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Part 66/145 etc etc.

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Part 66/145 etc etc.

Seems that if you read Jeff Boyds contribution on Page 6, he subscribes to the Jaba "sub contract the Kiwi's' theory.


And you will see my recent comments about engine shops are fears held by others.
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As does a majority of the aviation community, and they have done for years.

The first reference I ever saw, suggesting that going the US way in regulation was the way to go was in the "Minister for Aviation's Annual Report to Parliament on the Operation of the Air Navigation Act" in 1966.

A poll done by the then Director of Aviation Safety at CASA, in 1997, with a very wide ranging response, was 100% in favour of the "FAA Way".

But, since when did what the industry need to become both "safe" and a sustainable industry, or Government policy, or Productivity Commission recommendations, or the supposedly mandatory requirements of the Office of Best Practice Regulation count, compared to the bureaucratic convenience of our "masters of the iron ring".

Said bureaucratic convenience meshing nicely with the general cultural thrust of the recently deceased Labor government, and Canberra in general, that all wisdom and knowledge resides in Canberra, and the feral hordes outside the borders of the ACT need the firm control control of a central government to mandatorily (is that a word) guide their every waking (and sleeping) moment -- with strict liability criminal penalties for non-adherence to such benevolent guidance.

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Which is why Leadie most of our aviation business is moving across the Tasman. I'm already learning to say sux instead of six!!
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Attended the AEA meeting in Brisbane recently and there was some hot debate about training schools . It seems even if you have done a Cert IV in Aeroskills at two popular QLD based TAFE's they don't have licencing outcomes. In addition you cant transfer to Avaition Australia as CASA wont recognise the Cert IV.

Further more its out of the 4 places you can get Part 147 approved training the Sydney one is closing its doors and the Perth one has its lost funding .

Hopefully this isn't all true. Haven't met any GA engineers actually licenced through the new scheme..... Maybe I don't get out enough
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Get yourself a NZ CAA AOC, including TTMRA privileges, and operate to your heart's content in Australia, without CASA's micro-management.
Save money, save the agro, and just generally get on with business.
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We've got the blind leading the deaf here!
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This is what happens when CASA lets the industry self regulate itself. ie here are the regs which we will leave you to interpret and we will come back and say if you are doing it right or wrong. That is what should be asked.
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