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Vulcan: last chance to see...

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Vulcan: last chance to see...

Old 28th Jun 2015, 01:18
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East Mids

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Old 28th Jun 2015, 02:09
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Great photos Nutty, let her now rest peacefully, quiet and safe.

She served her time and now needs to relax a while....just like me.
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Old 28th Jun 2015, 06:46
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Ghost of Roly Falk...........................
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Old 28th Jun 2015, 07:58
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bill2b, "the poor bloke in the old RAFP uniform must have been roasting" was my younger brother who is now the groundsman at NAM. In a previous life he spent 22 years as an RAF Policeman and is now active on the re-enactment scene.

The Museum were not expecting anything like the numbers of people that actually turned up for the Vulcan display. I suspect, looking at various reports on the Interweb, that it was much the same at all the venues 558 visited yesterday. Have seen some great photos and video footage on several sites particularly Twitter.

The buckets you saw were to collect funds for projects at the Museum and the VTS. See the link:

XH558 Thank You
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Old 28th Jun 2015, 13:17
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Tribute to the Vulcan

What follows was written for a Naval Forum, but it seems appropriate here in view of the Vulcan's final summer - and what magnificent photos above!

Visiting Vulcan

It was 1965, and HMS Centaur's final summer. This meant an agreeable Med cruise despite plenty of hard work for a slightly smaller than usual Air Group. It included spells in Malta and Gib, several interesting visits elsewhere, a NATO exercise and an unusual day with a Vulcan.

Much of what took place with the Vulcan during the morning involved interceptions at high level, with Sea Vixens departing and returning. Later in the day, almost all aircraft had been struck down with just a few beyond the safety line forr'ard when the Vulcan asked to come and do a fly-by.

Within minutes, what seemed like most of the Ship's Company was on the Flight Deck, that big white bat was always a crowd-puller. My memories of the arrival and initial fly-by are a bit vague, but I'll never forget the finale.

One of the pilots must have done a Fleet Air Arm exchange at some point. On the Flight Deck we couldn't hear the radio exchanges but it was clear they were doing a standard carrier join. In from astern and up the starboard side close to the ship at 400 feet.

10 seconds ahead of the ship and then a port break onto the downwind leg. Wheels down, flap down, finals turn and there it was - huge and looming at us, they had clearly picked up the mirror sight and were coming straight down the Glideslope......

We stood silent, rooted with fascination as it got bigger. When the Vulcan reached about 100 feet a voice said "Bloody 'ELL!" and there was a concerted dive for the catwalks.

At the last moment, the Vulcan lazily lifted the starboard wing to avoid the island, opened up all four Olympus engines to full chat, flew along the port side of the angle just above the highest object (the Mirror Sight) and then pulled up as close to the vertical as it could. The sight was impressive, the noise was bone-shaking.

The Vulcan leveled off, waggled its wings and departed. And about a thousand of us climbed sheepishly out of the catwalks.......

With thanks for the memory,

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Old 28th Jun 2015, 14:12
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Well what a disappointment that was. Parked along the flightpath with scores over vehicles and what did we see? A speck in the distance about 5 - 6 miles away...................
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Old 28th Jun 2015, 14:16
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And early at Marham, by about 10 min

I demand a re-run 😏
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Old 28th Jun 2015, 16:07
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Gooffer, the flight path did appear to have a few doglegs in it, no doubt to be able to correct their timings.
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Old 28th Jun 2015, 17:56
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This clip is the best I can do

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Old 28th Jun 2015, 18:09
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This just in from a naval friend:-

The last Vulcan on one of her last tours, to date this is the best clip I can find but there are plenty more on Youtube and Facebook.
"Published on 28 Jun 2015. Here is a short film from the Doncaster leg of the "Salute to the V Force" UK tour performed by Vulcan XH558 on 27th June 2015, only months before the aircraft retires from flight."
"Thousands of people turned out to watch the aircraft at venues throughout the north of England on day 1 of this tour, ending with a fabulous mini-display of RAF Finningley Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster."


