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Lushington 31st Oct 2012 16:10

Essex, being in the RAF you will be aware that there is a force development centre at your station. Why not pop along and speak to the training officer or whatever they call themselves these days rather than relying on out of date or inaccurate information from this chat forum.

camelspyyder 31st Oct 2012 20:12

NCA Recruiting?
not happening soon, I fear.

we are just looking at course flows that would clear the current backlog of students through Cranwell by Q4 2014.

Try calling NCALT (NCA liaison team) at OASC Cranwell for up to date recruiting gen.


fly_surfbeach 20th Dec 2012 10:34

Hi all,

Firstly Merry Christmas to you and I wish you a happy new year 2013!

I am posting to enquire whether anyone is in the know when Pilot recruitment will be starting again for the RAF...? Few of us are on the edge of out sits whilst also holding down alternative career paths.

Thanks in advance for your returns.



Eul0gy 20th Dec 2012 18:52

probably as they are opening a direct entry UAV pilot branch from apr 13

NDW 2nd Jan 2013 16:50

In regards to the new UAV Pilot trade opening, isn't the UAV role flown by WSOp's?

I've seen a few piccy's someone & i'll try and dig them out of a UAV pilot at the rank of Flt Sgt.

ChristianR354 2nd Jan 2013 17:32

Reaper has a mission crew of two. A Pilot and a Sensor operator. Like you I've seen pictures of WSOp's operating the Reaper UAV but I'm not sure if the WSOp Pilots the aircraft or if this is done only by a Two-winged (brevet) Pilot/WSO.

This is something I've wondered as well?

DSAT Man 2nd Jan 2013 21:42

Flysurfbeach, there will be some pilot IOT entries in FY13/14 but they will be taken up by university bursars who have been waiting their turn. I would get something temporary for a year or two if I were you.

fly_surfbeach 4th Jan 2013 10:53

DSAT Man Many Thanks for your response- Currently have a very good job in the aerospace engineering world, but would like to move on!

I'm currently also in the process of applying to the Army lookingpotentially at Air Corps however unfortunately the AAC do not sponsor :-(

Anyone any knowledge of the truth of an officers career in the AAC becausepersonally I'd like to keep flying if I'm successful in getting there in thefirst place :-/

Kind Regards,


Melchett01 4th Jan 2013 11:48

Anyone any knowledge of the truth of an officers career in the AAC because personally I'd like to keep flying if I'm successful in getting there in thefirst place :-/
Having recently finished a tour in JHC HQ, you couldn't move without bumping into a grumpy AAC officer pilot staring longingly out of the windows as yet another AH or Bell flew over on the way back to Middle Wallop. If you want to fly and do nothing but fly, your options are RAF as a pilot or AAC as an NCO pilot.

If you commission into the AAC as a pilot (beware, they now commission as ground branch officers too), you might do 2-3 tours as a pilot whilst you're a junior officer, but once you hit senior captain it's pretty much staff jobs from then on to make you promotable in the first instance. You might get lucky and get command of an independent flt as a captain or a sqn as a major or if very lucky a regt as a lt col, but your only option, depending on how numbers etc pan out, could be to decide to step off the treadmill and stay as a captain - but even then flying jobs are not guaranteed.

fly_surfbeach 4th Jan 2013 12:33

Melchett01- Many Thanks for the reply, useful information.



DSAT Man 6th Jan 2013 12:50

Melchett is spot on but we have had quite a few AAC pilots come over to us once they start flying a desk and get disgruntled. They only required an OASC interview followed by a 'kit and post' if successful.

airborne_artist 7th Jan 2013 14:21

AAC ruperts have also made their way into the dark blue, often via 847NAS

D-IFF_ident 22nd Jan 2013 12:18

I would start by doing a little more research. C-17s and RAF C-130s are not tankers.

str12 22nd Jan 2013 12:56

I would first check if corrected vision is acceptable for aircrew, it is not always.

You do not get to choose aircraft type until after Initial Officer Training and then getting streamed after Basic Flight Training.

Grammar and spelling is still important.

Good Luck!

Pontius Navigator 22nd Jan 2013 17:23

Maverick, how old are you?

Yes the demands for each role are different. The more demanding role is seen as fast-jet with applicants usually assessed for that role. Once in flying training your initial aptitude will be more accurately assessed and you may join different streams one of which may well be to a ground branch.

Benjybh 24th Feb 2013 13:12

I realise that RAF Aircrew recruitment is pretty much at a standstill; does anyone have any idea whether it's the same story with the Navy?


airborne_artist 26th Feb 2013 19:24

Ask on Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting or go to any AFCO.

HongKongCargoPilot 1st Mar 2013 08:27

FAA Aircrew Jobs...
I headed down to my local AFCO a week ago and enquired about aircrew jobs in the RN, preferably pilot. At no point did he mention that they weren't recruiting, infact he was fairly forward and immediately began talking about the process, medicals and AIB etc.
Just out of interest, how valuable would a degree be? I'm in the middle of my a-levels at the moment and fairly confident that I will reach the 180 UCAS points required, but will other candidates with a degree (perhaps not the underwater basket weavers :ok:) have an greater chance of getting through?


muppetofthenorth 1st Mar 2013 10:41

Degree to be a Pilot, relatively unimportant. It shows an aptitude to learning - and of learning under your own steam, but not crucial.
Degree to be an Officer - more important. Independence, maturity [sometimes....] exposure to more of the world, etc, all valuable and help you be a better candidate and better Officer.

airborne_artist 1st Mar 2013 10:44

AFAIK a degree confers no benefit in the recruiters' minds. If anything they will be expecting more from a person who has had an extra three years of life and education, and who has done more at university than party and pass exams.

In the current climate apply when you are 18-ish, with a university application/place as your Plan B.

Unless you want to be a medic, engineer, vicar or nurse your degree choice is irrelevant. There's at least one Royal Navy pilot with a degree in theology.

Start thinking now about everything they will look for outside of the 180 UCAS points.

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