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CASA medical delay

Old 16th May 2012, 10:51
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Had to get the DAME to submit details for my recent Class One twice.
Spent 1/2 an hour on the phone on one ocassion listening to a recorded message thing when trying to check on progess through the system after a months delay - so am not particularly impressed.. Got the phone bill today....
Never ever got a reply to the e-mail.

But Hey.. - am on the Aged Pension now, so have all the Time In The World.. (am glad it's only for fun now)

Read it and weep youngsters.. If you aren't prepared to stand up and be counted for a fair go, then you deserve what you will get in the future..

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Old 6th Jul 2012, 08:29
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I can't believe that after being so backwards about payment, ie FAX, post or Phone payment, they have cancelled the phone payment option now.
You can only pay for your medical if you post or fax it in.

No online payment
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Old 6th Jul 2012, 12:26
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No online payment
So post or fax or send in with your medical!

And the downside of that is...?
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Old 6th Jul 2012, 13:44
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Tonight I am angry. Six months ago I jumped through all the hoops that old guys must jump through. Prodding, poking, bleeding, running on a treadmill etc. Aced it. Paid my 75 bucks to CASA. Never saw a new medical certificate. Never received any notification that it had been denied. So...I have been and will continue flying without it, and eagerly await some pr!ck from the Government to ping me so I can challenge them. Assholes, incompetent assholes.
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Old 6th Jul 2012, 14:32
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Took a couple of weeks for CASA to update my medical details for the latest renewal.

When I phoned someone at CASA told me they are short staffed and there is a delay in data input and processing.

A polite phone call got things updated quickly.
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Old 8th Jul 2012, 11:54
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I love threads like this, yes CASA are completely and utterly useless, not only when it comes to medicals, but with everything they touch, the Errol Flynn's of Government.

Sadly, as long as the joint is a Government department, things will only get worse, so enjoy the level of service you get from there now, soon things will get much worse and you might as well get the Doctor to do your next renewal 12 months early cause thats about how long it will take to process.

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Old 9th Jul 2012, 05:32
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CASA Avmed IT system strikes again. They lost mine as well, DAME subitted ok, but CASA cant find it.

Cant do another medical, CASA wont process anything so Im stuck.

Can we take it to the AAT?
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Old 9th Jul 2012, 07:33
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Get John Maitland on the job Maitland Lawyers CollinsSt Melbourne

He is very efficient in dealing with CASA CLARC
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Old 9th Jul 2012, 07:39
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Reckon the go is to do the medical and retain a copy of the Doctor's report. I think that is your right. If CASA are going to deny reissue I think that are required under the Act (or somewhere) to advise you in writing of why they have done so. Anyway that's my argument while I continue to fly without a certificate that I paid for....
It will get interesting when I front the Doctor with no current medical to get the 60 day extension, but whose fault is that? It merely highlights a deficiency in the system.
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Old 9th Jul 2012, 07:57
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My issue is temporarily resolved, but was cause partly by CASA's inability to provide a stable IT system so that the DAME's can actually submit a medical report.

Now for the real scoop. Word is that in the medical community. Most of the GP's who hold DAME approvals are fed up with dealing with CASA. Apparently a huge proportion of medical reprts go missing, reject or what ever because of the unreliable CASA IT system, a huge proportion of DAME's around Australia intend not to renew their delegation. It costs them way too much time and lost buisiness dealing with CASA.
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Old 9th Jul 2012, 09:19
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Actually, many of the GPs in the DAME community are going to have their delegations withdrawn as they have consistently failed to meet the currency requirements to be a DAME. Many of these are the same ones who do only a few medicals a year, make the most errors requiring the medical to be returned to them for correction, and don't use the electronic submission system.

There are certainly issues in the IT system, but these predominantly relate to paper mailed to CASA which has to be then scanned into the system. This happens outside of AVMED.
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Old 9th Jul 2012, 11:20
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To what extent does ICAO require the regulator to get so directly involved in routine medical renewals?
I have no trouble getting a certificate issued on another ICAO license that I hold and this is done directly by the medical examiner, valid for six months. The regulator still gets a copy of the report, but to my knowledge does not actively assess each and every renewal. Maybe they do random checks to keep the examiners honest, but whatever, it is much less hassle. Amazingly, they don't have pilots croaking at the controls there any more than anywhere else in the world.

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Old 9th Jul 2012, 14:06
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Fact is they routinely lose Doctors reports, I had a heart issue some years ago, all reported to them, no requirements came forward, stopped flying for the required 6 months and then got a Cardiologist clearance.

Resumed flying, subsequently some 2years later in a non related medical report the issue of the Heart came up.

