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I started instructing with Sunair here in Fiji with another guy two months ago. We are both from Melbourne and building our first 1000 hours. The domestic carriers (Sunair and Air Fiji) here only employ local pilots and the international carrier Air Pac usually only take type rated pilots from over seas. The only real chance is instructing as there are no local instructors so they bring guys out from NZ/OZ every year. We are here at Nadi for a year and should log at least 900 hours (no duty time limitations for instructors over here!) Conditions and pay are more than enough as expats are on a higher salary than the locals. Its not fantastic but its cheap to live here and you do it more for the aviation experience anyway.

Pilot RV8
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Good to here champ. Instructing, me thinks that's for monkey's but everyone to there own i suppose. Credit must be given for getting off you arse (unlike other oz instructors) and moving to fiji.
Hope all goes well, remember one thing, if as time goes by you feel yourself leaning towards the dark side of humanity, slam your d..k in a door or go have a good pull; usually that'll suffice the urge. The last thing you need once you've reached a 1000 is a fuzzywussy and baggage to bring home to OZ. Play it safe and have fun.
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rv8...check your pm's

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Will AIr PAcific take non type rated pilots if they were born in Fiji ?

Not neccessarily with fuzzy hair ?
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Check your PM's
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Hi PilotRv....

I am assuming that you are working for Pacific Flying School and not for W.H's school? I used to work as a FI for PFS about 2 years ago. I was pretty dissapointed at the opportunaties available with sunair at the time......none in other words! Im currently in Germany and about to finish a cadetship with LH (yes I started my training again from scratch!). When I started things were looking good for a TR immediately after I graduate, unfortunately now I am number 460 on the waiting list! (approx 2 years?) The positive side of this is that I can look for a job in this period which I will enjoy, like the awesome one I had in Fiji, without having to stress about building multi time.
Do you forsee any positions opening up with PFS in the future? is it worth coming for a visit end of the year?)
I still have relatively few hours, about 1600 mostly single....



PS. is Vu still working with PFS, I havnt heard from him in a while.
(or is that you!!? hehe)
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Air Wakaya is advertising in the papers here at the moment for Capts/FO's. PM for details if anyone is interested.
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there's another gig being advertised in the local rag here at the moment

bongo pilots
500 PIC on type

PM me if you got the goods and wanna know more

Rocksteady, you're PM box is full

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Hey Troppo...

Sorry bout the very late reply.....Thanks for the info, unfortunately I dont have the 500hrs on type I have 5 hours so im well on my way though hehe

I am working in the UK at the moment, have the option of working euro summers only (April to October), in a dream world I would work 6 months a year in Fiji...crazy idea eh. Between Jan and Mar I will be in Fiji for a holiday and to poke my nose around while im there. Maybe Ill cya round? Are you in Suva or Nadi?

Talk to you soon!

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check your pm again...Troppo.
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Hey troppo check your pm's
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So did Troppo check their PMs or not this is a real nailbiter.........
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Is rocksteadys mailbox still full?
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I hope the mailbox is clear
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