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Archimedes 5th Jun 2009 14:55

What next? King Herod as children's minister? :eek:

anita gofradump 5th Jun 2009 15:41

This is the man who told an audience, a short while ago that he offered continuing condolence to the families of the crew lost on XV235, as the very aircraft taxied to a halt on return from an operational sortie!!!!!


Sun Who 5th Jun 2009 15:58

As I said on a previous post, I've met him, he's an arse.
Thank god he won't be in long if he does become SofS.

The lunatics have taken over, and continue to run, the asylum.


airsound 5th Jun 2009 16:05

The Prime Minister For The Time Being has just said that Ainsworth is very popular with the armed forces - so you guys must be wrong.


shiny_shoes 5th Jun 2009 16:11

The PM has just said that Bob Ainsworth is highly regarded and liked among members of the Armed Forces. It clearly isn't members of the UK Armed Forces that I have been in for 22 years.

I second the comment from Sun Who....I have also met Bob Ainsworth and the man is an arse.

airborne_artist 5th Jun 2009 16:14

The PM has just said that Bob Ainsworth is highly regarded and liked among members of the Armed Forces.
She Who Must Be Obeyed has just had to treat me for a badly bruised @rse - I fell off my chair laughing at that comment from Broon.

Both of them are living on another planet :ugh:

pulse1 5th Jun 2009 16:33

But surely, Mr Brown was giving a "candid answer" to the question as he was asked especially to do. So, he must be right, mus'nt he?:confused:

Utrinque Apparatus 5th Jun 2009 16:45

Ainsworth is an "Old Labour" nonentity, to make up the numbers in Brown's panic - Dumb too. Just watch him on TV trying to explain himself. Thick as the proverbial and another calculated Brown insult to our lads and lasses in the field.


Eeeewww, too graphic, your poor missus ! :E

Sun Who 5th Jun 2009 16:48

This from the Telegraph online TODAY:

Bob Ainsworth, the new Defence Secretary, won his first Cabinet post because of his experience overseeing Britain's military deployment in Afghanistan.

And worse:

As Armed Forces Minister, his no-nonsense manner has won him respect from the military.

Not sure what to say really.

Winco 5th Jun 2009 16:52

I've just listened to the PMs press conference where he stated proudly that Bob Ainsworth was highly respected and liked by the Generals and all of the Commanding Officers of the units in the British Military (or something close to that)

Would any current serving high ranking officer, general or CO like to comment on that please?

From what i can see, the man is a complete waste of oxygen.

Still, at worst, it will only be for a year boys and girls.


BEagle 5th Jun 2009 16:58

More or less 'liked' than Buff Hoon?

Still, it won't be for more than about 3 months......

rockape2k7 5th Jun 2009 17:06

I've briefed him too and, to be frank, he came across as thick as a whale omlette. :eek:

I wonder how his DV interview will go.... :\ or are MPs even Rt Hon ones (therefore vetted??? given their clearances) above that sort of thing?

nigegilb 5th Jun 2009 17:19

Do you have to take an IQ Test before a DV interview?

Bet working class Bob is sweating it. He's probably already ordered his Laura Ashley curtains.....

Sun Who 5th Jun 2009 18:45

Appalled as I am by Ainsworth's appointment, I found myself wondering who Brown could have chosen as a better option.
I found myself unable to identify a decent candidate from within Labour's ranks.

Who would you choose? Sensible suggestions only - unless they're amusing.

Sun Who

rockiesqiud 5th Jun 2009 18:59

what's wrong with being working class?

BEagle 5th Jun 2009 19:20


There's a place for everyone.

GasFitter 5th Jun 2009 19:27

Here he is ...

nigegilb 5th Jun 2009 19:28

Nothing wrong with being working class, everything wrong with pretending to be working class.

He looks particularly gormless with his mouth open when he is thinking about how to answer a question. Perhaps he should just keep it closed.

Squirrel 41 5th Jun 2009 19:54

Thanks for the link.... it's even worse than I'd feared. :ugh:

Clearly Labour aren't exactly inundated with talent at the moment.... Gawd help us...


airborne_artist 5th Jun 2009 20:16

Who would you choose? Sensible suggestions only - unless they're amusing.
Kate Hoey - more balls than most of the grey suits/grey faces that make up Nu Labia.

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