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Tartan Giant 24th Apr 2003 00:11

Galloway bum
Good stout posts chaps against this Hussein lover.

Did you here the sickening little sh*t grovelling to SH with,
"Sir, I salute your bravery........."

As has been noticed, what the hell does he do for the folk whom he is meant to be representing ?
I suppose he can do it all from, his 250,000 holiday home overlooking the Atlantic while writing a book about Iraq, but I doubt it.

I am still awaiting a reply or an auto-reply, from the detestable sod.

The bugg8r should be in jail - an Iraqi jail.


steamchicken 24th Apr 2003 00:34

He does have quite a following in Glasgow, where he has a reputation as an effective constituency operator, good with bureaucrats. He also has a considerable history of questionable financial dealings, involving huge expenses nabbed from the charity War on Want of which he was General Secretary, undeclared payments from the Pakistani Government, and a string of mistresses. Also a pal with large business dealings in Iraq! The Pakistanis offered him 50,000 + 10,000 to be paid in cash. Hmmm! Basically, he strikes me as faintly mafia-ish: crooked as the day is long, but willing to make a show of looking after the schmucks in his neighbourhood as long as it doesn't harm his business. Very interesting that his "Maryam Appeal" was never registered as a charity - despite the tax benefits! - because, no doubt, charities have to file extensive accounts....

Pilgrim101 24th Apr 2003 01:20


As a Scot I am ashamed to say that Galloway does indeed hold a safe seat (pending new boundaries for Glasgow Central) but once again repeat that a Chimp could retain such a seat for Labour in Glasgow. Galloway has got to be proof of that because his poor reputation is not a factor normally, nor does a predominantly left wing press feel it necessary to expose or highlight his tawdry little career.

He will of course squeal "conspiracy" and "smear" since he has such a high opinion of himself. I personally don't believe that the establishment thinks enough of Galloway as a "threat" to bother to stitch him up but there are enough apologists around for him to think he might get away with this and he has no choice but to fight it anyway. Remind you of anyone else recently.

He said that he didn't say "Sir" in his now infamous squirming @r$elicking "Sir, I salute your bravery, strength....." speech when it is quite clear he did say "Sir" and I think I misheard it myself when I thought he said "Sir, I salute your strength, your bribery........"

The Telegraph story has the legs to run and run. Galloway wouldn't have lasted five minutes if he had been a conservative but the hypocrisy of the left in the UK is quite breathtaking. Anyone supporting a murderous fascist like Saddam deserves our total contempt anyway so he hasn't got a leg to stand on - that point alone should finish him in any half decent society.

soddim 24th Apr 2003 01:48

Does anybody else find it surprising that, despite the fog of war, it was a newspaper reporter who got the files? The other files presumably are still there and they probably contain incriminating evidence about other western people doing business with the devil. I bet there is also a wealth of documentation the French and Russians would like lost forever.

One would have thought that these particular spoils of war would have been recovered poste haste by the int people.

steamchicken 24th Apr 2003 02:05

Strange that, isn't it? The only search seems to have been by looters. And who is it who keeps setting fires? The strangest stories have been circulating...

tu chan go 24th Apr 2003 04:08

Unfortunately, in certain parts of Scotland, the Labour party could in fact select a demented chimp as their candidate and it would win in an election. The problem is that most of the voters in these areas have voted Labour for so long, it no longer matters who they are voting for.

PS I am Scottish so this post should NOT be construed as Jock Bashing!

J.A.F.O. 24th Apr 2003 07:52

Unfortunately, Labour appear to have already tried out the above theory in the Glasgow Kelvin constituency.

HectorusRex 24th Apr 2003 10:04

Pressure Grows on The Rt Hon (?) George Galloway MP (Kelvin)
Pressure grows on Galloway :yuk: over charitable activities


British Labour MP George Galloway faced further pressure over Iraq on Wednesday with the possibility of an inquiry by the Attorney General and the Parliamentary standards watchdog into his charitable activities.

The finances of the Mariam Appeal he set up for humanitarian reasons have been the target of persistent speculation and may also be subject to an inquiry by the Charity Commission after a complaint from a member of the public.
NZ Herald

Kiting for Boys 24th Apr 2003 18:04

According to yesterday's Torygraph, when George G was in charge of Dundee city council he pushed through a twinning with Nablus.

They invited the Mayor (a devout Muslim who had lost both legs).

At the reception, the council presented him with a case of whisky and a kilt.

HectorusRex 25th Apr 2003 14:56

For a Flamboyant Laborite, Iraq Looks to Be His Epitaph
For a Flamboyant Laborite, Iraq Looks to Be His Epitaph

LONDON, April 24 For anyone worried that the House of Commons has become too well-behaved to produce defiant oratory and eccentric behavior, George Galloway is a throwback to a provocative and histrionic past.

His leftist politics, permanent suntan, dapper dress and taste for the globe-trotting high life have earned him nicknames like "Gorgeous George" and the "Bollinger Bolshevik." The Spectator magazine, no fan of leftists, admired his skill at orotund phrase-turning so much it awarded him its Debater of the Year award in 2001.
New York Times :ok:

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