Displays / Tours - Vulcan To The Sky

From: Home | Vulcan To The Sky

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Old 28th Jun 2015, 18:32
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Arrived at W-M today at 09:45, then drove to the parking spot to chat with the '655 MaPS gang. First request was for me to give 5 interested Oxford ATC cadets a cockpit tour, which they seemed to enjoy. Also gave me a reason to get out of the rain.... Usual questions: "How do you drop a bomb", "Have you ever crashed"...but at least they didn't ask about 'comfort facilities'. I admire their enthusiasm, especially since the RAF cannot even sort out glider maintenance requirements these days, so very few of them have yet had a chance to fly.

The rain cleared as the morning went on, but it was still rather cold and windy. However, hundreds and hundreds of people turned up as the '558 overflight ToT approached. The VTTS team kept us informed of '558's progress - then there was an excited hush as we spotted Phil and his crew running in from Coventry. A couple of graceful turns and a little gentle Olympus 'whispering' , before the ac headed off towards Silverstone.

That so many people came out on such a cold, rather dreary day is a true testament to the 'Vulcan effect'!

Thanks, everyone!

And bolleaux to those miseries who prefer aircraft to live in museums...
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Old 28th Jun 2015, 20:10
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Pure coincidence (honest) grandson and I were at Hendon today. Only the one pass unfortunately, but a stirring sight nonetheless.

And bolleaux to those miseries who prefer aircraft to live in museums...
Agreed, and my vote goes to Bruntingthorpe, where she'll at least be able to run.
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Old 28th Jun 2015, 20:20
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Eeee Mr Beagle, you are absolutely correct. They just don't build em like that any more. The retirement of 558 will be a sad day, and having one in the Cold War exhibition, I see no reason to add to the inventory. If there's fatigue life left in the aircraft, I hope that somehow we can find the money to keep it going. It's certainly more relevant to Britain than the Indian space programme, oh dear, I'm drifting again. Spot on post sir, and well done with the future servicemen and women !

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Old 28th Jun 2015, 20:49
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Its the engines that are the problem none left and Rolls Royce wont support them anymore.
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Old 28th Jun 2015, 22:39
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Not just that; she'll be the lead aircraft in fatigue life by over 10% which is a major issue. And it is planned she'll still be able to do hi-speed taxi runs
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Old 28th Jun 2015, 23:30
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I may still be a failed entrant to the RAF party, but I grew up on these coming in off the Lincs coast on approach to Scampton and Waddington in the 70s and early 80s.....

Watching 558 beats reading the carp that appears on the spotters forums and social these days and listening to the pond life that exists because the V Force didn't have to do the real job.

Thanks go to the guys that did this for real. And yes I have had several large glasses of timmy taylor tonight
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Old 29th Jun 2015, 13:25
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I'd rather see the old girl airborne again in 2016 instead of doing fast taxi's..... but all good things must come to an end.

Great images, NL. What camera settings were you using? And what lens please?
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Old 29th Jun 2015, 14:59
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As I waited for the beautiful sight to appear down at Southend Airport, my mind drifted back to the summer of 78 (at least I think it was). I was out on my bike one evening, pedalling past the airport, when out of the blue came a Vulcan smack down the centre of the runway (24) at low level.
It was an unbelievable sight ,as it then roared away in a climbing turn into the sunset.
A man standing next to me told me his son was the pilot and he had been waiting a while as his son had told him he was coming. I never knew if that was true, but wondered if some Pruner may have some more information of that night? The said gent told me they were 'testing the radar'.
Apart from the BoB Lanc landing there once , it was the only time in the late 70's that the RAF ever visited IIRC.
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Old 29th Jun 2015, 18:41
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BEagle said:
That so many people came out on such a cold, rather dreary day is a true testament to the 'Vulcan effect'!
The MaPS team collected 2,100 in donations from the sizeable and appreciative crowd at Wellesbourne and have passed on half of the amount collected to VTTST to support the remaining flights of their final display season. The remainder of the donations will be used to continue to keep '655 alive and in taxyable condition.

And bolleaux to those miseries who prefer aircraft to live in museums...
Hear, hear
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Old 29th Jun 2015, 19:45
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Given that "engines" are the major limitation, would it have made a difference if they had not wrecked two with FOD?
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