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North America Still the busiest region for commercial aviation.

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Old 27th Dec 2017, 23:21   #21 (permalink)
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I'm afraid that 24h after the fact this story still doesn't make any sense...

How did he end up on the wrong flight? Headcount, anyone?
How did they spot the issue 4 hours into the flight?
Why did they turn back?

This is really a weird one...
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Old 28th Dec 2017, 00:44   #22 (permalink)
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The brothers had 'similar' names but apparently not identical names and were both heading to Tokyo but on different airlines. I'll guess the brother in question was booked on UA32 which is scheduled to depart about an hour earlier.

Maybe a simple explanation but from a security perspective, if he had luggage on UA32 which was already in the air I would have expected that aircraft to divert as well. Either way you're correct - very strange and something doesn't quite add up.

Maybe he just didn't want to fly UAL - they've had a tough year

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Old 28th Dec 2017, 05:51   #23 (permalink)
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Headcount? On a widebody? not these days.

Most airlines have the barcode scanners to do that job, in 13 years I only ever did a headcount on planes under 50 pax, when remote boarding or when there were unaccounted for pax and the numbers didn't add up.

On a widebody, at a modern airport jetbridge with barcode ticket scanners, the responsibility is on the gate staff to match the count.

The crew at the door do check tickets yes, but with the way pax rush on like stampeding cattle and snatching the stub away barking their seat number, you're lucky to get a proper look. Personally I used to get a hold of the boarding pass and not let go til I could properly check it, but not all crew are that assertive. There could also be cultural issues or inexperienced crew in the equation too.
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Old 28th Dec 2017, 07:03   #24 (permalink)
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Maybe the two guys weren't "Bad Boys", but it just proves that the real "Bad Boys" can do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it, meanwhile we "honest injuns" have to put up with all the so-called "security" nonsense that makes flying such a drag these days.
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Old 28th Dec 2017, 07:16   #25 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Phalconphixer View Post
Damn good job Chrissie Teigen (who?) was on the flight or the whole stupid non-event might have passed off unnoticed...
After ANA had bribed the other 200+ passengers not to talk about it, you mean ?
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Old 28th Dec 2017, 08:40   #26 (permalink)
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Headcount? On a widebody? not these days.
Ok - thought it was part of SOPs... I guess was another century.

Somehow they still managed to board more passengers than expected, which shows some quite splopy ground procedures.

Still, I don't quite understand how they came to the realisation that they had the guy on board after 4h (unless he volunteered the information) ? And still don't understand why they would turn back. If anything I would have expected the other flight with his unaccompanied luggage to divert. But why this flight ?

After ANA had bribed the other 200+ passengers not to talk about it, you mean ?
Do you have any specifics to that effect ?
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Old 28th Dec 2017, 09:34   #27 (permalink)
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I think if you read back a bit you’ll see there might just have been a bit of in that comment about bribery....
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Old 28th Dec 2017, 09:34   #28 (permalink)
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The men from Mars must be looking down and deciding that now is the time to invade!
I beg to differ. I think they have decided that the way earthlings act, planet Earth must consist of strange and dangerous gasses and best be given a wide berth!
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Old 28th Dec 2017, 12:40   #29 (permalink)
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And why is there any security issue at all? LAX has central security; afaik all passengers go through the same security regardless of destination, and all other people on airside will have been screened as well; no problem that the passengers was intended on another flight.
So probably the issue is immigration at Japan.
Now if it had been the other way around (unintended passenger on it's way to the US) hell would break loose, perhaps that influenced the decision.
A taste of one's own medicine?

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Old 28th Dec 2017, 17:16   #30 (permalink)
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It happens from time to time

One elderly couple ended up in Sydney Nova Scotia on their way to Australia. Really the middle of nowhere unless you are connecting to St Pierre et Miquelon

A boy not much over the UM age in San Diego boarded a flight to Auckland instead of Oakland with some assistance from the Kiwi accent
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Old 28th Dec 2017, 22:47   #31 (permalink)
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The boy was 22 apparently.
Oakland, He Said, but He Went to Auckland Instead - latimes
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Old 29th Dec 2017, 15:00   #32 (permalink)
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Oakland, He Said, but He Went to Aukland Instead
I've seen Oakland. He should have kept quiet, stayed in NZ and counted his blessings.
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Old 30th Dec 2017, 15:51   #33 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by givemewings View Post
Headcount? On a widebody? not these days.
Seen that many times. Most recent was, I think, boarding a Thai Airlines intercontinental flight. They used handheld tally counters.
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Old 30th Dec 2017, 20:46   #34 (permalink)
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Well, it is, after all, their airplane.
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Old 3rd Jan 2018, 11:57   #35 (permalink)
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I once boarded a flight from Montego bay to Kingston with a friend. We had been travelling for around 40 hours and were unaware of a hour's time difference from previous airport and arrived at the gate an hour early. bags were checked and a security guy dropped an expensive camera just in front of us. I guess that's why they didn't really look at our boarding passes. On board I found my seat occupied and thought I was getting an upgrade because the flight was overbooked but they kicked us off because we were on a flight back to the US. My friend's seat was free and if mine would have been too I think it would have taken at least an hour before I would have realized I was on the wrong plane.... These days boarding passes are scanned...
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Old 4th Jan 2018, 04:09   #36 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by jackieofalltrades View Post
I wonder why they didn't divert to a closer airport such as Seattle or San Francisco, both of which are regular destinations for All Nippon and so would have ground staff capable of handling the plane.
If they had landed anywhere else in the states they would most likely not be able to operate to Japan because of flight hour limits. Going back to base meant that the chances of getting a crew together would be better.

I'm not saying that the decision to return was correct.. for some countries it can be a nightmare (Eg Indonesia, India, Nigeria....) but I would have thought Japan was ok as they have good relations with the states.

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Old 7th Jan 2018, 06:22   #37 (permalink)
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My best guess (and it's just a guess) is that one of the brothers bought a refundable ticket on UA,checked in to get past security, and then cancelled his reservation. The other brother then maybe printed his boarding pass twice so they both could use it. When the second one went to board, the scanner beeped that he already had gone past, which was probably dismissed as a glitch since there he was standing there with his passport matching the last name on the boarding pass. I don't know why they returned, but one advantage of doing so was that they could be arrested, since the "crime" occurred in the US before they boarded.
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Old 13th Jan 2018, 23:07   #38 (permalink)
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A story back before the days of security, when Continental flew the Pacific with DC-10's.

Boarded the aircraft at Honolulu bound for Melbourne, the welcome aboard announcement was made "for the flight to Sydney". Immediately all hands went up crying "we're going to Melbourne". Announcement made "you're all on the wrong aircraft, you should be on the one parked next to us". Much kerfuffle for a period of time until it was decided we were on the correct aircraft. Always wondered if the crew got their respective aircraft mixed.
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Old 25th Jan 2018, 21:46   #39 (permalink)
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Remember this one? They did not make a gate change announcement in French. How do you spell San Francisco in French?

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