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Jetstar Cadetship (again)........

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Jetstar Cadetship (again)........

Old 23rd Jun 2010, 10:32
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Jetstar Cadetship (again)........

The previous threads have been closed down because people are clearly unable to hold themselves back from turning it into a slinging/whinging/whining/"back in my day we never would have done that" thread.

However, regardless of the opinions of many of you, there are alot of people who have applied for this cadetship and are looking for some information on it.

If your really that upset about this cadetship and what it may be doing to australian aviation then please take out your frustrations somewhere else......go kick your dog..........get drunk with likeminded whingers........whatever floats your boat...........just do us all a favour and dont do it on this thread.

Moving on.......has anybody completed the 'panel interview'????? Is it with somepeople from Jetstar, or is it with some random Grade One from OAA??

Any news from people who have done the interview for the ACP???
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Old 23rd Jun 2010, 10:55
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I dunno... if I went to a victim's support forum and started a thread about "how to get out of jail early for good behaviour" and then prattled about paying off warden's and quoting the bible to parol officers I'd expect a rather harsh reaction.

I know there are people applying who have buckets of hours in GA... but there are also kids with a big cheque book. If I was slogging my guts (and back) out in an airvan around WA waiting for that big-league break, I'd be pretty angry about the cadetship. Ts & Cs are a bit of a sore point for many people, and if you're seen to be undermining them you should think twice about where you ask the questions.

Not judging, just stating that I think the reactions are unavoidable and this thread will be closed too.
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Old 23rd Jun 2010, 11:03
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New Cadetship

I would like to offer a new cadetship, much better than the Jetstar one.
If you pass my interview I guarantee a job flying any aircraft you wish. Interview price is $500 you can have as many goes as you like. I take cash. Only....
But there is a job at the end of it, somewhere? Just come for the interview....

Actually, because you really really love flying and have always wanted to be a pilot you get the interview for $450!
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Old 23rd Jun 2010, 12:00
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Do not pay for a job its just WRONG why can,t people get this
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Old 23rd Jun 2010, 13:37
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oh for f***s sake. Let these kids and others (they may not all be kids) discuss this. I may not be a fan of these programmes but at least keep it to other threads and let the kids prepare the best they can for this opportunity!
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Old 23rd Jun 2010, 20:18
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You have your freedom due to this man...................
I didn't know that HE was involved. Am I thinking of the right person? Might have to amend my opinions...
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Old 24th Jun 2010, 04:55
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A mate of mine just sat the initial testing for the J* cadetship and it sounded like a horribly organised last minute deal (which doesn't really surprise me).

Anyway, he withdrew his app. not long after leaving the testing centre. Maybe a heads up to anyone thinking of giving it a crack, but hey, I aint telling people what they should and shouldn't do...

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Old 24th Jun 2010, 04:57
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Some free advice to anyone considering the Jetstar cadetship.

Before you commit to this modern day slavery have a good look around and ask questions of pilots already in the industry about this jetstar programme. Don't just accept what OAA and Jetstar tell you.

Take a read of this to see what CTC and OAA have done in conjunction with European LCC's like Jetstar. http://www.pprune.org/terms-endearme...n-academy.html

Don't say "it won't happen here" it has already started with this jetstar cadetship.

You might save yourself a lot of heartache.
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Old 24th Jun 2010, 05:00
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Hey guys, heard from J* today and I have my interview early July. Can anyone who's been through the process PM me of just reply so I have some idea what i'm up against. Cheers JJ
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Old 24th Jun 2010, 06:01
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Just to make some things clear:

This Jetstar cadetship does not provide the command hours required to obtain and full ATPL.

Until a junior F/O or cadet achieves the hours to hold a full ATPL they cannot receive a promotion to the position of First Officer ($37,000 base pay difference) let alone hold a command.

Jetstar is under no obligation to provide the command time to a junior F/O, nor can it be logged without the approval of the company for a training captain to supervise it.

Because there is a $37,000 pay rise involved there will be a disincentive for Jetstar to provide command time required for promotion until the supply of experienced candidates dries up.

Seniority is only a major consideration in regards to promotion to either F/O or command within Jetstar.

