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Clunk60 10th Sep 2014 13:19

2 Lancs
Both Lancs E of RWB :D:D, heading your way Chickenlover!!;)

unclenelli 10th Sep 2014 16:16

Clunk60, sorry to steal your thunder, but here is 12 Merlins in harmony.

Due to be repeated on 14th Sep 2014!

smujsmith 10th Sep 2014 21:29

Heard the throaty roar, knew what it was, and only caught a Spit and Hurricane, I'm getting old I reckon. I'm sitting in the back garden on 14th if its to be a repeat.


racedo 10th Sep 2014 22:24

Will they be doing a Dover to London flight on BoB weekend ?

smujsmith 11th Sep 2014 18:38


Any forecast for overhead RWB/Swindon on Sunday ?


NutLoose 11th Sep 2014 18:51

They are doing it again this weekend, I don't know what's planned but I could tell you Monday as I have my ticket :D

Smuj, try


Flying Programme 11 - 15 Sept 2014

Lancaster Bomber 2014 UK Tour

RAF BBMF - Display Info

smujsmith 11th Sep 2014 20:07

Thanks Nutty,

Some interesting stuff in there. Enjoy it M8 (as they say). I wish I were free to partake in the day. Thanks again for the info.


MPN11 11th Sep 2014 22:56

yeah, just my luck to be in the USA when they displayed in Jersey :{

Best wishes to them both for their display season ... may the sun shine on your wings.

MPN11 12th Sep 2014 17:30

Two Lancasters, Nine Reds ....
... and more, at the Jersey Air Display.

Photos and video from the Jersey Evening Post at this link ...

Pictures and video: Lancaster bombers steal show at air display Jersey Evening Post

NutLoose 12th Sep 2014 17:55

I do like how the BBMF website appear to have adopted the nose art names for the Lanc and others and tell their story.

RAF BBMF - Lancaster Thumper Mk III

NutLoose 12th Sep 2014 17:59

Smuj, for the rest of the BBMF fleet you cannot track them live now, see

Track our Aircraft Live!

NutLoose 12th Sep 2014 18:56

You can track the Canadians here


nimbev 13th Sep 2014 18:06

2 Lancs and 3 Spitfires in formation over Goodwood for the Revival Weekend. Earlier today there were 2 Hurricanes, 3 Spitfires and an ME109 flying in formation. Wonderful sounds!

NutLoose 13th Sep 2014 21:15

And there'll be three Lancs at East Kirkby tomorrow...

Nutloose.... Pprune at Ten reporting from a near by B & B :p

Willard Whyte 13th Sep 2014 21:21

2 Lancs and 3 Spitfires in formation over Goodwood for the Revival Weekend. Earlier today there were 2 Hurricanes, 3 Spitfires and an ME109 flying in formation. Wonderful sounds!
Not quite as loud as the BRM V16 though!

smujsmith 13th Sep 2014 23:08

A nice shot from the Telegraph today:


Wish I was there.


Wander00 14th Sep 2014 22:35

However many people tried to get into Duxford today and were disappointed - other than me that is! In the P&R at about 1000, 25 mins into queue for P&R ticket machine when told gates were closed. After some thought and an abortive try for one possivle vantage point, ended up on the verge by a roundabout at Sawston. Great head-on view when they arrived, and some good crossing shots. Afternoon enhanced by being parked next to a car in which a guy had brought his 92+ year old mother, who had been a WAAF at Scampton on the night of the dams raid. Had an interesting take on the death of the dog we cannot name. Promised to e-mail them some pics. Glad I went - and in future I shall be less critical of those watching airshows from the roadside. Thanks BBMF and the Canadian warplane Heritage

NutLoose 16th Sep 2014 11:38

Make that errrmm three :cool:



CoffmanStarter 16th Sep 2014 12:03

Really nice pics there Nutty ... Well done and thanks for sharing with us :ok:

54Phan 16th Sep 2014 15:12

Nice pictures, Nutloose, as is normal. I wonder if the Committee Against Aviation would have any qualms about Jane flying with that H2S blister?

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