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How often are you applauded after landing?

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How often are you applauded after landing?

Old 2nd Jan 2010, 23:07
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Southern Europeans usually.... it used to happen on Olympic.

These days where I fly, people are usually too self engrossed in getting their mobile on and getting their bags out of the overhead locker and line up at a closed door waiting to get to the gate.

Kinda makes all the 'like a cat pissing on glass' landings I do just pearls before the swine'.
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Old 3rd Jan 2010, 02:21
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Nope, my passengers generally jump out at the top with the bags on their back

Maybe i'll just start applauding myself instead!
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Old 3rd Jan 2010, 02:39
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I can recall two occasions my pax applauded: one was after a OEI landing, and one a charter with Australian university students. Quite uncommon I guess but can be a rewarding feeling.
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Old 3rd Jan 2010, 03:46
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Good Landing Buzzer!!!

The trick is my fellow aerosexuals... you should brief your passengers to listen out for the 'good landing buzzer' (AKA: Stall Warning). If it beeps, the landing was 'good'. It works well in turbulent conditions... Muhahaha
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Old 3rd Jan 2010, 03:58
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That's unless some buggers stuck a stick innut to stop that bloody squeeling noise
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Old 3rd Jan 2010, 05:43
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I have seen it in Australia, but not on ''normal'' flights, only on an ''inaugural'' flight of a new Airline and/or new Aircraft type.
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Old 3rd Jan 2010, 05:48
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I usually get the clap after the flight is over....in the motel room...
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Old 3rd Jan 2010, 12:12
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Had major applause on two occasions.Once after a reasonably crappy landing in a turbo prop ( WTF ) and once after a diversion due to an engine failure on a jet ( major cheering on that occasion ).
The most memorable was the CM's Pa on arrival after a particularly horrible touch down ( by the bloke next to me )
" Ladies and gentleman please remain seated till the seat belt sign has been switched off,thats if anybody can walk after that landing ! If your mobile phone is in reach you may switch it on and call your chiropractor to make an appointment etc etc ........"
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Old 3rd Jan 2010, 21:57
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Every. Single. Time.

Nah, seriously only twice in 12 months, though as I get more and more time on type positive comments are becoming a little more frequent. Getting to the point now where I'm pretty happy with the majority of my landings (who cares what the punters in the back think, ultimately, they expect you to float like a rubber ducky and grease it on even with twenty knots of gusting crosswind and a TS directly overhead ).
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Old 3rd Jan 2010, 22:23
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Clapping is mandatory:

This so stated on our briefing cards, and the cabin crew are instructed to so notice any passengers that refuse or just do not clap upon landing.

Our airline in fact thinks this clapping to be so important to the mental well being of, and boosts the confidence levels of the flight crews.

All passengers that do not clap are first deprived of all their monetary and valuable items,(these are distributed 60% Capt,30% F/o,10% divided by the cabin crew) then evicted from the tube, and walked around the front and feed into the #2 engine.

This practice is under company review at the present time as the cleaning costs of all the red stuff sprayed over the outside of the tube is becoming cost prohibitive, as is the cost of engine replacement.

The pilot fraternity is upset with this proposed policy becoming redundant, that we do indeed fear for our jobs, as we made more from this perk than we indeed do from our salary.

( Any one we walk away from is a good one)

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Old 4th Jan 2010, 00:26
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Old 5th Jan 2010, 08:36
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Ive only ever had, " eh Pilot that puckin good landing eh'!
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Old 5th Jan 2010, 10:46
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2004 flying into Denpasar, Bali in perfect weather, perfect conditions... perfect approach on the old Air Paradise... whole plane went into a clapping frenzy... no clue why
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Old 5th Jan 2010, 10:51
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MIL decided she wanted a flight in the Jab for her birthday, bit of a shock since she was against light aircraft since an interesting Beaver departure from New Britain 50 years ago.

She applauded on landing as she had lost her voice on the flight and couldn't talk for 3 days - FIL wants me to take her again.
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Old 9th Jan 2010, 08:45
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Usually after something scares the bejesus out of them and I kiss it on. So if my ego needs a bit of tucker then about half way through the descent I shake the shit out of the yoke, feather an engine, push lots and lots of irrelevent switches and buttons then get everything back together for the landing.

I'll only do this if I can be assured that I'll be able to conduct a greaser landing.


Seriously, twice... but that was my parents so it doesn't really count.
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Old 9th Jan 2010, 09:14
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How about before departure?

Virgin flight (back when entertaining pre and post flight announcements were standard) and pax was running late. Entire flight was primed to clap with a big "WELCOME ON BOARD, STEVE!".
Didn't he look sheepish!
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Old 9th Jan 2010, 11:04
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Italian pax more often than not unless you bury it in
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Old 9th Jan 2010, 12:56
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Being on a GFPT I gave myself a round of applause when I didn't flip the fully loaded C172 during my first encounter with a real cross wind.
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Old 9th Jan 2010, 13:00
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Not enough!!

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Old 31st Aug 2012, 14:55
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Know it's an old dredge up, but was on a Virgin flight to Perth a short while back and one pax started clapping after landing.
Not a rough flight, average landing...

Didn't that effort die a painful death....
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