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Easy Street 10th Aug 2021 18:16

Seems pretty obvious to me that a reason for the gap between E-3D and E-7 would be retraining of all the aircrew and engineers. Unless the RAF has magically found a spare squadrons' worth of each?

downsizer 10th Aug 2021 19:36

Originally Posted by Easy Street (Post 11093146)
Seems pretty obvious to me that a reason for the gap between E-3D and E-7 would be retraining of all the aircrew and engineers. Unless the RAF has magically found a spare squadrons' worth of each?

Certainly a good idea, but I suspect two things....firstly that won't happen and people will be scattered in the wind to where they are needed right now. And secondly I bet a fair few PVRs have gone in to avoid a posting to the frozen north when it does come in...

Lordflasheart 10th Aug 2021 19:52

Holdovers ?
What's wrong with a few holdover postings to bide a wee ?

The NATO Ski School has plenty of vacancies from September.

NutLoose 10th Aug 2021 21:47

I can’t see training being that drawn out, it’s basically a 737 with a few extras chucked down the back. The danger there is training people on 737 then retaining them, pilot and engineer wise, though the industry is a bit flat at the moment in the real world..

ZH875 3rd Sep 2021 12:01

Not exactly final as ZH101 is airborne for the second day running, and is currently orbiting around the North Northumberland AWACS orbit.

Dan Gerous 3rd Sep 2021 12:08

Yep, but unfortunately it's cloudy, so I can't see it. Looks to be heading South now.

KPax 3rd Sep 2021 17:36

One comment on another group is that it was an air test prior to delivery to some museum in the USA.

rolandpull 3rd Sep 2021 18:14

Perhaps the museum could provide a circular train track and roll it around.....in an everlasting electric orbit.

Party Animal 3rd Sep 2021 19:35

If Chile maintains the same aircraft designation, we can come back to this thread probably in 30 years time!

Gordon Brown 13th Oct 2021 16:15

One currently airborne in Lincs again. ZH101 according to FR24. Maybe some Air Force having a test drive?

SWBKCB 13th Oct 2021 16:23

Seems to have been flying about once a week since early September

Lordflasheart 26th Oct 2021 19:04

Sale or Scrap ?

The only UK Sentry E-3D AWACS (out of the original seven) that has flown since early August 2021 is ZH101, so it now seems reasonable to presume that once again, another UK Taxpayer funded Military Resource has been negligently allowed to wither on the operational vine and also lose its 'airworthiness' before any hastily procured replacement can be put into service.

I wonder what the final straw was ? Loss, absence of, or inability to demonstrate ASSC or even possibly, realisation by management that some crews were unhappy.

Given some of the persuasive 'loss of airworthiness' posts about this and several other UK military aircraft types, and despite the apparent 'AWACS available for sale' ticket, this might suggest that ZH101 may only be flying on a specific once a week sortie by sortie 'National Interest (FC - FS) Waiver' reluctantly issued by DG DSA or higher 'regulatory' authority.


Crash alot 27th Oct 2021 10:42

Originally Posted by Asturias56 (Post 11091677)
It was originally going to be 5 Wedgetails IIRC - but then , once again, economic reality intervened

Of course the UK COULD afford 5 but then a sacred cow or three would have to suffer - say increase taxes, or do away withe pension triple lock, or cut funding for University expansion.......

Or not piss away billions on a failed test and trace system or vanity items or the billions wasted in other areas.. the UK could afford a lot more with competence in power..

M-62A3 27th Oct 2021 11:16

ZH101 is in the air again this morning. Apparently now over Yorkshire. As a previous poster suggested - once a week

melmothtw 27th Oct 2021 11:33

"...or the billions wasted in other areas."

Don't mention the 'B' word.
I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.

Davef68 27th Oct 2021 15:32

Perhaps maintained in service to cover COP in Glasgow. Or perhaps not

Mr N Nimrod 27th Oct 2021 17:18

crew currency, nothing more, nothing less

Alabama boy 28th Oct 2021 10:28

The need to keep (flight) crew current implies that the MOD hope to sell one or two of the E3Ds in a flyable state. In a recent article in Air Combat Magazine a member of the French E3F support organisation is quoted as stating that the FAF are interested in obtaining spare parts for their E3F airframes which I understand are the critical issue for long term support.

Their aircraft have been upgraded to the latest E3C standard including the extra consoles (total 14) so not much of the mission system except perhaps some of the heavy radar gear and antenna will be of much use to them. They have also added some French National equipment added making them a very capable ISTAR system.

Mil-26Man 29th Oct 2021 08:06

Indeed the MoD is interested in selling them on in a flyable condition, and Chile is said to be interested in buying them as a Phalcon/Condor replacement...

Speedywheels 29th Oct 2021 11:02

Chile only have one Phalcon and Iíd be amazed if itís anywhere near fit for purpose nowadays. Iím not sure it even met Chileís expectations when they took delivery of it over 25 years ago! If they decided to buy the E-3D, I guess they might buy one as a direct replacement and others as spares. It would be a significant upgrade to Chileís current capability for, relatively, not a lot of money.
Could be a win-win but wouldnít be surprised if the Israelis are trying to tempt Chile with an alternative deal.

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