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Mr Cat 27th Sep 2008 10:26

Nav Bags.... What do you keep in yours ???
Hi All,

Interested in finding out all the different things people use and put in their nav bags for day to day operations...............

ForkTailedDrKiller 27th Sep 2008 10:50

1) Jepps
3) Licence
4) Icom VHF handheld transceiver
5) 406 MHz PLB with GPS (Oh sh*t - that's #5)
6) Garmin Pilot III GPS (just in case the other 3 (or is that 4?) shit themselves)
7) Leatherman
8) Wiz wheel (nostalgia only - don't remember how to use it)
9) Proctactor and ruler
10) Spare data card for G430
11) Mini LED torch
12) Ear plugs and Quells for pax
13) Biros
14) Spare AA batteries for DC X11
15) Change for drink machines etc

Dr :8

sms777 27th Sep 2008 10:53

Well... Uhmmm... I could write a list here but if the missus read it she would divorce me for sure... so i just keep it my secret. :oh:

sms777 27th Sep 2008 11:06

Forgot the Carnet cards

( unles the Bonza flies on air ) :E

gadude 27th Sep 2008 11:10

In the bag, spare batteries for mp3 player.spare mp3 player, spare gps. 2 bottles, 1 full off water to drink, one empty...
asic card. 2 muslie bars for breakfast.
and thats about it.
ersa lives on the floor off the plane somewere...

ForkTailedDrKiller 27th Sep 2008 11:20

777 - carnets live in my wallet!

Dr :8

AussieNick 27th Sep 2008 11:27

ersa, ercs, wacs, vtcs, vncs, aip, wizz wheel, protractor, ruler, gps, batteries for gps, leatherman, asic, carnet cards, crap loads of pens and pencils, water, LED torch.

probably more, but i've just got back from a 5 day outback trip and am too stuffed to think at the moment

sms777 27th Sep 2008 11:28

O.K. Mine stays in my flight bag... it gets uncomfortable sitting on it with all that money in it...:E:E:E

Lasiorhinus 27th Sep 2008 12:09

Did anyone save a copy of the old thread on precisely this subject, back before Ye Olde Server Crash?

My nav bag contains:

DAP East
half a dozen WACs, mostly for Western Australia, but my local one as well.
A torch
Three museli bars
A fuel drain thingy that I'm reasonably sure isnt mine... and i have no idea where mine went.
A tub of Vicks Vaporub - useful for certain passengers
A clipboard with a double Terry-clip

And recently inspired by PPRuNe - a couple of those little sticks that glow in the dark when you break them.

redsnail 27th Sep 2008 13:04

Sennheiser headset with spare batteries.
Name plate.
Packet cappucinos
Lem sips.
Variety of bandaids and pain killers.
Pens and high lighters.
2 passports.
Torch (little maglite)
Head torch (Tikka plus)
Mini maglite on the aeroplane key chain.
Foam ear plugs.
Hi viz.
Chargers for macbook and blackberry if airlining.
Pilot Atlas.
A couple of magazines (of a selection from "Trail, Bike, Ride, Marie Claire etc)
Emergency white pilot shirt, t-shirt, undies and socks.
Liquids such as blockout, hand cream, lip balm, deodorant.
Entry cards for Morocco
Various handling agent cards
Priority Pass guide book.
Spare room key.
breath dam for rescusitating folks.
Various name tags and other such identifiers.
If not airlining, bottle of water.
33cl thermos flask. (new thing, it's great!)
Top tip book
Sticky things for marking where I am on the Hi charts.
Spare specs
Fruit bar.
Camera (Canon Ixus 40)

