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Nav Bags.... What do you keep in yours ???

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Nav Bags.... What do you keep in yours ???

Old 28th Sep 2008, 07:27
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wotsa nav bag?
I got a whiteboard marker for writing notes on the window, and a pen for writing notes on my hand (I actually dispensed of these recently when I realized I wasn't fooling anyone. they all know I can't write). there's always a map under a seat or in a seat back. Pax bring their own chundersac. I got an ASIC for slipping under the gate latch at Darwin. I can't afford muesli bars, and the 50c 2 minute noodle taste like crap without chili sauce.
Don't carry water....... its gotta come out again eventually.
Aah, nav bags just encourage you to carry crap you don't really require.
You mob are just over equipt.
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Old 28th Sep 2008, 08:18
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Man Bilong Balus long PNG
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Back in PNG the Nav bag had a few extra 'goodies' in it other than the required documents. We also carried two separate containers about 12'' square by 3'' deep which had Emergency rations, water and a first aid kit. The other container had flares, parachute and smoke.

My Nav bag's extras were

Maglite torch
Spare batteries
Smokes and a spare lighter
Smith and Wesson Mod.41 Pistol
Box of 50 rounds for the above
Barley sugars or similar
A sharp knife
Electronic calculator
Couple of spare pens

Can't remember what else but there probably were a few more things.
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Old 28th Sep 2008, 08:20
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Lotsa stuff mentioned thats not in my bag but some not mentioned that is in mine:
- USB flash drive full of useful stuff
- 406 MHz EPIRB
- NextG phone with links to weather & NOTAMS saved
- AOPA airfield directory (with pic of me on the cover)
With the tie-down kit and mixture lock there's a small toolbox with spare inspection panels, 100 mph tape, common hardware and a small selection of tools. If I'm really serious about going somewhere there's a spare tailwheel tyre and tube in there too.
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Old 28th Sep 2008, 08:32
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Has changed with every job I've had, but currently:
Sony PDA
Mini Maglight
Small note pad
Wallet with currency of whatever country we are going to...left over from previous trip's allowances.
Several pens...all free from hotels etc
One Sharpie marker
Small digi camera
Sanicom wipes
Wet and Dry CRT/LCD screen wipes
Mouldable foam earplugs
Sennheiser Noise reducing headphones and i-pod shuffle
2 School type exercise books with type rating notes and line training/flying notes
World Atlas
Current and previous roster
Crew rest bag (toothbrush and mini paste, panadol, lip balme, eyeshade, sleeping t-shirt etc)
Small laptop (13in)
Company manual suite on CD
Folder with licence and passport

In general, the further you go along in your career, the less stuff you tend to carry.....possibly because you get sick of carrying a bunch of stuff you never use. I flew with a long haul Captain the other day who carried nothing but a small sized paper shopping bag....legend!
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Old 28th Sep 2008, 11:49
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Puff, feels like it if I have a long trek to the gate (and checked in the luggage case)
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Old 28th Sep 2008, 22:46
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Nav Bag contents

1. Tube of Vas - handy for the daily reeming handed out from company to pilots.
2. Laptop - for surfing internet porn on layovers, between reemings from company.
3. Condoms - Now removed from nav bag as overworked and underpaid airline pilots don't get layed anymore.

Just the bare essentials.
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Old 28th Sep 2008, 23:17
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-Folder with commonly used plates
-baseball cap for into sun sectors
-passport & licence
-A5 plastic sheet type folder with useful stuff like alternate minimas, company phone numbers etc, ....don't think I've used it in last 12 months.
-one sick bag
-2 pens
-glasses (for eyes....not drinking) x 3
- coins for coffee
-small calculator
- two neurofen tablets just in case.
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 00:38
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Pilot Atlas.

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Old 29th Sep 2008, 02:01
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What is a pilot atlas?
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 02:01
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NAV Bag:
Local charts
Change of clothes
Mask & Snorkel
Warm Jacket

On me:
Personal life jacket
Personal 406 EPIRB
Leatherman wave
LED torch

In door pocket:
Next G phone with local radar page bookmarked

If I've got spare time away from base and the inclination:
Notebook Computer
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 03:55
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Pilots Atlas

Cjam, have a look at either “www.PilotsAtlas.com” or “www.absolutezero.de”. It is called The Pilots’ Free Flight Atlas, the best general atlas for pilots operating in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Indian Sub Continent etc. Lots of useful info and used daily by many pilots.

It is one of those products that really is designed by pilots for pilots and no, I don't work for them.

There is a similar one for North America but haven’t seen one that goes as far south as Australia yet.
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 04:52
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cheers mate, never heard of it before
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 07:31
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The Pilot's Atlas:

Kind of like the Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy... only a bit more domestic.

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