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Albo's White Paper Elephants.

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Albo's White Paper Elephants.

I borrowed a couple of paragraphs from -Piers Akerman's -blog. The parallels between aviation and the media control fiasco seemed to ring a couple of fairly large bells.

On Thursday the government leader in the house, Anthony Albanese, tabled six Bills with which Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Communications Minister Stephen Conroy hope to gag the press into submission.
The article then goes on to say -

He likened the lack of consultation with the media industry on the so-called reforms to the incompetent delivery of the failed mining tax. He also reminded parliament that ICAC’s current investigation into NSW Labor identity Eddie Obeid had its genesis in newspaper reporting conducted in co-operation with the ABC - co-operation which would be banned under the new legislation. (my bold).
While we are waiting for the Senate and (I hear) the DPP to sort out the Pel Air aberration this may be a good topic for discussion. I mean to say that if passed will this bill muzzle the likes of the ABC who did the Pel Air report, Paul Phelan who always tells it 'how it is' and Ben Sandilands who doesn't pull many punches either (acknowledge there are others). It's tough enough for these boys and girls to get any sort of story out there, they must be very careful what they write, ensure hard facts as and when they publish. Could the proposed legislation even affect PPRuNe when you get right down to it ? and that would be a shame.

It would be a hellish world if there was nowhere to publicly discuss, for example the infamous Albo Aviation White Paper and decide whether it was a total farce, the ultimate in well polished Teflon coated pony pooh; or, to even dare examine if even one of the lofty goals was achieved. With a bit of a stretch and a good natured push, it could be said that, whilst the White paper had some good intentions CASA got nowhere near any targets. A cynic could argue that parts of the sub text were open to exploitation which could arguably be demonstrated; look at the Senate Inquiry into pilot training. Water off a ducks back with a white paper umbrella to boot.

Non aviation mate asked the other day – "with all the trouble in ASA, CASA and the ATSB what visible improvements to Air safety have been made over the last four years"? I told him we now have 'Hi-Viz' vest requirements, proposed penalties for not sending CASA a recent photograph and world class standards in Snakes & ladders, Musical chairs and occasionally pocket Chess. What else could I say??....

Never been much of a one for politics but this passage of play caught my attention and anyway. I swear if I see one more Pope story -

-and Paddington gave him a hard stare. "In Darkest Peru," he said, remembering all that Mr Gruber had told him, "we had fireworks every fête day."

{Cheers Hempy - was only a fast twiddle; but if we do get serious, best fixed early}....

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I appreciate the sentiment of your post, but you do yourself a disservice by taking quotes that are paragraphs apart and then stitching them together in one quote that when read 'as quoted' really makes no sense. Maybe 2 separate quotes next time? I'm sure it was only for expedience but it could read as 'creative editing'...
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The "Great White Elephant Act"!

Ah yes Albo's circus troupe and it's "Great White Elephant Act" guaranteed to woo away Tory voters in the next election...err !

Had to laugh one Sundy arvo while quietly consuming some coldies and watching the box, the Mayor of Marrickville had left his home turf and dared to set foot in Melbourne to chunder out some politics in the heavily populated voters suburb of St Albans...the scene was a level crossing that had apparently claimed the lives of 16 people over more than a decade....

Ministers in funding spat over level crossing funding - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) could say that at least the minister for transport was proactively addressing a transport safety issue and hoorah for that!!

But then my mind kept flashing back to Lockhart River..similar numbers of fatalities except those lives were lost in the space of seconds and have left an endilible stain on the reputation of Oz aviation safety standards and the responsible aviation safety agencies ever since and what has been fixed in the meantime??

Well according to the Pel-Air debacle not much, in fact we've gone backwards...hmm so much for Albo's "Great White Elephant Act"!
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Smoke rings

Kharon, why bring the Pope into it?
Aagh I get it, chimney billowing white smoke = Pope threw Albo's white paper into the furnace!
Best be careful that Big Chief Gollum don't see smoke signal coming from the burning Richard White Paper and come running. Maybe he confuse Vatican with ICAO headquarters, he be very busy of late and up to eyeballs in cigar smoke and playing smoke and mirrors.
Oh my, what for a Chief to do. Too much smoke and not enough trough time.
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Bit of humour for Saturday. Link to Oleo's post by reference to cigar smoke.

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Yeah but, our 'Cardinals' are still puzzling out who will be the next ring master. There will be a faction which desperately wants an administrative type, a Beaker look a like competition winner, which is a proven abject failure – from an operational and now budgetary perspective; saved what $100,000 ? on the retrieval of wet aircraft and blundered into a Senate Inquiry, which cost just a little more.

Now CASA are presenting an "administrative" type as ring master which can only end in tears; one of the star candidates hardly knows which end of an aircraft the smoke come out of and has no aviation qualifications worth mentioning without embarrassing us all.

It's a shame when blokes who have serious qualifications and qualities are laying about idle or underemployed that the department would even consider an "admin" reptile type. Hood gone, Cook gone, Quinn a distant memory. Aye well, the Campbell's are coming Hurrah; or gods help us (tick one box).
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