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Man-on-the-fence 10th Apr 2003 17:24

Have just heard him on R5 with the prat Campbell.

All the usuall "of course I hated Saddam all along" crap. When an Iraqi exile was put on the line to ask him a question, he complained of being ambushed and said that he would never talk to the BBC again.

Its a shame really as the Iraqi wanted to, at least in part, agree with him.

Oh and 5 minuted later he appeared on R4.

The guy is a liar and a fraud. Sorry that isnt strong enough, he is a bastard.

Tigs2 10th Apr 2003 17:36

Does anyone know his e=mail address at the House so that the bastard can be directed to this thread. He needs to learn what the term UB40 means(just hope as someone said earlier he doesn't get to be Mayor of Glasgow!)

Edited - sorry i'm an arse, the address is earlier in this thread!

moggie 10th Apr 2003 17:57

Galloway e-mail:


Scroll down until you see the weasley little shit's name and then click the email link.

This may take you direct if it works:


Yep - the direct link works, but the first one can be used to contact any MP.

Hee hee - democracy at work - just how full will slimy George's inbox be by cease work today?

Pilgrim101 10th Apr 2003 18:43

Thanks Moggie

Just Emailed Galloway as follows,


I will resist the temptation to subject you to the usual abuse which I am sure you are receiving and getting quite used to by now for your treacherous, sycophantic behaviour and your fawning, ridiculous friendship towards a man who has the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands. As a Scot out in Kuwait just now I am ashamed to call you a fellow citizen of a great Country with a long tradition of democracy and free speech, a facility which you have abused and should no longer take part in. Your well publicised, photographed, now infamous subservient handshake with Saddam should consign your pathetic, attention seeking career to the dustbin where it belongs. Your attempts to extricate yourself from the dead end you are in now only discredit you further and you should do the decent thing and resign from the House and best serve the people of your constituency.

If you believe your words and actions have been presented "out of context" or "misrepresented" then you are not the politician you obviously think you are and should therefore resign on the basis of your incompetence, rather than your obvious contempt for our institutions and Servicemen and Women who have served you again with such honour, distinction and compassion for the Iraqi people, commodities in very short supply in the Saddam regime you so ably and foolishly supported in the fanatical fringes of Moslem society.

I can assure you that the best antidote to the rabid hatred being fomented in the Arab World just now and endorsed by public statements like yours is the vision of euphoric Iraqi people celebrating the beginning of a very hard road to freedom.

If just one British serviceman or woman dies or is harmed as a result of your self seeking statements or actions you will be held to account by the majority of the British people.


And not one "F" word - Good, Eh ?

Scud-U-Like 10th Apr 2003 20:32

There seems to be a lot of self-satisfied, tabloidesque ranting here. Whilst I find most of what Galloway has to say, pretty ridiculous, he does occasionally highlight the hypocrisy and fickleness of Anglo-American foreign policy. (He was protesting against Saddam Hussein when the Iraqi President was the darling of the West).

He made a pretty eloquent argument on Radio 4's 'Today' programme this morning, despite a broadside from John Humphries. There will always be room in British politics for mavericks like George Galloway. I rarely find myself agreeing with the man, but he's hardly the fiend some would like to portray him as.

Pilgrim101 10th Apr 2003 20:44


Majority rules I think - you should hear what they are saying about the fool back in Scotland now and they've got more right than most to criticise. As for "Tabloidesque", WTF is that supposed to mean ? Maybe a quick poll of the British people should be conducted and you'll soon find out if he's a harmless "maverick" or not. The fact is that he plays to a hate filled audience far removed from you and the harm done by this man and his ego goes much deeper than the caricature you would present.

He did go too far and he knows it now ! His ranting about the West's previous support is a little too convenient since we've been up against predominantly Russian, Chinese and French kit in the field. The world has changed since the Iran/Iraq war and again, George shows his opportunism and flair for self publicity in the face of his lack of political nous.

Mabye not a fiend, but certainly not someone with the integrity he shouts so much about.

SOMAT 10th Apr 2003 21:14

Lord Haw Haw is still with us
Pilgrim, Messy Beast, Scud.

Lord Haw Haw Galloway has obviously been coaxed back by the BBC. He has just been on the Jeremy Vine show on R2 where Vine, typically, gave him an easy time.

Galloway is back-pedalling a little; he admits there were scenes of joy in Baghdad but that these were exaggerated as there were only about 250 people out of 5 million.

The most amusing aspect was Galloway's contention that there was a lot of support for his views; he said he got 4 standing ovations when he spoke in Liverpool the other night; as a Scouser friend said "anyone who came out with the same nonsense as Galloway's would get a standing ovation in Liverpool!! (Now that's what I call Scouse humour!!)

Scud-U-Like 11th Apr 2003 04:31


You seem bright enough. Do I really have to explain?

tabloid : A newspaper of small format giving the news in condensed form, usually with illustrated, often sensational material.

-esque: in the manner of, resembling.

