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HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh

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HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh

Old 9th Apr 2021, 21:41
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HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh

Tribute by the Defence Secretary:

I join the Prime Minister in paying tribute to His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh at the time of his death. A constant supporter and ambassador of the Armed Forces throughout his lifetime, he will be very much missed by members of the military community.

As a Royal Navy officer, The Duke of Edinburgh upheld all values that the Armed Forces represent. His leadership, dedication and passion for serving his country is something that all those in uniform can relate to.  > It is only fitting that the Armed Forces will play such a high-profile role in the events to commemorate His Royal Highness’ life and lay him to rest. The Duke of Edinburgh had a long affiliation with the Royal Navy, having trained at Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth before deploying onboard HMS Ramillies, HMS Kent and HMS Shropshire to serve his country during the Second World War.

Throughout his life The Duke of Edinburgh kept a close association with members of the Armed Forces of all ranks. Upon completing his Naval service in 1953, His Royal Highness continued to uphold the high standards and values of the Armed Forces through various military titles including Honorary Admiral of the Fleet, Captain General of the Royal Marines, Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Cadet Force and Air Commodore-in-Chief of the Air Training Corps.

As a former Officer in HM Armed Forces, I have seen for myself the impact of His Royal Highness’ role and work with our servicemen and women. His commitment and support to those on the frontline, and his interest in innovation for future generations of the Armed Forces was admirable.

All sailors, soldiers, marines and aircrew are inspired by the example set by their predecessors. The Duke of Edinburgh and his generation will forever be treasured by the Armed Forces for their leadership and sacrifice during the Second World War.

As we mourn The Duke of Edinburgh and offer our condolences to Her Majesty The Queen, we will remember all that His Royal Highness contributed towards the Armed Forces and be forever grateful for his service.

The Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP
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Old 9th Apr 2021, 22:50
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Ben Wallace MP is not fit enough to write anything about HRH. So ends my penny worth.

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Old 9th Apr 2021, 22:52
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Cat Techie - I suspect that you might like to check your spelling privately....

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Old 9th Apr 2021, 22:57
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HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh was an example of duty, as well as wit and wisdom. He was Mentioned In Dispatches after the Battle of Cape Matapan, and also saw service in the Atlantic and Far East.

His service continued as Consort to Her Majesty, and support causes and charities.

RIP Sir.

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Old 9th Apr 2021, 23:19
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Originally Posted by Union Jack View Post
Cat Techie - I suspect that you might like to check your spelling privately....

Sorry, I have two bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon in my gullet to stick the spelling device on. I am an erk and am shite at spelling. It is a shame you were never taught how to write a technical fault in a F700 either. System INOP is not a technical description of how, why, where, what or where failed. I do as a civvy LAE have to pick a lack of up nowadays still without the mentioned descriptions. INOP is so easy to write to get to the bar. HRH The Duke of Edinburgh was a god. RIP.
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Old 9th Apr 2021, 23:20
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I have been expecting this sad news for a little while now. Such a shame he didn't make the ton. RIP Phillip.
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Old 9th Apr 2021, 23:34
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The Father of our land. RIP
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Old 10th Apr 2021, 01:07
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HRH Prince Philip stood in stark contrast to the hornswogglers that who run these United States. A man of intelligence, humo(u)r, and common sense, the Duke was truly a man of courage who earned the admiration of all. The United Kingdom was fortunate to have him, and civilization was improved by his presence. His wife must be devastated; surely, though, she must find some smiles and laughter from her consort's incomparable witticisms and his eternal optimism.

With Complete Respect,


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Old 10th Apr 2021, 06:12
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Oh Cat Techie,

Please don’t go shouting for three cheers for the DofE in central London on Remembrance Day.

I appreciate your sentiments and applaud your desire but it would be the wrong time and place. The ceremony at the Cenotaph is to acknowledge all those who gave their lives in the conflicts and it is a sombre commemoration of the very many, not an individual.

An interjection such as you intend would be an embarrassment to many and spoil the solemn tribute they wish to make. In a sense it would be more awful than the hooligans of last year – they knew no better but you have no such excuse.

I suggest you join one of the ceremonies/services of remembrance which are certain to follow and hence opportunities to show your feelings in a more appropriate place and time.

Old Duffer
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Old 10th Apr 2021, 07:49
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I only met the Duke once, during his visit to a secret off-base jumping bean site in Germany. I was a JP on No3(F), having previously been responsible for finding and planning both exercise and war sites for the Harrier Force.

The Force Commander had given HRH a comprehensive brief on our operations and at the end of it he asked where the war sites would be, would they be roads or grass strips and how the devil would we find our way back to them. Cue embarrassed silence, as this info was TS, followed by the quiet order to to clear the ops tent before I explained how we would do it.

His dedication and sharp wit will be sorely missed. He was an example to all modern politicians when it came to service to his country. Blue skies and calm seas, Sir.

