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Rex 834 crew - Nice work

Old 26th Nov 2008, 11:21
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Thumbs up Rex 834 crew - Nice work

A huge thumbs up to the crew of Rex 834 today for going well out of their way to help a VFR pilot avoid becoming an accident statistic. If they don't read this themselves, hopefully someone in Rex could pass it on.

When I came on to their frequency they were in the process of guiding a lost VFR aeroplane to a landing at Mudgee. They had descended to 6000ft and were visually shepherding the lost pilot who sounded very inexperienced and was concerned about his fuel status.

The Rex crew hung around to make sure no other traffic on the CTAF would be in his way and once he landed safely, they continued on their way to Dubbo.

Definitely some of the best airmanship I've ever seen - the plain english and relaxed voice of the Rex pilot would have been very comforting. Thanks to their efforts, the lost pilot will be able to look back and say I learnt about flying that day.

I presume it was a solo student. Hopefully the instructor who authorised the flight learnt about flying today too. Can't help but think the student was setup for a disaster being sent across the ranges in marginal weather that existed pretty mcuh as per the forecast, clearly without the required knowledge to make safe decisions.

Anyway, again - nice one fellas
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 11:52
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Good work guys!
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 13:40
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A fair while ago whilst doing first nav solo I got lost. An Eastern's plane and a helpful fella in Brisvegas got me down safely. No worries getting back. But those reassuring voices from the controller and the easterns bloke did wonders.
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Old 29th Nov 2008, 23:24
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I find that quite inspiring for them to do that!

Definately one of the highest forms of airmanship.

Well done Rex!
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Old 30th Nov 2008, 07:25
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Do you know why?...Because they are real pilots learnt to fly the hard way like most of us did the old fashioned way. No mommy and daddy sponsored scholarships or bullshit excuses just the plain old pay your own way become a pilot, work hard for it, Aussie mentality . This is what shines through when someone is in trouble. The Aussie comradship.... Well done boys/girls!... Keep it up!... I am proud of you!

I love this country!
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Old 30th Nov 2008, 08:02
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SMS777 for post of the year!!

2 days of my wages pay for an hour doing circuits in a 152, talk about doing it the HARD way!
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Old 30th Nov 2008, 08:51
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Gotta agree with JetA_OK, what a load of Rubbish. But good on the Rex crew... Rex also have cadets now.....
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Old 30th Nov 2008, 10:47
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MelbPilot85, god it would just make my day if one of those pilots WAS a cadet!

It would have to be the biggest shootdown in PPRuNe history for sms777.

Go on somebody please, please tell us one of those pilots was a cadet!
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Old 30th Nov 2008, 11:45
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Sorry to burst your bubble but the cadets aren't online yet so it wasnt one of them...
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Old 30th Nov 2008, 20:19
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Rex have had 1 cadet in there for over a year now
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Old 30th Nov 2008, 20:46
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Cadet or not, it was a stupid post and all this crap is taking away from the initial topic on how the big boys helped out one of the little guy who ran into a bit of trouble.

Professional piloting without any fuss and a safe and happy ending. Hopefully the rest of us would do the same given the chance (be the one to help that is).
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Old 30th Nov 2008, 20:57
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Rex have had 1 cadet in there for over a year now
no.... they have had a chap who joined with a bare CPL/MECIR and about 200hours for a year now. he was NOT a cadet.

Nice work by the REX crew though...
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Old 30th Nov 2008, 21:58
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Take it whichever way you like guys but once again i would like to congratulate the Rex crew for their outstanding airmanship. You do not learn that in the class room, it comes with experience gained the old fashioned way.
I happened to know a lot of guys work or worked for Rex, and every one of them worked hard and paid their own way to get to where they are now.
It is their professionalism that makes Rex such a successful operation it is today.
Once again... Well done, keep up the good work!
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Old 1st Dec 2008, 00:15
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What honestly is very disspointing is the fact that someone makes a post to commend crew on their airmanship and care for someone in serious trouble, yet someone just had to turn it into an argument and take away the actual meaning of the thread. Who gives a rats ass whether or not they were Qantas cadets or Commercial pilots out in the Kimberleys?.. it still had the same result and they still got someone who was in a bad situation back on the ground.
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Old 1st Dec 2008, 02:18
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To "Muffman' et al.....

And its very nice to hear!

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Old 1st Dec 2008, 02:43
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Ah come on you guys, "SMS" post although may have been a little tough he's entitiled to his own opinion in here, maybe some in here ought to pull their throttle back a bit & slow down There's been a few in here saying as much about 'working hard' etc before in other threads so it ain't just the likes of 'SMS' who has struck a nerve.
The Rex response to the event was was handled for sure no ones denying that but perhaps just perhaps might not have been done so with a 'lesser' experienced crew, maybe that's what 'SMS' was trying to say, no more no less. I don't think ANY crew wouldn't try to save the day but how is perhaps the debatable bit.

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Old 1st Dec 2008, 09:38
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A message from the chairman LKH

"orgh piwot why wou go so far out of way, you cost me lots of moneeey. extwa twenty minutes fwuel"
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Old 1st Dec 2008, 22:14
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What was the rego of the lost aircraft?
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