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ChristianR354 24th Feb 2016 12:59

Any news on a training pipeline? Didn't know the UAVs are set to operate with a WSO.

downsizer 6th Mar 2016 18:54

If I was a betting man I'd put money on WSO filling from the ranks this year.

camelspyyder 7th Mar 2016 16:59

Originally Posted by downsizer (Post 9302237)
If I was a betting man I'd put money on WSO filling from the ranks this year.

And then some. There is no pipeline for ab initio WSOs. Apart from the ANT at Cranwell, there's no WSO training apparatus out there. There's no MFTS plan to train WSO's. And so on...

NDW 8th Apr 2016 12:20

Royal Navy Aircrewman
Good afternoon all,

Just thought I'd throw this into the mix. If anyone is looking at or has applying/applied to the Royal Navy as Aircrewman and wants to know any info ref. the current recruiting process, feel free to PM or quote this post and I'll be happy to help.

I'm currently awaiting my AME Medical date and hopefully all should be culminated by September this year after Cranwell FATS/Aircrew Med (with the view that I'll hopefully pass everything).



CptDesire 3rd May 2016 06:37

Any rumours if WSO will have the chance to stream FJ? Is it likely with WSO training for ISTAR that WSOp will me pushed out? I'm slightly confused how it can be justified pay and rank responsibilities for a WSO and WSOp to do exactly the same job? This is an argument for not down banding WSOp by the way, not that WSOs are in anyway superior, I'm fully aware in terms of capability each can do the job proficiently.

Pontius Navigator 3rd May 2016 07:37

You are making the assumption that while the job for WSOp and WSO may be the same that the rank responsibilities are the same too. They aren't.

Admittedly a multi-tour NCA will have more mission experience than an an initio officer, and pay too, the latter ultimately will have more responsibilities.

ChristianR354 4th May 2016 11:11

Surely they'll need to start recruiting WSO's before they're streamed to any aircraft type?

frodo_monkey 4th May 2016 17:26

Any rumours if WSO will have the chance to stream FJ?
No chance, Tornado OCU shuts next year. Any future WSOs will be ISTAR - within that I include RC135, E3D, P8 and Reaper/Protector/whatever is in ISOs at Waddo.

Pontius Navigator 17th May 2016 21:07

Jack, all candidates. It is not a test of maths per se but a test of ability to reason. SDT is not only a question of miles and minutes in s jet but also in many other situations.

Wessex Boy 31st Jul 2016 19:29

Does anyone have a good contact at OASC to discuss a medical issue with please?
My Daughter is very keen to join but has a medical issue that appears to preclude even applying

downsizer 1st Aug 2016 18:22

OASC don't deal with medical issues. The Department of Occ Meds do that.

Wessex Boy 1st Aug 2016 19:13

Thanks DS, would you know how to get in contact with them please?

downsizer 2nd Aug 2016 18:14

From Google....

Adastral Hall
PO Box 1000
RAFC Cranwell
Lincs NG34 8GZ

But, I'm not sure how much joy you will get. My advice would be to apply, fill out the Medical Supplement Leaflets which will then get formally reviewed by the DoM.

Wessex Boy 3rd Aug 2016 19:00

Thanks DS, will make enquiries....
We wanted to get some answers whilst she is 16 so that she can make some career/uni decisions during Lower 6th.
I'll put her through a CAA Class 1 this autumn and see where we stand on that too

Bugs to forty 13th Aug 2016 13:58

My advice would be to apply, fill out the Medical Supplement Leaflets which will then get formally reviewed by the DoM.
I have to disagree with this. IMO just filling in the forms and leaving it to the 'process' would likely end in disappointment because Capita will most probably simply reject. Do write to the President of the Medical Board, DOM, at OASC if you have a specific concern. This should generate a straight answer and could save a lot of time and false expectation.

downsizer 14th Aug 2016 14:53

True to a point, but the DoM won't commit to a decision on a speculative letter. And once you appeal a capita decision the DoM will review. All medical stuff is a minefield.

Jimbo12345 18th Aug 2016 14:39

Hi, I Will shortly be doing my Aptitude tests at RAF Cranwell, does anyone know of any good online practice tests, also any good flight simulators people can recommend just to use on a computer/play station, heard they really help with some of the tests.


Barksdale Boy 20th Aug 2016 06:20

Does anyone know if food allergies automatically bar candidates for aircrew?

Wander00 20th Aug 2016 10:40

Only if allergic to chocolate bars .........................seriously though, don't know, if they can deal with satisfying religious requirements guess they should be able to deal with allergies.

Bugs to forty 20th Aug 2016 12:14

Religious requirements are quite different.
Food allergies can indeed be a bar to service, particularly if it's already on your med records and formally diagnosed. If you have an emergency epi pen, don't even bother applying; otherwise, it's a case of how severe the allergy is.

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