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VinRouge 5th Jun 2009 20:20

Great. We now have a great fat **** as a sec state for defence.

No matter. That wallowing, incompetent one-eyed snot eating **** we have as PM will be lucky to last the weekend. He couldnt even hold a single council.

Once he gets ousted, I very much doubt the constitutionalists will tolerate a second unelected premier, more likely riots followed by general election, thank god. We can finally vote out the idiot that managed to destroy the economy in 10 years.

Hannahan in the Telegraph questions the PMs state of mind. Having met the Tw*t, I would tend to agree.

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UPDATE: The man is plainly deranged. I don't use that word lightly about the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, but there is no other way to describe his press conference a moment ago. He denied flat-out that he had wanted to shift the Chancellor, and breezily tried to tell the assembled journalists that, when people saw the results of his reforms, support would come back. Eh? We have now got to the stage where not a single Labour MP will serve as Europe Minister. John Denham has gone, Caroline Flint has gone, Paul Murphy has gone. Yet the Broon continues to blather about the recovery of the housing sector! He's mad: stark staring mad. It's over.

edwardspannerhands 5th Jun 2009 20:22

As Private Frazer would say..."Doomed I'll tell ya. We're all doomed".

Coup anyone?:suspect:

(The above is said in jest - before you send black omega to the door!!)

AdLib 5th Jun 2009 20:24

Nothing happens by accident. That Telegraph picture is a beut. The recently revealed sneering face of Labour.

If we can only protest to the honourable Member (for Coventry) if we live in his constituency does that mean we can only protest to Herr Braun if we live in Kikcaldy and/or Cowdenbeath? If this isn't the case, perhaps a letter (or 10,000,000) would do the trick.

Gordon Brown
10 Downing Street

endplay 5th Jun 2009 21:06

Given that the general concensus is that Ainworth isn't the man for the job can I ask who is? Party political persusaions aside.

nigegilb 5th Jun 2009 21:10

Hutton was doing a good job. it is an indication that Labour Ministers do not have their hearts in the job and are completely distracted that Hutton has walked away when his country needed him.

We need an independent minded, proven politician to settle the ship. I don't think one exists on the Labour benches. Certainly not one happy to work for the mad PM.

Sun Who 5th Jun 2009 21:14

I think Kate Hoey is an intelligent suggestion. Arguably an island of honour and ability in a sea of mediocrity and corruption.
It'd be nice to be able to identify a candidate with at least some knowledge of the military though.
It seems to be accepted that you need a modicum of financial acumen to be chancellor but Defence Ministers apparently need absolutely no relevant experience whatsoever.

Sun Who.

nigegilb 5th Jun 2009 21:15

I was going to suggest Kate Hoey, but I don't think she gets on with the mentalist PM.

VinRouge 5th Jun 2009 21:27

Dont Worry. in 6 months, it will be Liam Fox as SOS for Defence with the likes of Adam Holloway and other 'been there, done it' Tories providing far more experience than any of the socialist scum ever have.

Hopefully funded by lots of cuts in spending in overfunded, overpanded National Health services and nonjob civil servants.

minigundiplomat 5th Jun 2009 21:37

Hoon has not done the decent thing by resigning. He has stood down in order to take up a forthcoming position as an EU commissioner.

Ainsworth is truly an anagram of clueless knobjockey.

pr00ne 5th Jun 2009 21:49


"in 6 months, it will be Liam Fox as SOS for Defence with the likes of Adam Holloway and other 'been there, done it' Tories"

Apart from the 6 months being a tad optimistic, you are probably right here.

Though you WILL also have defence cuts that will make your eyes WATER!!!!!!!!!

nigegilb 5th Jun 2009 22:05

I disagree. The Tories won't be soft-hearted about labour's political decisions for big ticket options that buy jobs in Labour constituencies.

What does that mean in reality?

Cheaper off the shelf options, eg, more Js instead of A400M.