If you still wish to pursue this opportunity then good luck to you and I hope it goes well for you.
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Old 25th Jun 2010, 00:36
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I have heard some interesting rumours going around that OAA and CTC are trying to change the setup to remove any initial contracts with Jetstar, so they can take as many candidates as pass the initial testing and that they have the capacity to train. Jetstar will then select the FO’s they want from the eventual pool (hold file) of those that passed, based on merit, etc, and offer them positions at that stage. This would be interesting as you would have to front up with the cash and not be guaranteed a position at the end. I guess it does ensure that Jetstar get only the best candidates at the very end of the process.
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Old 25th Jun 2010, 01:35
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You do not PAY FOR A JOB its just WRONG
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Old 25th Jun 2010, 01:52
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And it undermines the existing workforce!!

Good luck finding a friend on the flight deck or some one to have a beer with on a slip...................

but hey, it's not all about that...........we fly airplanes just cos we love it

Last edited by campdoag; 25th Jun 2010 at 01:55. Reason: to add some characteristic sarcasm
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Old 25th Jun 2010, 02:08
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why do that?

If jetstar were going to just trawl through files of all the kids who graduated from OAA when they need a few cadets, why limit themselves to one school? Wouldn't they just throw the doors open to anyone with a fresh CPL? There are enough guys and girls that would pass J*'s apptitude tests floating around right now to supply the scheme for a couple of years. The only reason its with OAA is so they can advertise that you can pay for it all with fee help through swinburne Uni. The sums don't ad up if you have to shell out for a CPL yourself.

I'm desperate to crack a entry level flying job but the ACP is just too much of a financial minefield. Less pay and a big bill for my trouble.
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Old 25th Jun 2010, 02:16
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I just do not get the thinking of people will pay $ to multi mill $ companys for a job
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Old 25th Jun 2010, 02:29
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Has anyone been contacted for the Advanced cadet programme?
It seems a few have applied for the ab initio scheme but no one seems to want to admit to applying for the ACP. Not wishing to share it with your fellow aviators? Feeling guilty?

Look, what I really would like to know is how many people with the minimum have applied and been contacted. If J* only got 50 applicants with the required ticks in the box I would say that the ACP will be history. If 200 suitable people applied for it then it is here to stay.
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Old 25th Jun 2010, 03:13
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Re: White and Fluffy

I have heard the exact same information from a senior J* staff.

Good luck to all applying be sure and live with what you get out of it in the end...for some will be great...the others we will read all about it here on PPRuNe.

safe flying everybody
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Old 25th Jun 2010, 03:13
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Interesting news from the inside is that they are using the reverse recruitment method theory. This theory states that standard aptitude testing has serious inherent flaws. As the applicant is obviously aware they are being tested they are able to distort their results in a manner they feel is conducive to the companies requirements. For example, by knowing that airlines look for team players who are also willing to query or challenge the actions of their team when required, I can at the very least “drift” my answers to meet these expectations.

While the creators of these test are aware that this is human nature, and so design safe guards into them, there are acknowledged limits. In the example of this scheme, the plan is most likely dangle the “carrot” of a job in a shiny jet to potential applicants but then provide a series of obstacles. These begin with the published low pay, the poor conditions, and shaky job security. Beyond this I can only assume that there will be interviews where inappropriate questions are asked, strange conditions attached, and dubious requirements floated. If at this stage the applicant withdraws (as some have done it seems) they are offered a position with the company. The shocked applicant is then briefed on how Company X requires crew with a high level of situational analysis, hazard identification, and a general level of self preservation, and that by rejecting the offer they have clearly demonstrated these qualities. Applicants who wish to continue are given a standard “thanks but no thanks” letter.
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Old 25th Jun 2010, 03:49
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i don't believe in these cadetships, it makes kids dream and gives work to flying schools but will never make a good pilot out of anyone.

" ladies and gentlemen, this is you FO speaking, i'm 21 years old and i have 250h, the captain is in the toilet spewing his guts, we are arriving in Heathrow in an hour. There will be severe turbulence, snow storms and it is still night time "
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Old 25th Jun 2010, 04:04
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Can anyone provide a link to Jet* EBA covering these cadetships. Curious on payrates and conditions etc etc.

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