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UK armed forces 'face 7bn equipment funding black hole'

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UK armed forces 'face 7bn equipment funding black hole'

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Marley Lite ... agreed. See above,
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Try telling this to anyone under about 50. They are in utter denial, all is well, Corbyn will fix everything, we are rich, if only we taxed a little more, everything would be great. They haven't got a clue how perillous the situation is, despite the large warning shot that was sounded in 2008.
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Old 3rd Feb 2019, 10:42
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Originally Posted by Marly Lite View Post
Which is v roughly 17 days nhs spending.
So what? Do we stop NHS spending for 17 days?
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Old 3rd Feb 2019, 11:20
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I have no great interest in politics, brexit, or prophesies of doom and gloom (or bountiful riches). I am interested in objective reality. The opinions of (successful) businessmen, (successful) investors and (talented) academics. I don't pretend to have all the answers; hell I don't even know what a lot of questions are. But I read and I listen.

Last month I listened to an analysis of the utter farce that is (or was...they might be changing it) how student debt (circa 100bn and heading north at some rate https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-44433569) is calculated. In a nutshell, the debt was not on the public spending balance sheet but any income on the interest is..wtf?

So if you choose to dig and read & research some of the eye watering figures behind public sector debt and stuff like the growing first world unsolved-problems with care for elderly ( a problem that does not exist in Chinese, Muslim and Hindu countries, because in all those cultures the elderly are cared for by their families.) you'll realise our society is due for some radical changes.

Oh yeah...Inheritance Tax, I thought of mentioning but I kinda thought that most people of here would be savvy enough to know that Inheritance Tax is absurdly easy to avoid, basically it is tax on on the financially unaware. However, anybody that thinks the incoming wealth taxes (which are in the manifestos of all mainstream UK political parties in one form or another) are in any way comparable to Inheritance Tax, boy are they in for a shock.

Apologies that this is badly written and will be tricky to read, but I'm in hurry. Later.
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Old 3rd Feb 2019, 20:16
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Originally Posted by Marly Lite View Post
True c52.

One of the biggest injustices committed in history is the treatment of OAPs. Spend a lifetime in work, have your money 'invested' in National Insurance. Get robbed blind. No pension pot, spend the money on unattainable promises for us all, then get the next generation to foot the bill for the reckless financial misconduct committed by the Gov't (of BOTH flavours).

It would be an interesting calculation to see how wealthy we would be if we had invested the money. I do not have the ability to do this calculation but i would lay a wager that we would be the wealthiest nation on the planet. But instead we zoom towards bankruptcy or hyperinflation. Which is the same thing.
This might help
Basically you need to save and invest 250 per month for 40 years to get a state pension worth 9K per year. An Average pay of 28K per year contributes 195 NI per month, but only 70 per month goes towards the stat e pension.

So pensions 'paying in' the National Insurance are only really entitled to about 50/per week not the 168 state pension they actually get paid.

The State pension is paid by today's taxpayers and the burden is going to get much higher when the Baby Boomers retire and live decades longer than their grandparents. And then there is the huge NHS bill the Boomers will incur.
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Old 3rd Feb 2019, 20:39
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Why does it happen?

Can someone explain to me why almost every procurement programme goes bottom up? It seems that since 1945 no one has been able to bring a project of any kind in on time and on budget. Why haven't we learned lessons from previous projects? Is it that everyone in procurement/industry/civil service/armed forces are just incompetent or is it that systems are so complex no one has a cat in hell's chance of meeting budget/time line constraints? Do tell
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Can someone explain to me why almost every procurement programme goes bottom up? It seems that since 1945 no one has been able to bring a project of any kind in on time and on budget.
A fallacy I'm afraid. But it is true senior staff do not want to learn from the successes. It has been suggested many times, but neither they nor Ministers will countenance it, as it draws attention to who failed and why.

There is often a huge difference between 'budget' and 'fair and reasonable cost'. I was once give 95M for an avionics job. That was OR's wet finger for one part of the programme, but they didn't understand that it was only about 30% of the task. (It would amaze you how often they ask for avionics, but don't think of actually fitting to an aircraft). The total cost was around 300M, and delivered what the Service needed, ahead of schedule. Was I over budget? Well, for a day or two until I did the Service HQ's job for them and made the case for the balance. The final cost was fair and reasonable for the work carried out.

As part of that job, the Service flatly refused to quantify the requirement. If it won''t quantify, how can it cost its requirement? The endorsement had a one-liner in the 'schedule of requirements' - 'To be determined by MoD(PE)'. Easy enough, but only if you've been a Requirements Manager when a sprog and held on to your copy of Permanent LTC/EP Instructions and can persuade someone to give you this year's A/B/C Sheets. No, you won't find more than a slack handful who know what these are, 'cos they're not used anymore. But without them you can't cost the job. And who signed the scrutiny to say that the columns added up to 95M, when they were blank? The rules say the project manager must declare planning blight in these circumstances, but if he did that every time nothing would be bought. So, work to rule and eliminate the black hole!
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