriver .

I doubt a crescent could be categorised as such.
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Old 16th May 2014, 22:33
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She probably needs it to repair her broom?
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Old 17th May 2014, 01:02
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I had a roll of tape (a bit like duct tape) taken off me once, why I don't know. I suppose I could have tied someone up with it. At the same time (and every subsequent time) they let me take my various chargers where the cord could be used to strangle someone. I also don't get it. Yep taxpayers money, or is it payment for my airfare, at work.
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Old 17th May 2014, 01:13
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Back in late 2006 I was stopped in Darwin airport and had my keyring confiscated. The keyring was a 3/8" spanner and about as long as my little finger.

The reason given was that it was a "tool", and that tools weren't allowed in the cabin.

When I pointed out that this set of keys had gone through just about every major airport in Australia that year the response was "We can't help it if no other airport in Australia does their job properly." (Darwin being the centre of international terrorism and all that ).

A written complaint later resulted in me receiving in the mail someone else's keyring (same size keyring but a shifting spanner). Go figure.

A few months later I was laughing about this with a mate of mine who was an officer in the AFP. He'd had an allen key taken off him by the same security team, despite him travelling in his AFP uniform!

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Old 17th May 2014, 01:45
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I've seen armed security guards put their guns through the X- Ray machine before. I don't think they had to remove the bullets and have them screened separately though.
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Old 17th May 2014, 01:54
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.....not just mini-tools......

Oh, this subject...... Now you got me started !!

I travel regularly out of Cairns International with CO2 cartridges (that I use for inflating my bike tyres when I have a flat) as I can't get them in the lovely country where I work. I always declare them at check-in (4 of each time, which is the limit), though often have to tell the check-in staff where to find the information in their IATA DG Quick Guide..... (some of them have it with them, but the rest either check with Ops, or just take my word for it). I should also point out that these cartridges are identical (thread fitting, contents) as those used in the aircraft life jackets (two cylinder types). OK, these ones are only 16 grams (about 30 ml) each - and they are not FAA-PMA approved parts - but are essentially identical (and are perfect for doing 20.11 training by the way !).

For convenience (of (in)security) I always have them in a mesh pocket on the outside of my bag - so it is clearly visitly going through the scanner. I have had every reaction from "Totally forbidden !" (which of course I argue, until they realise they are wrong !), through to them not being picked up at all ! (or they simply igonore them).

Lately they seem to have taken on a new "policy" of requiring that the cartridges "must be packed to prevent contact", which I have again argued with (in)security asking where on earth this "policy" information is written, until I relented and put each cylinder in a different pocket of my bag / jacket. After walking away into Duty Free I was then approached by the (in)security bloke who interrupts my perusing to show me a highlighted section of a webpage he had printed out, which stated "must be packed or packaged to prevent contact or damage", so I quizzed him where he got this "gem" of information, and notice that is a page from the QF website, so asked him "what the hell does the QF website information have to do with me ? - I'm flying PX !" (and even showed him my boarding pass, telling him to check with the company rep to verify I had declared them). A vacant look in response, and he wandered off to pester someone else coming through the scanner......

On my last departure...... same story: "must be packaged to prevent contact", so I offered to put each of them in a different pocket of my bag / jacket, etc., to be confronted with "Oh no, that won't suffice", where he then pulled out a zip-loc bag (the ones they have for undeclared LAG's) and instructed me to put them in there !! When I asked "what is that bag going to do ?" I was told that "it will protect you should they go off". I couldn't stop myself from laughing !!! I managed to satisfy him with my comment that "if they do go off in my pocket, then I deserve it"......

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Old 17th May 2014, 09:06
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In my opinion if someone finally made sense out of all this......can you imagine how many people would be out of work?
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Old 17th May 2014, 09:57
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Now guys, forget about tools, haven't you heard the most serious threat to aviation currently is "NUTTELLA". if you turn up with a jar of that, they clear the terminal, call the bomb squad and Swat team.
One of my relo's got severely admonished for turning up for an international flight with a jar of Nuttella in his carryon.
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Old 17th May 2014, 10:01
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Same security team in Darwin that let through a 6" hunting knife in the bottom of my briefcase; not once but twice. (I'd taken it an earlier camping trip and forgotten it was there. )

In fairness, it got through Sydney security too.

Finally got picked up in Perth, where they allowed me to go back to check-in and put it in the hold. They even gave me a bag to put it in.
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Old 19th May 2014, 09:39
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I was going from YSCB to YPMQ on Virgin to grab a PA31.

I had only my flight bags, wallet and mobile phone on me [ oh - sorry and also my ASIC ]

They told me I could not take my fuel tester on board because it had the screw driver attachment.

I remove the steel driver portion of the tester and asked if I could take the rest and security was happy with that.

What is an ASIC really worth?
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Old 19th May 2014, 10:09
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What is an ASIC really worth?
Sweet F#%* All.......
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Mine does a great job of cleaning my fingernails.
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Old 19th May 2014, 10:17
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Cool LHR

Two year ago I took the air cylinder for my dive BC through in hand luggage coming back to Thailand .It was not even looked at !Funny the amount of stuff you could get inside and screw the valve back on!!
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Are you serious ?

They put the firearms through the x ray ?
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Old 19th May 2014, 10:26
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To be honest, Darwin is probably now the centre of terrorism attention thanks to me passing through there a few years back sorry guys.

A. My clothes were too para-military for them and upset other passengers
B. Empty ammo brass in carry on is an offence apparently
C. Security screening don't know what pistol magazines look like
D. A half deaf flight attendant thought I said I had a bomb on board (didn't actually say that I swear)
E. Pistols aren't allowed in checked baggage without telling someone

PS: I am aware that most of these aren't offences but it seems they weren't!

PPS: I once saw my bag go through the X-ray and there was a pistol in it, so I freaked out a little as I grabbed my bag. Turns out it was a training aid! If they miss more than a few they have to be retrained. It's possible if you saw a pistol in a bag it may have been a fake digital one.
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Devil F&*%$

My favourite subject....I've had vegemite taken off me at security in SYD on one occasion, whilst in uniform (it's expensive in the Fragrant Harbour), on the judgement that it's a LAG...I asked which one then is it then? He responded, it's a Liquid...I said, take the lid off and hold it upside down, what will happen? Genius said ok, it's a Gel....I said would you run vegemite through your hair to style it? He said of course not, and then summoned his superior who probably agreed with me but had to back up his staff, which was probably fair enough I guess....hope they enjoyed their toast! I've been extra swabbed for explosives, also in SYD, and when I queried it, again at work in uniform, I was asked if I wanted to "do this the easy way or the hard way"......I laughed and asked if he really wanted to try and throw me on the ground and handcuff sense of humor these avsec types....he also didn't get the joke when I told him to never, ever swab the wings of an airplane

To add balance to the Tasman, I was told by the local avsec in AKL that my carry on bag was too heavy and to remove my laptop...which I duly did, until I was out of screening and then promptly put it back inside.... Honestly, where has common sense gone?

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Old 19th May 2014, 22:47
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Are you serious ?

They put the firearms through the x ray ?
Yes they do in Singapore. Also the hand held metal detectors used to screen passengers that beep get x rayed before going into the sterile area.
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