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Airline now hiring - CPLs

Old 5th Jun 2005, 03:28
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Airline now hiring - CPLs

Guys and gals ( with low time )

I heard from a source that MAS is going to the Philippines to hire pilots on the 7-9 of June ( I think) as they have shortages in Malaysia. Requirement I heard is only a CPL / IR.... not even sure if it's multi they require but most likely a single IR.

They are hiring for Twotters to 737 placements. Contact the MAS office in Manila for details if interested.

This is a walk-in interview. Just get your sh*t together and blast down to the office.

Unfortunately I have no info on pay details and what posting you would get. Maybe Saba, who knows....... but I guess flying a turbine as a first job won't be too bad compared to flying a single in the outback.

New CPL's ---- go for it. Would be good if you get the 737 seat.

Ring them tommorrow ( 2 hours behind us ) to get info and pack your bags.

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Old 5th Jun 2005, 05:29
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G'day Delta Six, thanks for posting the info. Although im not at a CPL/IR level just yet, it just goes to show what potential opportunities there are out there for newbie CPL's. Keep it coming.

Trav 737-400

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Old 5th Jun 2005, 08:19
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Just looked at the Ryanair website, seems like their requirements are pretty low too.

Minimun Criteria

Regardless of your rating or experience you must meet the following minimum criteria

* JAR FCL Licence
* A minimum of 200 hours total fixed-wing time
* Minimum of 100 hours as Pic
* MCC Course completed
* Multi-engine Instrument Rating
Any idea if the requirements are easy to get or not?
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Old 5th Jun 2005, 08:42
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Any idea if the requirements are easy to get or not?
"JAR FCL Licence"

Umm, I think you'll find that requirement is the tough one for an Australian (unless you have some pommie heritage), the others are all a piece of p1ss, relatively speaking.

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Old 5th Jun 2005, 08:46
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Onya DeltaSix for the community spirit.
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Old 5th Jun 2005, 08:46
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Are you serious Delta 6 - why would they be that desperate!
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Old 5th Jun 2005, 08:49
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Thanks for the reply TL

Thought the requirements were a bit good to be true
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Old 5th Jun 2005, 09:08
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Mr Garisson,

I don't exactly know why this has happened but I have been looking at the Far East forums as I was about to go for a job in Asia and apparently there has been turbulence in Malaysian Airlines in terms of hiring of pilots and retainings. I can't pinpoint exactly the actual reason. This ( the hiring ) was confirmed to me by someone from an airline in the Philippines who I met here in Sydney.

This trouble inside MAS has been brewing for awhile.

My only advise to CPLs going for it is, dont worry too much about the money, posting and what aircraft they are given ( if accepted ) as this is a chance for your foot to get in the door.

As I said, I don't have the telephone number but you can contact the MAS office here in Sydney or your major cities as I'm sure they would have the telephone number for their Manila office.

From what I've heard, they didn't bother taking Oz into consideration in coming here as they cannot compete with the salaries of second officers in QF. But then again, they are not after 1500 TT. Would be good if you have but they said sub-500.

Good luck to all. I hope i was able to bring hope to those who are hoping.

If we ( new CPLs ) go overseas to fly and leave Oz, this MIGHT tip the balance in favour of our pilots here therefore can maintain and negotiate their salary and conditions on training with the airline to their satisfaction.
Not the airline dictating their conditions.
I have another airline about to hire sub-250 hour CPLs into turbine seats but you will have to standby for this one. It's not out yet but you must be prepared to leave your nest.


Condesation - that Ryanair as well is self-funded.
So, you would have to fork out the 737 endorsement.
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Old 5th Jun 2005, 11:40
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TL's right about the UK heritage.

Even if you have that, it's still a good $AU30K just to convert the Australian version of your licence to the JAR. Plus the self funded endorsement and you might as well pay yourself half way to the 500 ME CMD you need for regionals here.
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Old 6th Jun 2005, 07:48
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Just so i know ...

Are you saying

1) MAS are hiring low time (under 500TT) CPL's


2) accepting Foreigners, ie, Australian nationals with Australian CPL's

Is there any requirement to have the right to live or work or be born in Malaysia or any asian countries or anything similar?

Any other info?
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Old 6th Jun 2005, 08:33
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I think the real shortage is of Captains not FO's - if you look around some of the chatter on the Far East forum you'll get the impression pretty quickly that there's plenty of Malaysian citizen low time CPL/IRs who are pretty bloody keen to work for MAS but can't get a look in. Just because they've got minimums of CPL/IR doesn't mean jack - I mean those are also the minimum requirements for Qantas too aren't they?

Not really sure but I suspect it just can't be that easy ... they were advertising in Flight a couple of months back as I recall ... I know of at least one turboprop captain with around 4000 hours from around work here, and two FOs both with over 1000, all of who applied and and all got the big PFO a few weeks later
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Old 6th Jun 2005, 09:20
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PCFlyer - that is a yes to both questions. They are actually going to the Philippines - Filipinos to them are foreigners. As I said previously, they didn't think of coming here as they are thinking about the salary cost compared to QF. As far as what I've heard they are hiring from Captains down to Second Officers. If you are not satisfied with this, ring MAS themselves in Manila. It will only cost you a phone call if you doubt this.

No harm in trying. The hiring starts tommorrow.

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Old 7th Jun 2005, 02:43
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agreed, onya D6 for sharing the opp.

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Old 8th Jun 2005, 00:50
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I remember seeing some time ago that they were looking for twotter and other pilots.

Maybe try emailing their HR department at: [email protected] if you are interested.

Good luck
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Old 9th Jun 2005, 01:40
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this is crap.

i just wasted just under 40 mins only to be fckued around by the people in Manilla and wasted probly alot of money doing it. i found them to be very unprofessional about it all and i WOULD SUGGEST TO ANYONE ALSE THAT YOU DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONAY. All thay wanted to do was palm me off from one to the other, in the end I ended up hanging up which was around 40 mins later.

Sounded to good to be true anyway!

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Old 9th Jun 2005, 02:35
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Eva and China Airlines will employ expat F/Os without jet time on 744, MD11, A330, A340, I think about US$60 bond. Living in TPE is the BIG downside.
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Old 9th Jun 2005, 03:04
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what's the min req's? Any idea what the pay is like?


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Old 9th Jun 2005, 04:30
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Dont know then mins per say, just hear they are taking metro and twin otter guys. Seen a requirement of ICAO ATPL/1500 hrs total on PARCs website.

Think about US$11k per month, apparently about 10% tax.

Guys I have talked to had a number of concerns working there, and upgrade from FO to Capt requires something like 500 LANDINGS, with 14 hr sectors, heavy crews you would be lucky to get 2 a month. Locals can do short haul stuff so it advantages them. Can have local capts with 3-4000 hrs total.

Expect to go where the Wx is poor, locals will do the Oz trips.

I have not worked for them, just talked to guys that have left, so the story I am getting is from ex-employees, take that into account, do your own research. I have been to TPE a number of times, it takes a visit to appreciate the place, I dont like the smog, but thats me.

On the plus side understand China Airlines lets the guys travel back to Oz business on the gen dec, so they come in as crew which saves $$$ and good for the tax man as your "operating crew" not a pax.

Type ratings obtained in China Airlines and Eva are not recognised most places as they are not ICAO.

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Tin watches..........
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unfortunately, for EVA you require ideally 500hrs jet time >50 seats. China, well it is possible to get in there with just a bare ATPL if your lucky. Even then, why would you go there without the Type Rating? 11K a month for Captain is about right, including allowances. For F/0 expect to clear just over $4000 US a month including allowances.
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