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Vim_Fuego 3rd Jun 2009 06:18

Bob Ainsworth; new UK Defence Secretary
Not strictly to do with mil aviation but this man has done much to pee people off to do with it...Of all the MP's caught at the trough over the past few weeks this one gives me the greatest satisfaction Click

I hope the railway sleeper lintal keeps in character with his oak beams and 1000+ gas fire...All essential equipment that he couldn't possibly go to work without...

Twon 3rd Jun 2009 06:50

"I'll just sort out Afghanistan and MOD equip in a minute; right now I'm claiming my expenses and refurbishing my house." The man has been exposed, particularly as the article says he was the joint Chief Snout in the trough 07/08 plus claimed nearly 20K over 2 years (May 05-Apr 07) for renovation, equip etc.

I think Bob needs to fall on his sword; if the MOD budget can't afford one, maybe he could make it his last claim!

The Swinging Monkey 3rd Jun 2009 06:53

Unfortunately, the mods would chuck me out if I wrote here what I and just about everyone else thinks of this man.
So, in those imortal words..........

knocker: "I can't say what you are Sir, can I?"
officer: "No Bloggs, you can't"
knocker: "But I can think it Sir, can't I?"
officer: "Yes Bloggs, you can think what you want!"
knocker: "I think you're a *c^% Sir!!"

Same applies here, the man is a complete arse!!!

tucumseh 3rd Jun 2009 07:36

[email protected]

Bladdered 3rd Jun 2009 11:34

Democracy rules - let this shower know what you think by voting appropriately tomorrow.

If any of us falsified claims of any description, the end result after a messy Courts Martial would always have been dismissal and probably loss of pension. I hope it is only a matter of time before all of these miscreants appear in court. From what I have heard though MEPs are even worse, once again, tomorrow is an opportunity to accelerate a process of significant change (or am I being naive again;)).


Sun Who 3rd Jun 2009 16:17

Bob Ainsworth
In a previous life, not so long ended, I was on the crew of an RAF SAR Sea King tasked with flying Bob Ainsworth on a SAR training sortie. He was newly appointed as Minister of State for the Armed Forces and the aim was to contribute to his education on the role and capability of HM Forces.
The sub-text aspiration from within the SAR Force, as briefed to me by the movers and shakers, was to appraise him of the situation viz a viz SAR-H, in the vain hope that he would instantly recognise it's folly and move to reverse it. Vain as this hope was, they needn't have expended the effort. This corpulent minister squeezed into an immersion suit and proceeded to fain interest in what he was being told whilst airborne.
Both during the sortie and during discussion afterward he proved to be an intellectual pygmy, patently failing to grasp not only many basic aspects of SAR ops but also even the simplest issues associated with the consequences of the SAR-H initiative.
Where am I going with this? I guess, my assertion is that whilst corrupt, arrogant politicians are an issue, the fact that stupid corrupt politicians can rise to be Ministers is more worrying.
As an aside, in the early 80s he was a candidate member of the International Marxist Group - interesting provenance for an Armed Forces minister.
The man's an arse and I hope he's forced to resign.

Sun Who.

spheroid 3rd Jun 2009 17:45

He can't possibly be an arse as he correctly identified that SAR-H is indeed a valid and important project and should be pursued with the utmost urgency.

L J R 3rd Jun 2009 18:45

Is that the guy who last year - or whenever, was more interested the necessity in recruiting ethnic minorities than looking after the needs of serving persons and their families.?

Easy Street 3rd Jun 2009 22:17

Really not a good day for him...
BBC NEWS | UK | RAF ends 19-year mission in Iraq

More hits for Ainsworth in the press... particularly like the comments from CO and family member in the report!

Bring on a general election...

Boatman 4th Jun 2009 02:36

How to complain?
I have also had the pleasure of briefing the rt hon. he didn't strike me as a sharp tool.
As an aside from how dim he might be how does one complain about his behaviour when HM forces in many areas have had to live in sub-standard accomodation. I have enquired on the Parliament website and he is not obliged to read emails from non-constituents, so unless you live in Coventry you can't give him any grief, or at least fill his inbox.
Any Ideas?

L J R 4th Jun 2009 04:51

The Ozzie Connection
Looks like the Australian guy pulled the yellow and black handle on a less important ministerial breech:

Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon resigns from portfolio | The Courier-Mail

airborne_artist 5th Jun 2009 09:31

Defence sec. caught in revolving door, leaves after eight months
When we are fighting a very tough war in Afghanistan, some continuity in Government would help. But that's not Gordon's view, so John Hutton is stepping down, the BBC report.

Can someone please lean out and count the number of wheels left on the wagon, but be careful not to upset the C of G, as I'm not sure it's got much stability right now.

mick2088 5th Jun 2009 09:46

Hutton is citing family reasons for leaving the post.

To quote the old Sun headline from the 1992 general election, "will the last person to leave [Brown's cabinet] please turn the light out". Appears this government is in its last days of power.

airborne_artist 5th Jun 2009 09:51

Appears this government is in its last days of power
I think any semblance of power evaporated some time ago. The public view of this Parliament and this Government is tarnished beyond repair. What we are seeing now are the nervous jerks in the last few moments before death.

I feel very sorry for the lads and lasses out fighting, and hearing this news in dribs and drabs, and wondering what will be left when they get home. It's potentially unsettling for them, when they need to know that the country is being lead by people of conviction and integrity.