I doubt the kit will be any worse than we have at the moment. For sure Fox will be looking to make savings, but I was chatting with someone close to procurement decision making the other week. He stated clearly that buying carriers was a purely political decision. Meanwhile MoD had been ordered to identify 3Bn in savings on desperately needed frontline equipment-in a matter of days.

Labour have been a disaster. Don't be too hard on the Tories-YET!

insty66 5th Jun 2009 22:08

Though you WILL also have defence cuts that will make your eyes WATER!!!!!!!!!
That's going to happen, no matter who gets in.

It's the current government that has brought this on us. You simply cannot blame anyone else for this, only 1 party has been in power for the last 12 years.

VinRouge 5th Jun 2009 22:18

Pr00ne, go scutter off into the gutter. Your decade of socialist utopia is over.

Welcome to the real world.

Where real world people get ahead, as opposed to a bunch of fruitcakes making money from legal services that we never needed.

TBH, I will be all for cuts in defence, as long as I get to see lazy people go hungry as opposed to getting an easy time of sitting on their ar$e.

nigegilb 5th Jun 2009 22:32

PS, also had a couple of contacts with Adam Holloway, top geezer, very switched on.

Archimedes 5th Jun 2009 23:11

FM Lord Bramall takes a dim view of Hutton's departure:

Letter in the Times

(third letter down)

Wrathmonk 6th Jun 2009 06:21

Surprised Lord West didn't get a look in .....:E

pr00ne 6th Jun 2009 10:14


You DO make me laugh! There has been nothing socialist about the last decade.

You appear to live in a fantasy world, you are welcome to it and your vicious social conscience. Thankfully whatever Govt is in power will not pander to the likes of you.

airborne_artist 6th Jun 2009 10:22

Pr00ne - If he's not a Socialist, what do you call Ainsworth? Marxist, Trotskyist? He's not just a nudge to the left of Cameron, that's for sure.

VinRouge 6th Jun 2009 10:29

Pr00ne Wait and see - I think you are going to find a lot of Legal types flipping burgers down at Mcdonalds once the Conservatives decimate funding for legal services. Same with non jhob civil servants associated with nonsense jobs.

I suppose you call being governed by an unelected Prime Minister with a Cabinet littered with completely unelected ministers Democratic do you?

My issue isnt necessarily with the socialist element, my issue is the complete and utter incompetence that has been repeatedly demonstrated by ther ruling government, refusal to listen to the electorate, wholesale destruction of the economy (second time in a row for an elected labour government left for the Tories to fix yet again), deregulation of the banks, balooning individual debts, chronic underinvestment in the UK armed forces, having commited them to 2 overseas large campaigns, at a time public debt was increased to its highest level since world War 2 and certainly not kept a sensible proportion of total tax take. Labour have been truly, utterly disasterous for this country. Thats before we get on wasted investment in bollox legal services and the NHS pi$$ed up the wall on an army of advisers, managers and quangos, as oppposed to true frontline services.

As for Ainsworth, I bet the disgusting little man has done little other than be a member of a leftist trade union, promoted up the food chain and is as far removed from his fellow worker as you could possibly get. He also comes across as lacking intelligence something that seems to be somewhat of a theme amongst Labour Cabinets....
Now go scutter off and practice flipping burgers chap, time to learn a skillset that is at least slightly useful.

pr00ne 6th Jun 2009 10:43


Oh you do so make me giggle, do you go red in the face when you type?

Funding for legal services has been decimated for years, Cameron's mob will not make much of a difference there.

As to me going and flipping burgers........

I'm a Barrister dear chap, most of my clients and client companies have been Cameron supporters for a long time, I doubt that a Tory administration will present them with any issues at all and I doubt that my case load will in any way diminish.

Those social and deprivation cases that I choose to become involved in I do not charge for my services, so again no change there then.

I doubt that many of 'us legal types' will fear an oncoming Tory administration. Why should we, it will be no different from the Blair administration.

Have to agree with you about shocking levels of incompetence in Govt circles though.

You have a strange desire to wreak social chaos on the under privileged and the unemployed. I do hope that you never REALLY need the services of a competent defence lawyer.................

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