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airborne_artist 26th Nov 2004 15:49

Caption competition
Provide a suitable caption/commentary to this:


wishtobflying 26th Nov 2004 15:52

Might help if it was a bit bigger ...

Oh waitaminute I was talking about the picture that wasn't a caption ... er ... actually that's not a bad caption, is it!?



Green Meat 26th Nov 2004 15:53

"Now then, this is the colostomy bag drain for our more senior aircrew..."

adr 26th Nov 2004 15:57

(1) "This is working a treat," thought Julie, "I've not had to wait for anything all week." Her strategem of attaching a 'Remove before flight' banner to her coveralls, and toying with it as she walked to the flight line, was soon to be widely copied.

(2) "And if the hose turns blue inside thirty seconds, we're in trouble."

(3) "...saved 800 per aircraft. The new APU uses stored kinetic energy. First thing I have to do is pull out the old rubber band through this hatch here..."

Green Meat 26th Nov 2004 16:05

"Er, listen boss, I know you're trying to impress me with your technical ability, but honestly, I can even see where you've painted the garden hose orange and what's more, you've stuck it to the nose with blu-tac."

airborne_artist 26th Nov 2004 16:11

"And at the end of each flight we simply plug into the charger using this cable. The next morning we have enough power in the batteries to take us about 30 miles, which is quite enough for a pilot of your experience"

In the light of PN's post below:

"............. enough power in the batteries to take us about 30 miles, which is quite far enough from home for a navigator of your experience"

Pontius Navigator 26th Nov 2004 16:37

Airborne_Artist, not bad except she's a nav so you should have said 'so we can't get lost.'

An Teallach 26th Nov 2004 16:44

The MO and IFS(RAF) wondered if their campaigns on Safe Sex and Flight Safety were being confused in the minds of the trainees ...

Brian Dixon 26th Nov 2004 16:51

Jeff wanted the message to say "Marry Me", but his snopake had run out after painting the underside.

Trumpet_trousers 26th Nov 2004 19:29

..."is that a Houchin cable in your hand, or are you just pleased to see me?"....:E

joe2812 26th Nov 2004 19:31

'While you're down there..."

BEagle 26th Nov 2004 20:33

"Ooh - do be gentle. Don't just ram it in, ease it in slowly and carefully!"

Runaway Gun 26th Nov 2004 21:52

"And this is the emergency escape exit and rope. I suggest you exercise your WAF arse and lose a few pounds before using it."

zedder 27th Nov 2004 13:40

"Now this bit is quite hard. Grab it with both hands and give it a good tug."

The Nr Fairy 27th Nov 2004 15:25

Her thought bubble:

"He said it was going to be long, red and HARD. Never mind."

Stray Fin 27th Nov 2004 19:16

And when you've finished being a navigator... there'll be another "M" you'll work under, and it'll be fries, not pies, you'll be serving.

Talking Radalt 27th Nov 2004 23:57

"Due to a typing error in his original e-mail the CO found himself kneeling before an unforgiving Dominietrix"

Coat........me.........getting :\

buoy15 28th Nov 2004 01:02

Yeh! I'm AC and DC? How long's this gonna take?

FFP 28th Nov 2004 08:55

"And this cable is. .. ermm . . ..something to do with the groundcrew I think . . .. or at the very least the Air Engineer . . . . But if anyone asks you what it is, just say "GPU" in a knowing and convincing manner and then go back to your maps. . . . . .. . .Basically, as a WSO, don't go near it. Please."

airborne_artist 29th Nov 2004 11:04

and the winner is .........

much rustling of envelope

turns card over

gets on specs

Talking Radalt.

Please be upstanding and come and receive your prize -

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