Pilgrim101 11th Apr 2003 04:52


Sarcasm never goes very far in a debate although I did stretch my intellect far enough to pick up on the irony of Saddam being a "darling of the west"

Forgive my clear dislike for Galloway and the need to vent my spleen about him but from personal knowledge and experience from pre war Iraq, GW1 and the present conflict, the Iraqi regime stretched its run beyond natural life from very close relationships with other villains of the peace and sought just the kind of "useful idiots" in the West like Galloway to prolong their activities.

Eloquent quote from another thread

"In the period between 1973-91 the US exported $5million of weapons to Iraq and UK sold $330million worth. The four countries most against military action accounted for Germany $995million; China $5,500million; France $9,240million and Russia $31,800."

moggie 14th Apr 2003 17:25

Out of interest, did anyone who e-mailed Galloway get a reply? I didn't, not even an automated "your e-mail has been received and will be ignored later" type message.

smartman 14th Apr 2003 19:42


He'll be too busy making arrangements for Saddam Lookalike early-hour visits to those who sent him their thoughts --------

moggie 14th Apr 2003 23:49

Smartman - good job I put my bosses address on the e-mail, then!

Danny 22nd Apr 2003 09:46

Galloway was in Saddam's pay, say secret Iraqi documents
Source: The Daily Telegraph

Galloway was in Saddam's pay, say secret Iraqi documents
By David Blair in Baghdad
(Filed: 22/04/2003)

George Galloway, the Labour backbencher, received money from Saddam Hussein's regime, taking a slice of oil earnings worth at least 375,000 a year, according to Iraqi intelligence documents found by The Daily Telegraph in Baghdad.

Archimedes 22nd Apr 2003 10:53

Oh dear... Trial of the century coming up, perhaps?

Pilgrim101 22nd Apr 2003 15:50

Probably not Archimedes, but just watch him squirm now. Lots of mirth out here in Kuwait since us "wolves" are obviously mere amateurs when it comes to $crewing the Iraqi people.

Galloway is so far up himself, he will deny he ever met Saddam now - a job for Mohammed Saeed Sahaf I think ?

He apparently stated that when he kissed Saddam's ar$e in Baghdad, he didn't say "$ir", he said "$o" ! If that's the kind of semantics we are going to get into during any possible "trial" then the plan is obviously to bore us stupid and make us forget his past indiscretions.

If true, he surely faces a criminal investigation, a visit from the Inland Revenue and an embarrassing scrutiny of his past motives, hitherto presented to the British people from his lofty position on the higher moral ground.

Typical far left hypocrisy at work and we can expect the usual attempt to blame the establishment for a fit up - well, let's see the rest of the documents and have a hearing with evidence from his erstwhile Iraqi friends to see just how deep he is in the Kak.

Brilliant !:ok:

TicketyBoo 22nd Apr 2003 22:01

He's the best politician money can buy.

opso 23rd Apr 2003 02:43

I just wish he were the only politician money could buy. :suspect:

HectorusRex 23rd Apr 2003 14:05

Too rich, even for Iraq?
Memo from Saddam: We can't afford to pay Galloway more
By David Blair in Baghdad
(Filed: 23/04/2003)

Saddam Hussein rejected a request from George Galloway for more money, saying that the Labour backbencher's "exceptional" demands were not affordable, according to an official document found by The Daily Telegraph in Baghdad.
Daily Telegraph

Pilgrim101 23rd Apr 2003 16:45

With acknowledgement to Alan Cochrane's insight, and past knowledge and experience of Galloway's less than salubrious "career". Proof that a chimp could hold a massive majority in a safe Labour seat in Scotland, to our shame !

He'd give kilts and whisky to a legless Muslim
By Alan Cochrane
(Filed: 23/04/2003)

Two notable quotes from the Telegraph article


Under the tutelage of Galloway, Dundee - that austere and generally depressed city on the north shore of the Tay - twinned itself with Nablus on the West Bank of the Jordan. It was an unlikely union that saw the PLO flag flying over the Gothic splendour of Dundee's municipal buildings, but it quickly took on a farcical air when, as part of the twinning ceremony, the Mayor of Nablus was presented with a crate of whisky and a kilt by the Scottish delegation. What use a strictly teetotal Muslim, both of whose legs had been blown away in a terrorist explosion, would have had for whisky and kilts was never made clear.



There was, thus, a certain pathetic irony in the front page of George Galloway's home-town newspaper last night. One half of the front page in the Dundee Evening Telegraph was about the latest allegations. The other half contained moving details of the funeral service of Lt Cpl Barry Stephen of The Black Watch, killed in action on the road to Basra.


Condolences to Barry's family, many friends and the illustrious Black Wach .

Of course, Galloway is accusing the establishment of smear and conspiracy as his defence - we'll see, lots more evidence to come I think ?

maxy101 23rd Apr 2003 16:45

I wonder how much he has been influenced by his Palestinian wife? Perhaps the Daily Telegraph should do a bit of digging there?

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