CASA through Dr Fitzgerald threatened me with prosecution for non reporting of the original heart issue, it went as far as CASA legal.

They backed off smartly when the original letter from my DAME informing them of the treatment was produced and made them look like prats. They lost the original letter !!!!!!

My advice keep copies of everythig when it has any interface with CLARC they are just the most innefective group in the FederalPublic Service.

Be ready to instruct counsel !!!!!
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Old 13th Jul 2012, 04:54
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CASA and the aviation medical

Having been through the medical mill myself, and having a PPL friend being hounded and thoroughly worked over by AVMED, none of your stories are surprising. But what can be said (I've been doing these medicals since 1965) is that AVMED, along with CASA in general, is more dysfunctional than ever.

The irony of it all is that there are no studies that give any credence to the notion that aviation medicals improve the safety of flight. As in my case the system might be helpful to the health of an individual, but not to safety.

Some proof of this is that we now have many years experience with RAAus where the level of medical has been that of a person able to drive a car. These pilots have not been falling out of the sky any more than your normal car or truck driver is suffering debilitating seizures and creating havoc on the roads.

I see one of the problems is that of pilot ego, we are so special that of course we have to prove ourselves as the super humans that we must be as we perform our aerial magic. Thus no question has really arisen as to the efficacy of the system in principle.

Until industry personnel engage their Federal MPs and demand that CASA be brought to book and that reforms be instigated, things will get worse.
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Old 14th Jul 2012, 09:42
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Still playing the waiting game for Class 1 renewal... What annoys me is we pay so much tax as it is, then we have to pay a government department to do its job which should take five minutes and they can't even get it right! They forget some of us have an invested interest in that bit of paper, IE putting food on the table...
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Old 26th Jul 2012, 19:31
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I was reading this thread amazed, but thinking... nah, never had a problem before, why now?
Well, they got me.
I renewed a Class 1 in May, no problem, but apparently it got lost in new on line lodgement system..... Never to be seen again! My two months has now expired and I have had to cancel all of my work. Fortunately, I am only casual and don't actually earn a living from flying. I dread to think of the consequences for some of you folks who do actually need to fly commercially to allow you to eat.

How can they get away with this? My DAME is chasing them, I am ring them daily, but all we get is something like..... 'Dont worry, we're talking to IT, we'll ring you back'. They don't of course. This has gone on for a week. What should I do? Should I start again with a different DAME or what? Now I've lost two weekends work with no sign of anyone actually being remotely concerned about either trying to find out what has gone wrong or getting the medical certificate for which I have paid to me. How do they get away with treating us this way?
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Old 27th Jul 2012, 03:02
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The DAME's receptionist will usually give you a stamp or piece of paper for a temporary two month medical certificate until the proper one arrives.

I think the CASA clerical staff are over worked and all data processing has a back log, which is also leading to over work and mistakes.

The woman at Avmed CASA was lovely and very helpful, but the suggestion of a Business Processing overhaul above has merit.

They should give DAMEs access to the Avmed system over the internet so they can update the details on the spot for an instant medical, then automatically mail the certificate.
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Old 27th Jul 2012, 05:41
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Thanks Peter
Unfortunately, I've now had my two months on the stamp so have no choice but not to fly. The good news is after my daily call today, (yet again they did not ring back as promised!) they have actually found it! Must be the power of PPRuNe!!! Just got to wait maybe another week or so for it to be processed... 10 weeks in total... not bad eh?
Would be really interesting to know the cause of this stuff-up. Then again, maybe if they read this, I'll never see it
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Old 27th Jul 2012, 07:57
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I think the CASA clerical staff are over worked and all data processing has a back log, which is also leading to over work and mistakes.
There seems to be a lot of that about.

Perhaps we should give them some more taxpayer money pete?
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Old 28th Jul 2012, 00:35
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The woman at Avmed CASA was lovely and very helpful
I think that's something worth remembering when we're dealing with such departments. The poor folks at the coalface are spending their days dealing with concerned, if not mildly irate, pilots who are being royally stuffed about. And while it certainly isn't our fault, it almost universally isn't the fault of the call centre operator, either. Pretty sure they'd rather not have to deal with this stuff, either.
And sure, you'll occasionally strike an "Expert in the Application of Corporal Punishment to (Smaller) Primates", but by and large the guys and gals on the magic tellingbone seem to be doing their best. The problem lays, methinks, somewhere higher up the chain. The rejigs suggested all have merit.
Thankfully, my medical (finally) turned up - but I'm still worried about what'll happen the next time, because it was clearly not an isolated incident.
The point is to remember: You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. Of course that's wrong too, because as we all know you'll catch more flies with .

Perhaps AOPA could take up the cause?
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