blueloo 27th Sep 2008 13:17

Is that the samsonite oyster Nav bag redsnail ? :}

FRQ Charlie Bravo 27th Sep 2008 14:18

Absolute minimum gear lives in my headset bag:
  • Headset
  • Licence/Medical
  • Local WAC/ERC
  • Tissues (spontaneous nosebleed sufferer)
  • Pencil
  • SicSac
  • Fuel Tester
  • one of those double adapter 90 degree screwdrivers
  • Extra torch
  • ear plugs for pax
In the Nav Bag is the rest of stuff I want on most flights:
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Frequently used Charts
  • small folder of nearby aerodromes' approach plates
  • CR2 (I use it often, mostly just for doing fractions)
  • Spare change (all denominations)
  • Spare torch (piece of paper between battery and coil stops accidental draining of power)
  • Spare batteries for torches (best that all torches and maybe GPS use same battery size)
  • Business cards (company and my own)
  • mini-cd with important documents (doubles as extra signal mirror)
  • more ear plugs for pax
  • more SicSacs
  • backup GPS with power cable (not external antenna, this is for backup so no big deal putting it on top of the panel)
  • Face shield for CPR (actually on my keyring but I wouldn't fly pax without it)
  • my own mini survival kit:
    • 1 emerg poncho
    • rubber bands
    • several bandages
    • twine
    • fishing line
    • 4 Panedol
    • 2 hose clamps (each coiled around a 5 cent coin to use as the screwdriver, able to be joined together to make a larger clamp)
    • tinder for fire (dryer lint and wooden matches with heads broken off, heads not allowed - refer to carriage of Dangerous Goods)
    • tiny signal mirror
    • 2 sachets freeze dried coffee (not decaf, that'd be silly)
    • 2 sachets salt
    • 2 sachets sugar
    • 1 non-lubricated condom (not for the ladies, for keeping caught water hence the lack of lubricant)
    • 40 cm of duct tape (rolled onto itself)
    • 12/24 Volt cigarette lighter (not found in most aircraft these days, at $2 and about 30 grams why not have them in the aircraft's surv kit?)
    • plastic zip ties (good for when Cessna windows pop open in flight)
I also try to hide a can of soup (Mmmm, cheap and dirty Coles Mexican Beans) in most of the aeroplanes I fly. This often comes in very handy.

Lastly, and I'm quite proud of this one, I keep some safety matches tucked into that little bit of padding on my headset. Safety matches are not prohibited under the DG regs if they are carried on one's person. I can't put them in my nav bag or the aeroplanes survival kit and I don't smoke so I wouldn't remember to put them in my pocket. Also, I couldn't find any waterprrof ones but read online about simply dipping them into melted candle wax to cover them from top to bottom. To use just rub the wax off the head.


FRQ Charlie Bravo 27th Sep 2008 15:33

Hey, What happened to Puff's post.

Anyway, Yeah, I get that MacGuyver thing quite bit. I really need a life (other than the exciting and enviable life I lead here on PPRuNe every friggin' Friday and Saturday night).

Ha, that reminds me of this great Ari Gold quote (stop me if you've heard this one before):

Lloyd, pack up all my files. Pile everything you see into a box. Everything! You see a used condom, an executioner's mask, and a goddamn spiked paddle... don't think, just pack that bitch. Chop suey!
FRQ CB:ok:

The Wawa Zone 27th Sep 2008 16:40

Its been a while, but when I actually had a nav bag....

1. A few instrument dial covers made out of Milo tin lids and fridge door suction caps, to cover up dead AH etc. (Cheaper than the $20 ones from Pilot Ripoff Shop.)
2. Tube of Coffee Milk, to stay awake with when you're getting a head start on tomorrow's F & D sheet; just don't suck all of it in one night or you'll be set for a 48 hour rave party.
3. Shitloads of water
4. Couple of cans of John West fish, and tinned fruit; just keep the stuff away from the dogs. Use your ASIC card for a spoon.
5. Fencing pliers; the airport fence wire is your Aeromil parts counter on a stick....
6. Plug socket / 5/8" 7/8" spanners and plug cleaning gear; yeah and don't lend it out to someone....
7. DIY survival kit, with ELT, pen flares, mirror (and a lot more).
8. DIY med kit including a bottle of Betadine and some squeeze bottles of Chlorhexadine (kills everything so don't get it in your eyes).
9. Double looped 1/4" cable ties; one day you will have to tie someone up.
10. Camera, otherwise they'll never believe you.
11. Spare sunnies.
12. Empty condom wrapper to carry your paycheck. :ugh:

redsnail 27th Sep 2008 19:26

It's a bit of a tardis but I do use most of that stuff.

Although, haven't used the Moroccan entry cards for a while. :ok:

apache 27th Sep 2008 20:48

copy of the current EBA
copy of scheduling rules
claim forms
spare pens to fill in claim forms
breath mints for when hostie appears
laptop ... to keep track of my claims
various currencies
mobile phone x 3

and somewhere I think there may be a licence and medical... not sure though. I know it is SOMEWHERE

BPH63 27th Sep 2008 20:59

a pair of cheapo Bunnings leather gloves - in case of cockpit fire - and some big zip lock bags to chunder into :8

puff 27th Sep 2008 23:49

Sorry FRQ, feel beers and I think I hit the delete button trying to change it !

But seriously good post though because a lot of things there are a bit of comedy but some good ideas as well though.

Though I do find it hard to imagine the size of some of these flight bags though, redsnails must be the size of a foot locker :P

compressor stall 28th Sep 2008 01:25

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Lenses
  • Beanie
  • Sunglasses
  • Goggles
  • Boot chains
  • Balaclava
  • Spare gloves
  • Down jacket
  • Lunch box
  • thermos
  • Silk inner sleeping bag liner
  • Sunscreen

All the flying stuff (licence, pens etc) gets left in the aircraft. :8

Towering Q 28th Sep 2008 01:49

You forgot Penguin Snacks!!:eek:

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