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Merged: Pel-Air Westwind Ditching off NLK

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Merged: Pel-Air Westwind Ditching off NLK

Old 25th Nov 2009, 05:57
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No, I don't recall that the Unicom fellow is an accredited Met observer, but, nor does he need to be as there is a fully staffed Met office on the airfield at NLK.

When I operated there on a regular and reasonably recent basis, the information provided by Unicom when the weather turned to crap was of a very high standard and of great use in making decisions. In these circumstances it was not uncommon for NLK to deploy observers onto each threshold to give immediate and accurate appraisals of the actual weather to support that info being given via Unicom from the Met office which, incidentally, has a radar facility to to facilitate their information. I would be extremely surprised if it was any different last Wednesday evening.

In the case of NLK, Unicom is manned for every arrival so, whilst your suggestions as to a safety initiative are appropriate, they nevertheless occur anyway on NLK irrespective of any legislative requirement etc.
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Old 25th Nov 2009, 06:19
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prospector, GADRIVR admits to 2100, MECIR, 100 ME, cabin class twin time and been in the business for not quite 5 years. Tut, tut, you should know better than argue with one of your betters who fields such vast experience. You know he did say "Leave the postulating in a public forum to the real experts. You know, people who do this day in and day out on a professional basis." I'll interpret for you (free service), he means him.

Whats your beverage prospector, my buy.

Mods, I think Captain Sand Dune has the right idea, lock it.
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Old 25th Nov 2009, 06:36
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Old 25th Nov 2009, 06:51
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It's funny you know. I talked to a few of the pilots I am close to about this site. They laughed as well as a few other things I can't say. This thread has sunk further than a certain little jet we all know. Absolute gold. What little industry respect this place has is lost with each new post. Gold
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Old 25th Nov 2009, 06:57
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Er...acementhead, I did not intend to infer plagerism at all, rather help you couch the sentence in a way that you need not use aerobatterededed

Btw, ZK- BCO I think may have ended its days stuck in a gorse hedge in Ohaupo?
Ran out of petrol on the ferry home after an aerobatic session in Te Kuiti Shearer type chap at the controls but unhurt, Graham Swanson? Subsequently killed in a Rural C180. Prospector would possibly remember
Got PA18-90 BTQ and BQS in me book, who owned the PA18-150's?
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Old 25th Nov 2009, 07:08
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