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dangermouse 3rd May 2011 18:43

Stealth UH60(?) used in OBL raid...
check this out on AWST

Bin Laden Raid May Have Exposed Stealth Helo | AVIATION WEEK

'son' of Commanche?



Geehovah 3rd May 2011 18:49

Its a tad tricky to make advancing blades stealthy!

ChristopherRobin 3rd May 2011 19:03

picture of the modified tail-rotor hub of a stealth (-ier) blackhawk

XV277 3rd May 2011 19:04

a “dishpan” cover over a five-or-six-blade tail rotor
Other than the frisbees, looks like a standard 4 bladed UH-60 tail rotor but with one of the blades bent back, no doubt after hitting something it shouldn't!

VinRouge 3rd May 2011 19:04

Stealth is the wrong word. Low Observable. You cant eliminate it, but you can reduce it certainly.

advocatusDIABOLI 3rd May 2011 19:10

No worries Sir, NFF. Good for the next wave.........

Stealth? My Ar$e! Low Flying at Night works. Also, there is that little known tacic of SURPRISE!!!


Tourist 3rd May 2011 19:10

That's true of all stealth van rouge

Got to say that it is a very odd looking bit of kit, with it's swept horizontal stabiliser etc

Ewan Whosearmy 3rd May 2011 20:14


This shot shows clearly that it is five-bladed and that the blades themselves are quite different from those in the H-60 family as a whole.

So, no, I don't agree that it's a standard four-bladed TR.


ShyTorque 3rd May 2011 20:16

That's not like the S-70s I flew for four years.

I was quite diligent when doing the pre-flight walk-round but to be fair, it was very dark for some of the flights.

Tashengurt 3rd May 2011 20:20

I see no reason to think this is any member of the H-60 or S-70 family.
The tail rotor is entirely different with more blades and the fairing.
The horizontal surfaces are forward swept and shorter.
I think it's a newbie!

TheWizard 3rd May 2011 20:49

Ssshhhh.....PLA 5th LH Regiment - Special


Rakshasa 3rd May 2011 21:34

Looks like some sort of lowsig S-76 to me... tail rotor hub is on the wrong side though!

Trogger 3rd May 2011 21:44

No need for stealth - they could have painted them dayglo and festooned them with Xmas lights...

Or disguised them as tall Saudis......

Lonewolf_50 3rd May 2011 21:49

You have my interest up, as I cannot recognize that lump ... wonder if anyone has the complete picture that came from.

chopper2004 3rd May 2011 22:15

The Wizard,

Only stealthy low observable helos that IIRC reminds me of 'Stingbat' plastic model Kit by Revell or Hasegawa released in the early 90s with extreme BERP like blades. It been based on the artists impression of proposed Bell Helicopter and the then McDonnell Douglas consortium for the LHX program with NOTAR.


I had read a rumour that there had been a fly off demonstrator somewhere around the Nevada desert from Bell/McDH and the Army decided to go for the Comanche design (which hadnt flown till 96 anyhow).


RUCAWO 3rd May 2011 22:32

Certainly interesting




AR1 3rd May 2011 22:53

I've been desperately trying to mentally bend the rear of the 'SpeedHawk' to fit the article seen in the picture - other than a 5 bladed tail rotor - and stubby looking blades I cant quite manage it..



tartare 4th May 2011 04:06

That is definitely something new.
The stabilator is not a standard Blackhawk or PaveHawk, nor any other type reportedly used.
There's a weird shield on the underside of the aft of the boom.
And the tail rotor cap is very similar the main rotor hub on the Commanche.

Flyingblind 4th May 2011 07:48

Ask the PLA, seeing in which Country this event ocurred I would not be suprised if the details of the remains are already being looked over at PLAAF HQ.

Marly Lite 4th May 2011 09:31

The photo's posted in the Daily Mail suggest a forward sweep to the Stabilizer and a bulbous fairing where the pylon meets the tailboom.

Then again I could have it the wrong way round!

Osama bin Laden dead: Photo of Obama watching the Al Qaeda leader die on live TV | Mail Online

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