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Job Hunting

Old 10th Feb 2014, 08:48
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Cool Job Hunting

Greetings all,
I've started that all important, infamous job hunt, searching for that first real break in aviation with a fresh CPL (A). First of all I have read some other threads here, and don't worry, by no means am I asking others out there to virtually write my CV for me, or give me a magical phone number where my first job is guaranteed, I'm simply asking for any advice which you can give, before I start spending my last bit of money.

First of all I live in South Australia, have just under 350 hours, including 100 hours multi PIC, and over 40 night PIC; I hold a current MECIR with all aids, NVFR, FIR (3), Baron and Duchess endorsements, tailwheel, aerobatics, DGA, First Aid, ATPL exams passed, and of course the necessities; an ASIC and Class 1 medical.

So as you can imagine, the bank account is fully aware of my new CPL, MECIR, FIR, and all the rest, and it's now time to gather up everything I have left, and start searching. I have looked around locally for a position as an instructor with little success, so given the time of year it is (February), I have decided to pack up, head north, and start representing myself in person.

So what I ask, is any advice at all, I really don't know anyone who has been in my position before, so I have had little advice personally. I mean at the moment my plan is to buy an airline ticket to Darwin, find somewhere cheap to sleep, taxi it to the airport the following day all dressed up and simply start door knocking with my resume in hand. I'll take it from there and continue to travel and search north. So far I really don't even know which companies to ask, obviously Google will be a great aid there; I do plan on conducting some research before I go, but this was my starting point, a push in the right direction might ensure I spend my time researching the right info.

Just another fresh CPL looking for ANY advice on breaking into the industry really, but I guess what I'm really after is -

When packing up and traveling north, how long should I expect to be in one place, I mean do I go to Darwin, apply everywhere in person, then fly to another location immediately, etc.

Should I take my car, or would I expect one taxi trip to and fro the airports and smaller aerodromes and that's it?

What really are all the small places I should visit? Broome, Alice Springs, kununurra?

Any help much appreciated, thanks.
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Sounds like you are on the right track mate. I would suggest driving your car up north if the funds will allow, and just stop in and visit every operator you can find along the way, and phone the others a little further away. It will be much easier having your own wheels if you get a start at short notice somewhere. Good luck with it, and remember to enjoy yourself along the way.....
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Old 10th Feb 2014, 20:13
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I agree with Mince, doing the road trip will be far more valuable in the end. If you do it right you can go see a lot more operators along the way as well. When you get to Darwin you'll probably want to make trips to both Katherine and Jabiru as well to see the operators there so once again a vehicle will be essential for that.

Plus when you get that first job you'll want your car there as well, you'll get called up at odd hours to go do a quick charter or scenic flight and for the operators it is a BIG tick in the box knowing that you are available and able to get to the airport quickly. You really won't be making quite enough money to be taking Taxis to work everyday when you do find that first job and you can forget about public transportation for that sort of thing in Darwin!!

Other than that you seem to be on the right track, you're a little bit outside of the normal hiring season so perhaps even taking just a month or so to do some additional research and get some extra funds before leaving wouldn't hurt and will make life a lot easier in the long run.
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Old 11th Feb 2014, 00:10
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Susi Air are hiring.. It is a bit of a different start in aviation but if you are prepared to work in Indonesia and it's not that bad and want to sit in the RH seat of a Cessna 208 until you have 1000 hours at least, it is a start. All board, lodging, transport to a from work are provided and a small salary to start. There are also generous breaks for time away from work.
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I would suggest a car is almost essential. It allows you to take more stuff with you which you will eventually want.

It also provides a cheap place to sleep on the side of the road, at least enroute.

On another note, is anyone going to see Wolf Creek 2... Hehe
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Old 11th Feb 2014, 11:06
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G'day mate ,

Call air Wilpena(rawnsley park)
Darwin is a good spot but if I were you I'd rather go remote with your hours
Horn island could be a goer aswell if u can't find anything in Darwin/Broome
Also there is an operator our of burketown who would also give you a go if you fit their minimum requirements
Do take your car mate so that you have the flexibility as remote places don't have taxi services at all
Lastly " good luck mate " get amongst it and whatever you do put your life and safety first before the flight hours on the logbook, once you start flying , those hours will never stop accumulating

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Best of luck mate!

Having done exactly what your about to do can I offer a few words of advice...
On top of all the wise words said above, be prepared to not fly for the next 12 months anything short of that is a bonus!

Be prepared to take on ANY aviation job, work hard and go above and beyond...

Don't plan to be based anywhere for the next few years of your life and be ready to move at the drop of a hat!

Remember it's a small industry! Don't just be friends for a job

Most of all just enjoy the ride! Getting on the bottom of the ladder is the hardest part but once you are there the experiences you will have will be priceless!

Part of me would love to go relive it all again if the money was better...
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Old 12th Feb 2014, 10:19
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Sorry to derail your thread 500 AGL (wish you the best of luck!) but a question that may be worth answering for the rest of us newbies!

What is the best time of the year to leave a capital city and make the move to the top end looking for work?

The newbie advice/information regarding the top end threads give alot of different timings ranging from December-April to "The earlier the better"

Interested to know - I will be doing this next year (currently at GFPT level) and trying to cement my plan on when I will need to quit my current job (well paid) to commence a CPL/MECIR full time for the remainder of the year

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Thanks all for the replies so far, I am taking all the advice and suggestions on board, I realize I'm a little early for companies to be taking on new pilots, but of course this is the idea, to start the research nice and early. I will look into all companies mentioned in this thread.
HshiftOne, the dry season (hiring season) starts April-May, but I'm sure there are people arriving much earlier......'First in, best dressed'
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Now is the time to be heading up there.

Plenty of unskilled work in Darwin to keep you busy in the meantime.

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Old 13th Feb 2014, 06:24
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I'd be north prior to February, some companies start hiring late Jan others wait to late March, as people have said the earlier the better, get a casual job, settle into town and wait. It's right time, right place sort of stuff. Walking in to the office the week they want to start interviewing or the day a pilot quits etc.
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I'm up here (Darwin and Katherine) and my take at the moment is that Darwin seems to be the place for 2nd Jobs more than 1st Jobs with the first jobs being in the surrounding areas.

I'm looking with around with 230 total (CPL,ME-CIR, JPA) and haven't found a huge amount if interest yet and might head west next week to see what is around.

***trying this without a car would be hell, make that hell with a high humidity level***

PM me if you want
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Hillbilly Bob,
Heard on the grape vine your attitude and approach is right on.
Keep plugging away
It will happen
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Job Hunting

Thanks maxgrad although it scares me a touch that people have linked my username here to me irl so soon
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Pardon my ignorance - I haven't been in Oz for 15 years - but what's a 'JPA'?
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Job Hunting

Jump pilot authorisation.
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Ways and means hillbilly
Don't stress it
Just get that bloody job
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Originally Posted by maxgrad View Post
Ways and means hillbilly
Don't stress it
Just get that bloody job
Well if we are ever in the same bar unmask yourself and I'll buy you a brew
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Ta, Hillbill. Oz didn't have that endorsement back then.
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My advice is to contact beef / sheef companies (Like AACo, Stanbroke, etc) HR dept and ask who to send a resume to for station flying. I did some time on a station, ended up with an extra 400 hours in my logbook after a year and had some fantastic experiences to boot!

As for time to go on the drive, I understand it to be round about now actually! Just after the wet season is a good time, as you don't want to be green and have to put up with a NT wet season!

Good luck and hang in there! Once you're in, it only gets better!
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