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SK-pilot 19th Jan 2013 01:39

SAS recruitment
We have just been informed that SAS will recruit 40 new pilots during the spring. So for those of you who are interested; update your application.

TypeIV 19th Jan 2013 08:14

is it rehirings of people they kicked out earlier or newcomers?

SK-pilot 19th Jan 2013 16:05

It seems like they expect all to be newcomers. The re-hiring is almost complete, and those who have the right to one last offer of re-hiring is not expected to accept. 11-12 years since they left SAS, and all captains far up on their new seniority lists in their new airline makes it unlikely according to the recruitment dept....

TypeIV 19th Jan 2013 16:22

What fleets will they recruit onto? what kind of background do they expect? will they recruit for the 737?

SK-pilot 19th Jan 2013 18:25

CRJ900 in CPH and B737 in OSL and STO. More info about background requirements here:

More info here: http://www.flysas.com/en/SAS-Pilot/SAS-Pilot/

TypeIV 19th Jan 2013 19:55

I don't know if i have the balls to leave my current employer. SAS would be great but uncertain, I'm in a safe boat today with not too much experience on the type but I miss the scandi ladies :8:8:8

SK-pilot 19th Jan 2013 20:31

The only thing that is sure is that the probability that we make a wrong decision is huge...! You probably know what you should have done when you retire... :-) Good luck!

TypeIV 19th Jan 2013 20:52

Does anyone have any update on the new T&C for the newjoiners?

SK-pilot 19th Jan 2013 21:53

After the last famous concessions; appr kr.350-440.000/year, depending on regional or main terms. For both; work pattern 5-4/5-3 fixed, og 175 days off per year in variable.

semmern 19th Jan 2013 22:09

That's not bad. How fast do you climb the salary ladder?

SK-pilot 19th Jan 2013 23:04

Average 20.000 per year as a FP (som years less, some years more), until top after 24 year. Big step when moving from regional to main (ref diff in start salary), since you earn full seniority in main also if you start in regional. Add appr 200´ for captains.

semmern 19th Jan 2013 23:51

Do all new pilots start on the CRJ, or do some start on 737s?

SK-pilot 20th Jan 2013 01:08

As mentioned above: CPH; CRJ900, OSL and STO; B737. Appr same amount of pilots reqd on each base.

semmern 20th Jan 2013 10:40

Great. Thanks! Application updated :)

BobbyE 20th Jan 2013 19:22

Good news for many I suppose..

Do you know how you will be bonded should you be offered a job?

SK-pilot 20th Jan 2013 20:30

There is absolutely no bonding in SAS.

TypeIV 20th Jan 2013 20:55

The site says preference is given to people with solid multicrew experience. I wonder if they will look for people with time on type. Or do they prefer to train people from scratch with their own procedures?

Bigmouth 21st Jan 2013 08:24

As with many other legacy airlines, this one is very top heavy when it comes to seniority. Meaning in 10-15 years virtually everybody employed there will be retired. That in turn means a new hire today will skyrocket to the top of the list after a relatively short while and remain there for a significant part of his career.
If you are under 40, and you believe the airline will stay in business for the duration, you can look forward to being king of the hill for the final 10-20 years of your career.

And in 10 years time the demographics will be turned upside down, with the legacy carrier having the young employees, and their loco competitor the aging ones (except of course they will long since have been forced out by their contract brethren, but that´s another thread).

SK-pilot 21st Jan 2013 10:48

I do not think that they are looking for pilots with experience on spesific types, but if you have a rating, I think the new procedure is that you only get at sim transition to SAS procedures with an OPC, and not the whole course.

Well - 40 slots...? SAS is planning to recruit 40 new pilots during the spring, and I guess everyone can apply as long as the requirements are fulfilled...

fightthepower 21st Jan 2013 16:56

Is the website going to open for new applications then or is it just for updating the existing ones since the last round?

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