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Old 10th Apr 2021, 09:10
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I first saw him when he landed a Whirlwind in Preston Park Brighton back, I think in ‘59 or ‘60. He had the RHS and he certainly seemed to be flying it. Will we see his like again? Sad to think not.
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Old 10th Apr 2021, 09:41
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We took a yellow Sea King into Buckingham Palace for a delayed emergency services cocktail party post 7/7.

When we were presented to HMTQ and the Prince, he noticed my CFSH badge and started spinning dits about flying the Wessex with CFSH QHIs back in the day.

An absolute gentleman and very sad loss, RIP Your Highness.
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Old 10th Apr 2021, 12:12
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As part of my role in arranging the Green Helo aspects of Royal visits to the ‘Beloved Province’ I had tasked 230 Sqn to take the Duke of Edinburgh from Baronscourt in Co Tyrone to Portpatrick in Scotland in a Puma.

As the sea temperature was forecast to be below 10C the wearing of immersion suits for over-sea transits was mandated. When it came to requesting that the Duke wear an immersion suit there was a discussion/coin toss/rock, paper, scissors between myself and the then OC 230, Wg Cdr I** B***, as to who would have to advise HRH that he would have to squeeze into the rubber ‘goon suit’. I won, rather OC 230 lost and off he went to advise the Duke.

A few minutes later the Wg Cdr returned, looking rather ruddy faced, and said that the Duke had, ahem, refused! However, his refusal was not a simple ‘No’, it was couched, in what Malcolm Tucker might have classed as, ‘industrial language’…as one might expect of an old Naval cove such as the Prince. I also believe that the terms ‘My wife’ and ‘her train set’ may have been used. Strangely enough, on revisiting the Met forecast the sea temperature may have risen somewhat above +10!

At another event, I was accompanying the PSNI Close Protection Team on a Royal Visit to the NW of the Province. One of the sites to be visited was Altnagelvin Hospital in Londonderry…or Derry as the some of the natives might put it. Now a number of the staff in the hospital were not what one might call ‘natural’ supporters of the Monarchy, and there was a slight concern amongst the Northern Ireland Office and the PSNI as to how the staff would react to the Duke’s visit. They should not have fretted one jot…he was fantastic. He put everyone so much at their ease; jocular when he had to be and serious when the situation arose, and his ability to walk into a ward full of people whom he had never met before and to hold that room, and those in it, was phenomenal.

I feel privileged to have seen him at work close up. He was one of the old school, and we really will never see his like again. I can honestly say that there was a large amount of dust in the air when my daughter rang me from Canada yesterday to tell me of his passing.

God Speed, Sir.
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Old 10th Apr 2021, 13:01
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On our tour of HMY Britannina in Leith our guide explained that the Duke would regularly take over the wheel and plotting duties and immerse himself in the technical aspects of the engine room during long boring sea crossings. While HMTQ was busy with affairs of state and the QM had another Q&T in the aft sun terrace. Oh and Diana would spent time in the senior ratings bar..

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Old 10th Apr 2021, 15:10
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Talking Ref Post #7

NoProbs Bob...........

Your 15 minutes of fame starts here................
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Old 10th Apr 2021, 15:18
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A life lived to the full and always looking forward, not back. I see there are threads on at least four forums here, JB, Rotorheads, and History and Nostalgia. A thought I had, of which I am sure he would have disapproved, is what UK Defence would have been like if he had been 1SL and CDS not his uncle?

Wallace and/or his briefers - I despair - no mention of his being Lord High Admiral nor of his service in HMS Valiant, onboard which he earned his MID (and the Greek War Cross), nor as Jimmy of HMS Wallace when his bright idea is reputed to have saved the ship from being bombed off Sicily, nor as Jimmy on HMS Whelp where he was involved in rescuing downed aircrew off Sumatra as mentioned in this story on the Navy Wings website Prince Philip Saved Us from Dying - I sure HRH would have disapproved of the title as hyperbole, he and the rescued crew met again at Buck House 60 years later.

I never had the honour and pleasure of meeting him, but the views of those to whom I have spoken that had were all positive.

Fair winds and following seas, Sir!

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What was disappointing was that the shambling buffoon Johnson didn't even have the respect to comb his hair before orating outside No 10 - he is a bloody disgrace.
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Old 10th Apr 2021, 16:22
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You sound just like my wife..............
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Old 10th Apr 2021, 16:49
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I share the sorrow of the passing of a great man.

I have even more sorrow for Her Majesty's loss of her husband, friend, and loyal supporter. She has to live with the aftermath of this (inevitable) event.
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Dining in.

In the 1950's Prince Philip flew (himself?) into RAF West Raynham.
I suppose on the way to Sandringham.
One of the reception party invited him for a Formal Dinner.
So the Prince turned to his equerry, 'when am I free ?'
he responded 'actually tomorrow evening'. After that everything went into
high gear. Surely someone here can expand or elaborate.

As told to me by my father, who was there.

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