Inspector Dreyfuss 5th Jun 2009 10:01

What a shambles.

Wrathmonk 5th Jun 2009 10:20

Although he may have cited 'family reasons' this comes barely 24 hours after this was reported by the Beeb:

Defence Secretary John Hutton said Mr Purnell had made "the wrong decision" and Mr Brown was "the right man to lead our party and our country".
Link here

Perhaps the 'family reasons' were his family telling him to get off the sinking ship now rather than be dragged down by Mr Brown!

Avitor 5th Jun 2009 10:30

The palace of Westminster needs emptying and filled by the wishes of the electorate.
Politics is in meltdown. A deluded man with the power, his lieutenants resigning in numbers.
Our military, and citizens deserve more than what is on offer at the moment.
Isn't success dependent on leadership? What leadership?

NURSE 5th Jun 2009 12:00

to loose 1 could be seen as unfortunate
to loose 2 could be seen as unlucky
to loose 3 seams like dammed carelessness
But 4!!!!

8-15fromOdium 5th Jun 2009 12:17

Lord Mandelson has just been on the BBC News saying that the reshuffle will be arranged around the Governments priorities.

Lets see how high a priority Defence is, if Ainsworth gets promoted I suggest we all pack up and go home.

nigegilb 5th Jun 2009 12:43

Ainsworth is probably trying to work out how to pay for oak beams in the rest of his house, now that he can't put them on expenses. Maybe he is eyeing property in Tuscany, that other socialist hangout.

You can't keep the good working class boy down. (And former communist, of course). I am sure he would jump at the chance of a pay rise, errm I mean promotion.

minigundiplomat 5th Jun 2009 12:51


I think the word you are looking for is 'lose', but there again, given the state of this government you may well be right.

Avtur 5th Jun 2009 12:51

Doesn't he hace a constituancy where they hope to build some new toys for the RN? Perhaps its a case of quitting before the cancellation is announced?????

Pontius Navigator 5th Jun 2009 13:05

Bring back Des. Part-time maybe but he did stay the pace.

PS, on second thoughts, don't.

I had Dr John's H&S Policy on 2 sides of paper, Swiss took, IIRC, 6, by the time we got to John H it was back to 3.

Wrathmonk 5th Jun 2009 13:21

Breaking news on the Beeb - Ainsworth has the job!

Pete268 5th Jun 2009 13:21

Its Bob Ainsworth according to the BBC

spheroid 5th Jun 2009 13:21

The new defence secretary is.............................

............ Aimsworth.....Nooooooooooooooooooooooo

Squirrel 41 5th Jun 2009 13:23

Bob Ainsworth - New SoS Defence
BBC are reporting that the former Armed Forces Minister has stepped up to be SoS.

SOS? Indeed - what a complete muppet into one of the great offices of State. :{

Shameful, Gordo, Shameful :ugh:


spheroid 5th Jun 2009 13:24

Now he has got a pay rise and a bigger office maybe he can afford to pay for his own decorating....

Guzlin Adnams 5th Jun 2009 13:38

It won't be for long....;)

c130jbloke 5th Jun 2009 13:41

Amen to that :bored:

Jumping_Jack 5th Jun 2009 13:44

Noooooooooooooooooo! (looking up as camera pans away..)

Inspector Dreyfuss 5th Jun 2009 13:47

Upgrade our PAN to a full MAYDAY.

airborne_artist 5th Jun 2009 13:53

According to Wiki he was "a candidate member of the International Marxist Group", who are fans of Trotsky.

A former trade-unionist at Jaguar, so he'll be a fan of buying British, so I don't fancy the chances of the Puma upgrade being done outside the UK.

8-15fromOdium 5th Jun 2009 14:00

Best I go and overdose on the loyalty pills then!
Now what else should I wish not to get?

Gainesy 5th Jun 2009 14:18

Ah, the final pieces of that nice Mr Putin's master plan click into place...:suspect::yuk:

flipster 5th Jun 2009 14:21

Red ON, Green ON...
JUMP, JUMP!!!!!!

Chesty Morgan 5th Jun 2009 14:21

How Bob Ainsworth voted on key issues since 2001:

Voted strongly against a transparent Parliament.
Voted moderately for introducing a smoking ban.
Voted strongly for introducing ID cards.
Voted very strongly for introducing foundation hospitals.
Voted strongly for introducing student top-up fees.
Voted very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
Voted very strongly for the Iraq war.
Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.
Voted very strongly for replacing Trident.
Voted very strongly for the hunting ban.
Voted very strongly for equal gay rights.
Voted moderately for laws to stop climate change.

Lord Elpus 5th Jun 2009 14:33

A truly awful man with his face very firmly in the Westminster nosebag. Thankfully, it will only be for a max of 12 months.

What could possibly go wrong in those 12 months?:ugh:

nigegilb 5th Jun 2009 14:39

I would like to extend my congratulations to "former" communist Ainsworth, that nice working class lad, on hearing news of his new promotion. I do hope, he now has enough money to install oak beams in the rest of his house, by using monies from his own purse, rather than claim expenses meant for essential parliamentary work.

I am "heartened" by your representation of working class people up and down the land...............

Lord Elpus 5th Jun 2009 14:48

Well every cloud and all that: Buff Hoon has finally walked!! Another truly awful slimeball of a SoS.

Now Hoon has always stayed on regardless as he's a horrid toady, therefore, how bad is this govt/Broon for him to walk out???

Hopefully, this lot will be gone very very soon.

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